Coastal King Productions’ Game Glass

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Coastal King Productions is an indie game house working on the tabletop RPG Book of the Fallen – although there may be a name change later.

Patrick White, owner of the company, took to YouTube to reveal another project Coastal King had been working on: Game Glass.

It’s quite a long video and something of a candid tour as Patrick simply picks up a handheld and discusses the project. The second prototype appears at about the 7 minute mark.

The objective of the board is never mentioned in the video but seems clear enough. Patrick’s invention seems to show a tabletop mapping system. GMs can draw on features such as tunnels, rooms and other obstacles. Players and the GM can then push miniatures around on the grid.

There’s no mention of a price point – but shipping alone is likely to be expensive. It’s hard to imagine there won’t be a Kickstarter to help fund the creation of some of these Game Glass boards too.

What do you think? Does this idea have the wow factor or is this a niche and luxury product that’ll only appeal to a few?

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Patrick White
Patrick White

Hi there!

First of all, this is really cool, thank you for doing a post.

So, I have actually answered most of the questions that appeared on Reddit, but Reddit doesn't show my comments! I had a suspicion that this was happening, but I just confirmed it by having someone visit from work (not logged in) and my comments are nowhere to be found. While I email Reddit, would you mind letting the current comment thread know that this is an issue? I'd be eternally grateful.

So, regarding the shipping, it's actually quite reasonable! The newer model only weighs somewhere around 50 lbs., and we put the information in all 3 of the big shippers to find that cross country is only $40. We are still researching international shipping.

Hope that helps, thanks again!

Patrick White
Patrick White

Thank you so much! It's much appreciated. While my main account gets fixed, I've registered another that appears to be working.

Thanks for your help, I'm in your debt good sir!