Twisted Princesses: Disney princesses as RPG encounters

Back in December 2011 Geek Native posted Disney Princesses as RPG monsters by the talented Jeffrey Thomas. This blog suggested they were scary enough to be used as RPG monsters and the post has been popular.

Did Jeffrey stop drawing? Nope. Time for an update as we discover more twisted princesses that could be used as an RPG encounter!1

Twisted Tiana

Twisted Tinker Bell

Twisted Wendy

Twited Kidagakash

Twited Maid Marian

Twisted Rapunzel

Need more? There’s a growing gallery.

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  1. […] two galleries shown so far are both Twisted Princesses. One Geek Native presented as Disney princesses as RPG encounters and the other Disney Princesses as RPG monsters. This time round we’ve Merida the Bear […]