Competition: The ConTessa treasure hunt!

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This competition runs from now until the 10th of February when ConTessa, the free online tabletop gaming convention by women for everyone comes to a close.

As a ConTessa sponsor Geek Native is running a treasure hunt competition. There are some great prizes to be won! Take a look at this:

  • Treasure bundle $50 of DTRPG vouchers + $50 of Paizo vouchers + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt
  • Book bundle: Paperback copies of Rapture of the Nerds, Andromeda’s Fall + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt
  • Bag bundle: A Premium bag from + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt
  • ConTessa swag bundle: Goodies + Lamentation of the Flame Princess T-shirt
  • Chronicle City bundle: $50 of vouchers for Chronicle City
  • 5 x Crafty Games bundles: PDF copies of the Fantasy Craft RPG and Spycraft 2.0 rulebook.

Playing is easy. The first step is to sign into the widget below. Why? So we can contact winners and track entries. You can sign in with an email address or via Facebook.

Click on the panels in the widget to reveal items you have to find and clues on how to find them. The icons are hidden on different pages in the blog. You’ll have to search to find them. Don’t worry; you’ll know when you see one. Once you solve the clue, record the URL (the address in your web browser) in the same panel. Each success will earn you points. There’s a bonus point for added measure.

At the end of the competition the widget will pick winners at random and we’ll get in touch.

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Good luck!

HEY! Are you a publisher, author or games company who want in on the fun? Got loot to donate to the treasure hunt? Get in touch.

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