Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones legally duels with racist suspect

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This video, recorded on a smartphone and therefore not superb quality, shows the “real-life superhero” (or hero or vigilante), knocking-out a man suspected of racist assult.

Phoenix Jones and some of his Rain City Superhero Movement stepped up to deal with a man shouting racial slurs. They called 911 and tried to walk away but the racist threatened to follow him home and cause trouble.

Jones told the online paper;

“I’m not going to let someone follow me to my house. I’m not letting some guy who’s violent with other people follow me home. It’s not going to happen. If it had just been about him calling me the N-word, I would have walked it off, like I told the cops. It was just, the cop had said he was going to let that guy follow me. No one is going to follow me.”

Following someone is not a crime. As it turns out, under Washington’s State’s “mutual combat law” it is legal to settle a dispute by means of single combat.

The duel begins at about 6:30 in the video – and doesn’t take long. Phoenix Jones is a fighter.

Seattle Police Department Sgt. Sean Whitcomb told press;

“No victim, no suspect, no crime,”

The drunken thug refused medical assistance after the fight and no charges were filed.

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