Is this MechWarrior the best Halloween costume for kids we’ll see this year?


Halloween is that time of year you get to turn your 6-month old son into a Sunder from the MechWarrior series. At least; use him as part of the costume. Ryan and Geraint’s MechWarrior costume was several years in the planning (long before Geraint was born). It’s good to see the project come to life. […]

Improper Books announce a limited UK release of Night Post


Night Post is the story of a strange mail service. This is one that starts at midnight and delivers to all sorts of supernatural creatures. A preview of the comic book is available below. Improper Books have announced a limited UK indie release of the book by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder will take place […]

Free to Download: Happy Halloween the horror collection


Happy Halloween is a free comic from indie creators. It’s great to see the indie community giving back to their readers and fans. There are 13 stories in this 62 page collection. Who’s made this possible? Giuseppa Barresi, Brett Burbridge, Andy W Clift, Patrick Cline, Luke Cooper, Shaun Dobie, Mike Garley, David Hailwood, Samantha Holmlund, […]

12 spooky transformations: Google helps Halloweenify D&D’s Monster Manual


Plenty of tabletop gamers use Google+. There’s the Roleplaying Games community and others as well as site pages like +Geek Native too. One of my favourite features of Google+ is Auto Awesome. Recent reviews of graphic novels or art books make use of Auto Awesome’s ability to turn photographs into videos. You can see an […]