Remind you of anyone? Gamer couples


Another cracking comic strip from Dorkly’s George Rottkamp. I’m just used to my other half being the better player. Not sure that’s the same as the one-sided rivalry; it’s more about being able to wheel in a powerful ally if a Destiny Strike is being too hard to manage alone.

Halo Nightfall trailer

Halo Nightfall

There are a few Halo Nightfalls – there’s the Halo: Reach level and a Halo song. This Halo Nightfall is the live action crated by Paul Scheuring (Prison Break). It’s expected there will be five episodes that’ll come out with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The story in Nightfall will connect Halo 4 and Halo […]

Official Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer

age of ultron

There are no strings on me. Since the cat was out of the bag Marvel wisely released the first teaser trailer for the next Avengers film. At this point nearly 6 million views have been recorded on the official release. The signs are there’s a lot of interest in this movie. What’s your gut feeling? […]

Royalty free RPG map maker turns to Kickstarter with Other World Mapper


I suck at drawing maps but what’s an epic fantasy quest without the world map to put all that travel into context? Three Minds Software is having a crack at the computer cartography market with a project called the Other World Mapper. [Back this Campaign] It looks like this Kickstarter will slide to success. This […]

Sean K Reynolds’ Five Moons RPG passes Kickstarter goal

five moons 2

Veteran RPG designer Sean K Reynold’s latest project, Five Moon RPGs, has passed the $25,000 target on Kickstarter with a week still to go. [Back this Campaign] Backers at just the $7 mark get access to the PDF Player Bundle and those at the $14 mark get the Corebook PDF. The print edition of the […]

Dangerous skull chairs for gamers


We’ve seen some chairs for evil GMs. There’s this sinister shadow chair and this scorpion of doom chair. Where do players sit? Why don’t the players perch themselves in the silent mouth of the dead. Don’t see the chair? Here it is. Good enough for your gaming group? Pop over to Etsy and Chics in […]