Exclusive: A first look at Cold & Dark


Cold & Dark is a science fiction RPG from the Sweden based Wicked World Games (English language site). Geek Native has been lucky enough to score an exclusive look at the game’s front cover which you can see below.

Mischa Thomas, Lead Designer at Wicked World, described the game;

“Cold & Dark is a gritty horror sci-fi RPG. The big empty is a place that should be explored but the dangers are extreme, incomprehensible and horrifying. Centuries from now mankind lives on in the Sirius galaxy, an enormously vast and dense system of stars

Inspired by sources such as the Dead Space- and Mass Effect franchise, Cold & Dark puts a lot of emphasis on the high-tech industrial feel which is brought to life by over a hundred pieces of full color artwork.”

Cold & Dark will be released as a pdf and as a soft cover book available in your local game store in a couple of months. The game is being published in in partnership with Chronicle City. Chronicle City is ex-Cubicle 7 Angus Abranson’s new publishing company.The release schedule of the roleplaying game looks to be spot on. The RPG will be coming out just as the industry enters the post-Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 2 era. We’ll also have the Prometheus film driving interest. Interest in gritty sci-fi will be high. Combine that with Wicked World’s effort on high quality visuals with strong artwork and the game may well hit the bullseye.