Spend $20 and save $300 at DriveThru RPG!


Two new bundles have been uploaded to Drivethru RPG this morning. They caught my eye. Mega bucks of saving. DTRPG 10th Annivesary (RPG) Bundle is normally worth $150.42 but you can have it for $10 DTRPG 10th Anniversary (RPG 2) Bundle costs $168.16 outside the sale but is currently priced at only $10 This means […]

No Sleep ’til Finland – $130 of Pathfinder savings

No Sleep Til Finland

The co-owner of game company Asparagus Jumpsuit is moving from New Mexico to University of Jyväskylä this September to purse a Master’s degree. As a result Asparagus Jumpsuit is raising money and running a big sale on their 22 Character Workbooks, 12 Monster Hide supplements, 3 Instant NPC collections and both Rules Hacks supplements for […]

Free games and International Tabletop Day rush slams DriveThru RPG’s servers


Saturday April the 5th is International Tabletop Day. Names like Atlas Games, Stronghold Games, Asmodee, Days of Wonder, Mayfair, AEG, Ravensburger, Japanime Games, Looney Labs and Steve Jackson Games are teaming up with Geek & Sundry for the big event. Another name of note is DriveThru RPG who are holding a huge sale. This isn’t […]

5 tips for GMs running Legend of the Five Rings – from L5R’s Lead Designer

Legend of the Five Rings

Yesterday was International GM’s Day. To celebrate the people who make your roleplaying enjoyment possible DriveThru RPG launched their biggest sale of the year. The good news? It lasts for two weeks. Want big discounts? Check out the sale. One of the publishers in the sale is Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). You’ll find lots of […]

Teach your Kids to Game Week: Kids and Gaming


Geek Native’s third expert guest post for DriveThru RPG’s Teach Your Kids to Game Week comes from MJ Alishah of Aetheric Dreams. MJ Alishah is the author Nights of the Crusades an RPG which blends history with modern and ancient horror. The pictures in this post come from Aetheric Dream’s The City of 10 Rings. […]

Gaming with my Father: A story of how something that didn’t happen changed my life

Back James and Tianxia at Kickstarter.

It is Teach your Kids to Game Week at DriveThruRPG and James Dawsey has kindly contributed to the cause by writing up his own experience. James runs Vigilance Press and is in the final week of a successful Kickstarter for the Wuxia RPG Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade. I was asked by my friend Andrew […]

Thousands of free RPGs, sales and updates at DriveThru RPG


It’s a busy time at DriveThru RPG. I flashed past a banner on the site that suggested something about having lots of free products. A few days later, I decided to check it out. They do; 2940 free products according to their advanced search today. That’s great news for gamers. Go download stuff. I can […]

Coupon: 15% off 12 of the strongest OSR RPG titles


Are you an OSR fan? The old school renaissance or perhaps the old school retro-clones? DriveThru RPG have compiled the 12 best selling old school rules titles in their collection. Not only can you check out the collection here you can bag yourself 15% off the top 12 with this coupon code. Use; OSRF711F2 That […]

How to get the exclusive Gaming in the ‘Verse: a Firefly RPG Preview

gaming in the verse

Update: There’s been a price drop on this preorder. If you’ve bought already; you’ll get credit. Margaret Weis Productions announced an exclusive Gen Con product for their new Firefire license. You can pre-order and pick up at Gen Con or get it delivered to your door. Gen Con will be held some 6,043 klicks from […]

Numenera goes on pre-order with big discount


Monte Cook’s latest setting Numenera has the weight of the world on it. The RPG was announced last year, after Cook had quit the DnD Next project. The Kickstarter asked for $20,000 and raised $517,255 from 4,658 backers. Bigger money followed. As a “sequel” to Planescape: Torment, Brian Fargo and inXile, launched Torment: Tides of […]