Exclusive: Steve Jackson shares his Peter Molyneux stories


This wonderful clip is from the proposed Fighting Fantasty documentary film and shows Steve Jackson discussing the equally famous Peter Molyneux.

Steve Jackson describes Molyneux perfectly. His strength is in designing wonderful games and working with small, devoted, teams. Of course, Jackson is describing how Molyneux went from Bullfrog Productions (Populous, Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and more) which he co-founded with Les Edgar. Lionhead Studios was born when Peter Molyneux wanted to get back to his roots; designing great games with great teams.

History repeats itself and Steve Jackson is an insightful man. As it turns out Peter Molyneux left Lionhead for similar reasons (but only after making it a success and it becoming part of Microsoft) to found 22Cans. This week 22Cans has held the attention of many geeks with their too popular Curiosity experiment.

We can only hope that the Fighting Fantasty documentary successfully funds; there’s still time, and that we get access to similar gems.

The video below is the main summary for Turn to 400.

Geek Native is first with this clip thanks to Sean Riley and the Turn to 400 team.

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