Sponsored Video: The war on crime becomes the Battlefield


The Battlefield series until now has been a military action game. That changes with Visceral and DICE’s latest and cooperative effort: Battlefield Hardline. In Battlefield Hardline players are either special response police units or hardboiled criminals. This time the battlefield is the war on crime. With a Levolution mechanic, as seen in Battlefield 4, players […]

Pre-alpha gameplay sneak at Warhammer: End Times Vermintide!


Fancy a look at what Fatshark and Games Workshop are putting together? Warhammer: End Times Vermintide is a first person shooter-meets-melee combat game. This is very early footage and the final game almost certainly will not be like this. In this clip we see the heroes on the streets of Ubersreik in an attempt to […]

Reef Social leak for Destiny


Matt Martin over at VG247 has a good write up and video of what the leaked screens for the next Destiny upgrade might mean. In summary it looks like the House of Wolves will bring a new social area to Destiny. As roleplayers, Geek Native knows what this means – we’ll have two “headquarters” for […]

Elder Scrolls Online will launch on consoles without fees


There will be no subscription fees for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 players of the Elder Scrolls MMORPG. PC users have had their subscriptions dropped too. The launch cinematic is pretty darn impressive too. A titanic battle. You can pre-order the The Elder Scrolls Online at sites like Amazon already. The PlayStation 4 version and […]

Creepy as! Nearly naked Hayden Panettiere and a whole lot of trouble

Until Dawn

This demo of PlayStation’s Until Dawn is best described thusly “Creepy as”. Sam, played by Hayden Panettiere, has a restful bath ruined by some Saw action. Sony says this may contain content inappropriate for children. I would say they’re right. In the play-through we can see the different paths open up and the split-second decisions […]

Will we find winter warmth in The Dark Below?


The game is dividing opinion and I find myself agreeing with points made by both sides. Destiny is both remarkable and evolutionary step while falling disappointingly short of the heights it could have reached and prone to being repetitive. The proof is in the pudding, or should that be in the pizza, and I find […]

Relive the best of 2014’s gaming in under 2 minutes


Malcolm Klock has put together this montage of some of the great games of 2014. He stresses that if your favourite game is missing it will probably due to editing rather than it not being worthy. I think the final montage is neat. It’s both dramatic and beautiful. It has, as Klock says, been an […]

Sponsored Video: Dragon Age’s wonderful, open, world with plenty of mature action


BioWare are on the record with how Skyrim has influenced Dragon Age. The Elders Scroll smash hit brought a wave of new players into the RPG area and these gamers are not familiar with some old RPG tropes, habits and styles. The third game in BioWare’s popular fantasy RPG series; Dragon Age: Inquisition reflects that. […]