Free to Download: Cold & Dark at Christmas

Cold and Dark at Christmas

It’s the holidays and the gift giving has started already. Publisher Wicked World Games have made a number of free downloads available for their sci-fi horror Cold & Dark. The free downloads include rules for a Medical Pod, a handy device in Cold & Dark. Apparently these rules were ready in time for the core […]

Delta14’s summer releases and the RPGs connections


Delta14 is the sister company to Chronicle City. Chronicle City strikes deals with RPG publishers in order to make print runs and savvy trans-Atlantic distribution. Here’s how the RPG connections map to Delta14’s schedule. Starting with Gunnar Roxen and the follow on books from The Wyld Hunt gives us the Broken Shield RPG. Gobion Rowlands […]

Exclusive Cold & Dark art and Quick Guide news


Wicked World Games have been catching the attention of sci-gamers with Cold & Dark. This is a game that blends gritty horror with sci-fi. Space is cold and dark; dangers are extreme, incomprehensible and horrifying. The company, who have partnered Chronicle City to bring us the game, have relased a free download Cold & Dark: […]

Teasing Cold & Dark: the free to download Lost Redemption


Last month Geek Native was lucky enough to have an exclusive look at Cold & Dark; an RPG from Wicked World Games. At the time I speculated whether the game might touch on the Mass Effect style. Lost Redemption seems to suggest so. It’s also been noted that Cold & Dark promises to be a […]

Exclusive: A first look at Cold & Dark


Cold & Dark is a science fiction RPG from the Sweden based Wicked World Games (English language site). Geek Native has been lucky enough to score an exclusive look at the game’s front cover which you can see below. Mischa Thomas, Lead Designer at Wicked World, described the game; “Cold & Dark is a gritty […]