An exclusive look inside A Gallery of Rogues

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A Gallery of Rogues is a project from artist Eric Lofgren and the game designer Jim Pinto. Pinto created the World’s Largest Dungeon which sells on eBay for well over $100, King for a Day as well 7th Sea material and Legend of the Five Rings material. Logfren has worked for the lives of AEG, Decipher, Fantasy Flight Games, Goodman Games, Green Ronin, White Wolf, Cubicle 7, West End Games, Hero Games and many more.

The pitch for A Gallery of Rogues is quite simple. The GM often needs a rogue at short notice. A Gallery of Rogues is a Thieves Guild set in a fantasy city. A web of criminals, police and politicans that keep underworld in place.

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A core part of this campaign is the ability backers have to be part of it. From $100 onwards contributors will be given teh chance to name and design criminals or auxilary characters. I have to wonder whether we’ll start to see some gamers earning their first writing credits in books as we see this offer more and more Kickstarter.

The Gallery of Rogues limits the places available for these co-design pledges but you should be able to grab one.

Jim Pinto and Eric Lofgren have kindly given Geek Native a look inside the Gallery. Here’s some of the rogues you might get to meet.





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