Bloodshadows returns as a full RPG


Originally published by West End Games as a worldbook for MasterBook and then updated as a D6 Adventure, the third edition of Bloodshadows will be a standalone RPG. Precis Intermedia have the rights for Bloodshadows, a game in which the supernatural lurks around the corner, and will relaunch the title using the genreDiversion 3E rules. […]

16 clever dogs of the Marvel Universe

Dogs of the Marvel Universe 1

Josh Lynch is a creative director and freelance illustrator. He shared this collection of “DOTMU: Dogs of the Marvel Universe” to his public gallery at Behance and you should take a look. I think Punisher pug is my favourite. Which is yours?

Steve Jackson Games gives ThinkGeek a Munchkin Hipsters head start


ThinkGeek will get to say; We sold Munchkin Hipsters before it the booster pack became all mainstream! They’ll get to say that because Steve Jackson Games have given the popular site first dibs at selling the the 30-card booster. Brian Engard, Marketing Director at Steve Jackson Games, said; We love ThinkGeek and we’re really excited […]

TORG returns as TORG: Eternity


TORG by West End Games enjoyed plenty of praise from a very loyal fan core but vanished after the studio closed. The rights to the game were eventually picked up by TORG fan Markus Plotz. As Markus Plotz is the president of Ulisses Spiele, a leading German game manufacturer and distributor, it comes as no […]

The 5 best selling RPGs for Spring 2015


Just last year D&D was in 4th place on IcV2’s chart. ICv2’s chart for the top 5 roleplaying games for the spring of 2015 is now out. Given the launch of D&D 5e it might be no surprise to see the iconic title back at the top. Wizards of the Coast will be pleased. Dungeons […]

Short film: Last Light


Does he have what it takes to survive? This is a zombie post apocalyptic short in which one hopeless man has to wrestle with his past in order to have any sort of future. Last Light was a submission for the My Rode Reel 2015, International Short Film Competition and was directed by Michael Lubin.