Poster: Robot Bones


Joon Ahn is a senior concept artist at Riot Games. Last month he updated his ArtStation with a new piece of work and just the casual mention of “Poster work”. I think “Poster work” is an understatement. Look at the colour and drama in this piece! Robot Bones is right!

Alien Indian steampunk: A review of Jani and the Greater Game

Jani and the Greater Game

Jani and the Greater Game is the first in a new series from sci-fi writer Eric Brown. Brown’s previous books include the likes of Satan’s Reach (Weird Space), Helix Wars, The Devil’s Nebula and plenty of other titles that often involve alien fleets. Readers familiar with Brown’s usual sci-fi style will be forgiven for wondering […]

What will Dungeons & Dragons in 2015 look like?


This weekend at PAX the Wizards of the Coast team lifted the lid on a host of 2015 news. Dungeons and Dragons is stepping up it’s digital offering and will bring on a range of expert partners. Set in Forgotten Realms, Wizards has licensed games from Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World […]

Ready, steady… Rarity’s Boutique


On the 1st of September Rarity’s Boutique opens again on Etsy. The store will take 50 orders only and those are expected to ship in October. If you miss that chance you’ll be back to the waiting game. If you do miss out then a good place to watch is the Facebook page. What’s all […]

Carnevalesque’s Destiny & Delirium cosplay

andreas rasmusson ndy

Husband and wife couple Nanna and Steamwyck made this Sandman cosplay set for last year’s Carnevalsque. Dressed as Destiny and Delirium the pair took part in the event in Malmö, Sweden. Carnevalesque describes itself as a decadent flirt with the burlesque, the extraordinary, the retro-extravagant and the ever-excessive. (Via Geek Girl Diva at Fashionably Geek)