Freaky: skull photographs to scare your players

These photos are real and not manipulated. They show something natural and normal – the exfoliation of teeth. This is something we all understand; children loose their teeth and the new tooth pushes up from beneath.

However, what we don’t think about very much is the process of storing the new tooth underneath the old tooth. For lower teeth his happens in the jaw. For upper teeth this happens just below the nose.

Both of these pictures are simply the skulls of children who have died before getting rid of their milk teeth. As a word of warning – they’re freaky.

There’s no doubt in my mind that describing an encounter where adventuring characters come across bones that look as odd as this would mislead and alarm the party. They may assume they’re dealing with monsters. If you insist, perhaps after medical skill rolls (without any amazing successes) that the bones are natural, normal and human then the characters may wonder about mutants and vampires.

It may be tempting to show them the pictures too (I think the black and white one is especially scary) but I think that may reveal your hand. Perhaps do so afterwards or modify the edges of the pictures so they look less photographic and more photoshopped or created.

What do you think? Freaky? Is this something only an evil GM would do?

Front view photo via, black and white photo shared without attribution on Twitter.

Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

I don't think you've got anything to worry about - your posts are always fantastic! I hadn't even heard of WOD: Innocents.

I imagine there may be some anime influenced RPGs that channel the boarding school horror theme... just a guess.


I think Anime stuff would work for a children only game, but sadly I'm not really a fan of the art style and haven't really gotten into it as a result. Sadly that means I have very little idea about what's out there, and what kind of story people would want to be told if they were fans...