Existential Star Wars

Let is not be said that this blog fails to provide academic stimulation or encourage debates on the core truths of life.

To begin this journey into education and wisdom let us start with somewhere safe, secure and understood: Star Wars.

To continue our tour of intelligent observation we can make some insightful adjustments. Let us move to French – the language of so many mediveal philosphers. Let us provide subtitles so the rest of us can follow.

Finally, let us present an existential Star Wars.

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I was on the train the other day when from behind me I heard this conversation: "We've been watching Star Wars all week. We've done one to five and we're going to watch six tonight." "Really, I've never seen it. Is it any good?" "It's brilliant. It's got this amazing twist in it, I never saw it coming. It made me cry." "Really, what happens?" "The hero turns into that guy, you know, the one in black. What's his name again?" I turned on my headphones at that point.