Sean K Reynolds’ Five Moons RPG passes Kickstarter goal

five moons 2

Veteran RPG designer Sean K Reynold’s latest project, Five Moon RPGs, has passed the $25,000 target on Kickstarter with a week still to go. [Back this Campaign] Backers at just the $7 mark get access to the PDF Player Bundle and those at the $14 mark get the Corebook PDF. The print edition of the […]

Dangerous skull chairs for gamers


We’ve seen some chairs for evil GMs. There’s this sinister shadow chair and this scorpion of doom chair. Where do players sit? Why don’t the players perch themselves in the silent mouth of the dead. Don’t see the chair? Here it is. Good enough for your gaming group? Pop over to Etsy and Chics in […]

Retro-tech and xenomorphs: The Art of Alien – Isolation

alien isolation

Set in 2137, that’s 15 years after Alien, the first-person survival horror Alien: Isolation is kind of a big deal. This is one of those games that begin to merge with the movie experience. The BBC featured it and the team’s approach to the creativity on the project. The interview included a chat with Sigourney […]

Earthdawn Fantasy Miniatures pass Kickstarter finish line


There may only be 9 days left on the clock at the time of writing but the campaign to create fantasy miniatures for FASA’s Earthdawn has now edged past their $2,400 goal. You can Back it here. [Back Campaign] Impact! Miniatures project aim to provide unpainted spincast resin minatures at 28mm scale. We’re told the […]