Google’s Ingress April Fools joke – Pac-man take over


Google’s put their April Fools joke live for their mobile alternative reality game live. Ingress players have their cursor turned into Pac-man and portals are now ghosts. This shouldn’t muck up gameplay too much but it’s certainly going to confuse players who forget what day it is. In Ingress there are two sides who complete […]

Boeing gets patent on force fields


The multinational manufacturer of airplanes, rockets and satellites has picked up an American patent on military force fields. This computer-voice / animation combo explains how the technology works. It doesn’t feel quite like “force fields from Star Wars” to me but, yeah, I get the reference. It’s also worth noting that the technology does seem […]

The 5 best ways to fail on Kickstarter


Gregory Carslaw was born to a gaming couple and rolled his first die before speaking a word. He has a PhD in Psychology, studied Artificial Intelligence and joined 3DTotal games in 2013. His first game took six months to design … only for it to be shelved. It was going to be too expensive to […]

6 gifs only Ingress players will understand


Have you succumbed to the lure of Google’s location based alternative reality game Ingress? There are two factions in a struggle against one another; The Enlightened (green) who believe the newly discovered “exotic matter” should be free and that the world can be a better place and The Resistance (blue) who oppose those ideals and […]

UK trailer for Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys

Paramount Pictures UK’s trailer for Terminator Genisys shows Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke in action. How many Arnies do you count? Then there’s the “Can you spot Matt Smith” game. Are you looking forward to this movie or is the franchise running a little low on power for you these days?