The evolution of game books: A review of Sol Invictus


I’m impressed by the technology and the format of Cubus Games’ SOL INVICTUS. This is a book for your smartphone or tablet and headphones are recommended. You can pick it up on Google Play or Apple’s App Store. There are iPhone and iPad versions available for the latter. As it happens SOL INVICTUS is the […]

What will Dungeons & Dragons in 2015 look like?


This weekend at PAX the Wizards of the Coast team lifted the lid on a host of 2015 news. Dungeons and Dragons is stepping up it’s digital offering and will bring on a range of expert partners. Set in Forgotten Realms, Wizards has licensed games from Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World […]

A dream team? Fallout’s Obsidian sign with Pathfinder’s Paizo


Obsidian today have announced a partnership with Paizo. This means that the computer game developer responsible for titles like Fallout: New Vegas and South Park: the Stick of Truth will be making electronic games for Paizo’s Pathfinder roleplaying game. The first game has already been announced. Based on the Pathfinder Adventure Card game, Obsidian will […]

Warhammer 40,000: Carnage launches on Android


Warhammer 40,000: Carnage has done very well on iOS and the appstore. Roadhouse Interactive has today announced the side-scrolling action game has made it to Android. You can download it from Google Play. At the time of posting there’s been nine reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. The game costs €5.99 / £4.99 / […]

Star Wars Assault Team


I am a long time Star Wars fan. I remember seeing the original Star Wars at a drive in theater when I was six years old and it remains one of my all-time favorite movies. So when I see a free Star Wars app on the iTunes store I am quick to check it out. […]

Savage Worlds’ Rippers: Rise of the Great One in bold IndieGoGo campaign

Rippers promo graphic

[Back this Campaign] Rippers is a Victorian adventure that pits societies against vampires, werewolves and other monsters. These heroes can use the very DNA and mystical powers of the monsters they defeat to enhance their own abilities but this comes at the risk of corruption. Shane Hensley said; “Rippers was one of the first settings […]

Game Insight pushes the furry fun


I’m rather tempted by NARR8. This is an interactive reading experience, we’ve looked at some key titles, spotted a few gems and certainly spotted body swapping furry stories. Who wouldn’t? Parent company Game Insight is savy to the furry lure too. They’ve recently announced a set of three city building games including “2020: My Country” […]