The hex worldmap project

Les Inkwell is a gamer and designer from Oslo in Norway. On his Google+ profile he says;

I am quite content doing my mundane muggle day job to pay the bills. The time left i spend doing the artsy stuff that i really care about, things like: World Building, Table Top Game Design, Illustration, Comix, Street Art, Youtube and Music.

As it so happens he’s shared some of his “arty” tabletop RPG and illsutration projects via his blog FantasiFjas and Google+. He’s been drawing these hex tiles.

More Hex Mania - 1

More Hex Mania - 2

More Hex Mania - 3

Those tiles, shared on Google+ Roleplaying Games community, are just a teaser. He’s put together an English language comic that explains what he does. It begins with a panel like this.


The introduction post concludes with some coloured tiles as examples but I’m fond of the phtograph that has a large area of the floor transformed into a fantasy gaming world. More details and the complete comic strip here.

Hex floor -

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