Free to Download: 20 RPG goodies for #TableTopDay

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“Support International
and grab the free to download RPG Bundle”


At the start of the month Geek Native listedd 10 reasons to support International TableTop Day. Here’s a pretty impressive 11th reason; The Table Top Day bundle with more than 20 free RPG Downloads.

The deal comes from DriveThru RPG who are now on board with backing Geek & Sundry’s March 30th event. The goal of International TableTop Day is to help promote the hobby, to boost your local friendly game store or to help gamers meet gamer groups.

In addition to the free to download bundle, DriveThru RPG has an impressive number of sales on including some headline deals.

Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space has 50% off (save $15) and Monte Cook’s Ptolus is 66% off (save $40).

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