Kicktraq insights on 6d6’s successful UK Kickstarter

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One of the first UK based RPG Kickstarter projects has made its funding goals in days.

This chart from Kicktraq shows how the funding progress for the 6d6 RPG Core & Adventure books very quickly reached its goals.

Attention now moves to the stretch goals. Stretch goals, sometimes a challenge for Kickstarter funders, describe the extra goodies that might get added into a campaign if it continues to collect money. They act as an incentive for people to continue to pledge support.

6d6 currently have six different stretch goals.

  • £2500 – extra art
  • £3250 – The Dungeon of Demon Strata, mapped adventure
  • £4000 – Medlling Kids on Bad Acid, adventure
  • £5000 – The Road to Petra, Roman adventure
  • £6500 – A bestiary for the 6d6 Core rules
  • £8500 – the 6d6 Writer’s Bible, a new book about creating your own monsters and settings

Kicktraq suggests that 6d6 are on target to meet most of these goals; a range of betwen £6,121 to £11,941 is predicted. The higher level will likely encourage 6d6 back to the table to create an additional stretch goal or two.

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