You can now play Magic: The Gathering on your iPhone


Wizards of the Coast have launched Magic Duels for the iPad and iPhone. The initial content release is Magic Duels: Origins, can be played for free and downloaded from the App Store. WotC say that there will be regular updates from corresponding Magic set releases and that with 100% earnable content players can continue to […]

The Frankenstein Wars wants your support

The Frankenstein Wars

Interactive ebooks are enjoying something of a popularity boost these days. On the heels of Gollancz stepping into the ring with A Land Fit For Heroes we know have Spanish Cubus Games working with Dave Morris (Fabled Lands, Dragon Warriors) and Paul Gresty on The Frankenstein Wars. You can check out the Kickstarter details here. […]

Dark adult themes for A Land Fit For Heroes game-book app


The indie developer behind the Narborion Saga, Liber Primus Games, has teamed up Gollancz to transform Richard Morgan’s bestselling A Land Fit For Heroes trilogy into a game-book app. The app will be available for a range of platforms; from Apple’s App Store for the iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch, via Amazon for the […]

Is Ingress about to add levels 17 to 24?


Ingress is Google’s alternative reality game. Two sides, the green Enlightened and the blue Resistance, battle it out for control of portals. I’ve written about why I feel Google is messing up the Resistance’s story, turning them into hypocrites but I and millions of others still love the game. For the last year the level […]

Google’s Ingress April Fools joke – Pac-man take over


Google’s put their April Fools joke live for their mobile alternative reality game live. Ingress players have their cursor turned into Pac-man and portals are now ghosts. This shouldn’t muck up gameplay too much but it’s certainly going to confuse players who forget what day it is. In Ingress there are two sides who complete […]

6 gifs only Ingress players will understand


Have you succumbed to the lure of Google’s location based alternative reality game Ingress? There are two factions in a struggle against one another; The Enlightened (green) who believe the newly discovered “exotic matter” should be free and that the world can be a better place and The Resistance (blue) who oppose those ideals and […]

The God of Orcs: Turn your favourite tabletop mini into a gamebook


Narborion Saga Book II: The God of Orcs is the second book from novelist Sylvia Finali and former Dragon editor-in-chief Dr Tom Pollak. The RPG gamebook app lets you scan your favourite miniature from your tabletop roleplaying or wargaming and have it included in the story. The app is produced by Liber Primus Games. Co-Founder […]