Geek Native is a blog for gamers – for roleplayers – and covers a range of geek friendly interest areas.

The premise is simple; roleplayers don’t just talk about their characters. We belong to a healthy, booming, culture. Geek Native covers much of the geek spectrum, through anime, comics, movies, films, books, technology, internet, television, music, art and plenty more. The site is for geek natives.

The site is run by Andrew Girdwood. He works in digital marketing but the views expresses here are is own unless they are those of guest bloggers. Check out the policies page.

Geek Native is the evolution of a previous hobby site called GameWyrd.  Andrew built GameWyrd from scratch, hand coding everything like a fool,  around the year 2000. Life’s too busy to maintain a hand-built site and so GameWyrd evolved into Geek Native on WordPress.

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