Code Monkey Save World comic book Kickstarter


Code Monkey Save World

I’m a great big fan of Jonathan Coulton’s Code Monkey. In fact, it may now be banned from the work Spotify list due to overplay. So when news of a Kickstarter to turn Code Monkey into a comic book came to me I had to track the details down.

It’s a partnership between writer Greg Pak, Coulton himself, Takeshi Miyazawa, Jessica Kholinne and Simon Bowland. The video explains their roles but these are big names and worthy of attention.

It’s not too late to back this project – at the time of posting there are 9 days left. This is a well funded project. Coulton and Pak asked for $39,000. They’ve already got $214,453 from 5,269 backers. This will likely be a quarter of a million Kickstarter. Is tht a record for a comic book?

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