Music for roleplaying


I wish “Music for Roleplaying” had been one of the first sections I added to GameWyrd as perhaps it would have had a higher profile and been more successful. I still think the internet would benefit from a music database/recommendation service for gamers and scenes. Lately sites like and Spotify have helped though. […]

The Friendly Face of Fear

Oh my gwad. This is an original article from 2001 back when I was exploring the possibility of writing editorial dialog for web sites. I paid no attention to the writing. It was all about the HTML construct and whether the concept worked. The Friendly Face of Fear “The Friendly Face of Fear” comes in […]

Practical Wisdom by Fell Coldwyn


This article was submitted to GameWyrd by Wyrdling Fell Coldwyn. I was very happy to make a page just for it. Practical Wisdom I’ve played various RPG’s for six years now, which isn’t long by most standards. Still, it’s long enough to notice something: namely, that a character’s Wisdom score, in all its variations, has […]

How Stupid Do You Think I Am?


Are you stupid? Is your current PC stupid? No. Thought not. Let’s have your expert advice on these then: Adventurer bait – often pinned to notice boards in taverns. Annoying spam – often arriving as unsolicited email. Adventurer bait Dear friend, My name is LOI ESTRADA,The wife of Mr. JOSEPH ESTRADA, the former President of […]

Gamer humour | Cool… not cool


This is list from GameWyrd’s Lost Archives. It’s a user generated list of cool/not cool pairs from the world of gaming. Cool: Sparkling dice. Not Cool: Exploding dice. Cool: Describing the spray of blood when your party’s fighter kills an orc. Not Cool: Throwing a balloon filled with pigs blood at the player whose fighter […]

Find Time For Time

This tosh was written for GameWyrd waaay back in 2001. There was some crud reason why the site needed something that looked like an academic essay on RPGs or something which explains the rush job in putting it live – nevertheless; I still maintain you can put all sorts of wonderful mythology/world goodies into a […]