After the revolution: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided


Another popular computer RPG title enjoyed some of the limelight at E3 this year as Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal announced the sequel to Dues Ex: Revolution. Set two years after Human Revolution and the incident in Panchaea that saw millions killed by people who had augmentations in their body mankind is divided. There are those […]

Destiny introduces new sub-classes with The Taken King


The Taken King is the next in Bungie’s Destiny series. This expansion is designed for established and new players. I’m lapsed player but this is tempting me to return when The Taken King becomes available world-wide September 15, 2015. The challenge Bungie faces is that those still deep in Destiny are playing around three hours […]

Pirates vs Fish Men in: One Piece – Pirate Warriors 3


Bandai Namco have another title in their One Piece: Pirate Warriors series and this time the action moves to Fish-Man Island as the Straw Hat gang take on Hordy Jones and his… well, his horde. In the UK fans can order the special One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 “Doflamingo” edition exclusively from from Amazon. This […]

The Warhammer RPG at E3: Vermintide


This is a gameplay trailer for the Warhammer FRPG Vermintide. Vermintide is the first person action RPG from Fatshark set in Games Workshop’s fantasy Warhammer world. The city of Ubersriek is besieged by the skaven and a band of five heroes need to cooperate to survive the apocalyptic invasion. The game itself stretches from the […]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst announcement trailer

mirrors edge catalyst

Here’s another high profile, RPG inspired and good looking game from E3 this year. It’s EA’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and comes from the publisher’s Guilford, UK, studio. The game is due out February 2016 and puts players in the role of Faith. This is her origin story; from her rise as a careless young woman […]