Mysteriously action-packed: A review of Wild Cards Lowball


Lowball is the latest in the Wild Cards series. I’ve not read any of the Wild Cards books before and it turns out I didn’t need to. I was quickly able to pick up on the world – like ours but after a virus has turned some of the population into super-powered mutants – and […]

Short film: The Event


This short film from Rustam Vakilov is a proof of concept for a larger, full-length, feature. Do you think it would work? We follow Neil, a chap in his mid-20s, waking up to find himself having a very strange morning. Events take a turn for the bizarre as the world rushes to a cataclysmic end […]

Trapdoor Technologies back from the abyss with Pathfinder iOS app


You might well have written Trapdoor Technologies off. They’ve had plenty of bumps and scrapes – a cancelled contract with Wizards of the Coast and then a failed Kickstarter. They’re a brave bunch, though, and have been busy working on their promised product. iPhone users can download the Playbook (for RPD) for free from the […]

Pokemon coffee labels


The team figured that at least one generation of coffee drinkers have grown up with Pokemon and that the two go together. I think they might be right; with titles like Pikachu’s Morning Spark, Drowzee’s Sleep-Inducer (decaf, right) Gengar’s Jump Scare and Hoothoot’s Night Owl to pick from, who could say no? If you’re […]

Spoiler-filled Attack on Titan infographic reveals the titans [spoilers] [infographic]


Don’t read this if you want to avoid Attack on Titan spoilers. If you’ve seen the anime then this infographic still has spoilers for you. The information below is based on the manga series and reveals who some key titans are. Want to know who the Colossal Titan is? Coming up. Still here? You were […]

Rebuild or loot? Infected Zombie RPG

Infected Zombie RPG book sample

Infected! is the first RPG from Immersion Studios and Holocaust Survivor Stories: Georgina author Oliver Shead. Zombies are infected humans – fast, deadly and cunning. Mankind is winning, though, and civilisation is beginning to recover which gives the PCs options… this twist on the post-apocalyptic story is Kickstarter that’s doing well, needing just a nudge […]