Short film: Abiogenesis


This is a very pretty sci-fi short film. A strange spacecraft lands on a primordial landscape and a stunning but unlikely series of events unfold. This is stunning but also represents that intersection of super-science and “why would they do it like that?”. Just switch off your brain and enjoy the sci-fi-prwn.

A sneak peak at Dicetiny’s game cards


Dicetiny is a forthcoming computer game from FakeDice. It’s a mix of fantasy adventure with board game. Consider it Monopoly meets a dungeon crawl with card collecting thrown in too. There are four classes to pick from and you can game alongside three other players. FakeDice aim to get Dicetiny into Steam Early Acccess this […]

The Secret War: Achtung! Cthulhu gets a movie


When did you first hear about Modiphius Entertainment? The London-based publisher first got attention with promises of Achtung! Cthulhu, a setting that merged the horror of war with horrors from beyond time and space, and then smashed targets at Kickstarter. Then came Mutant Chroncies as Modiphius targeted the sleeping giant, promising enough new life to […]

Does the Ragnarok gas mask make you think “Steampunk Bane”?

steampunk bane

Etsy retailer Tom Banwell has this handmade mask up for sale. Created with leather, resin, metal fittings, cold cast aluminun and acrylic sheet the mask is titled “Ragnarok Gas Mask”. Perhaps it’s the model Banwell picked to sell the steampunk mask but I can’t help think of Gotham’s very own Bane. A steampunk Bane. What […]

Asmodee muscles into America with Days of Wonder deal


European game powerhouse Asmodee has bought game company Days of Wonder. In the States Asmodee is best known for its own games or where it is the English co-publisher of a game. It sells these games to wholesalers such as Alliance and ACD for the hobby market. In Europe it is much larger, acting not […]

Grim, dark and compelling: A review of 2000 AD’s Jaegir

JAEGIR cover

Jaegir is a one-shot in the US-format from 2000 AD. The comic book is written by Gordon Rennie (Department of Monsterology), drawn by Simon Coleby (The Royals), coloured by Len O’Grady and lettered by Simon Bowland. Importantly, although Jaegir is a one-shot it is set in the same universe as the classic 2000 AD Rogue […]