E3: Fable: The Journey

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Fable: The Journey is a bold decision by Microsoft and Lionhead. We may never know how hard Peter Molyneux, Fable’s designer, had to push for this before he left the studio – or whether he objected.

Fable: The Journey takes the esbalished RPG franchise is a whole new direction. It’s likely to be a Kinect-centric game. The trailer below shows what this means – you stand in front of your TV screen and make the gestures required to summon spells. The game is believed to do away with swords and melee because that is an unsatisfactory experience on the Kinect.

If you bash a skeleton warrior with your sword then you would feel the impact but not so on the Kinect. If you wave your hands in the arcane gesture required to raise a skeleton warrior, you may feel nothing, but see the skeleton rise from the ground and that’s something the Kinect experience can do.

The game is due out in October this year.

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