Will Paizo replace Wizards of the Coast as a Codename: Morningstar publisher?


I’m a backer on Trapdoor Technology’s Codename: Morningstar Kickstarter. This is a crowd-funding campaign to pick up a digital toolset that Wizards of the Coast pulled out of. The replacement software works with the Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) instead. Geek Native was lucky enough to land an interview with Trapdoor’s founding director Chris Matney. In […]

This bracelet is a flamethrower


Adam Wilber stresses that this watch-sized device isn’t a toy. Then again; he also says it’s a badass professional device that allows you to launch fireballs. You can pick up your own PYRO for $174. Maybe you know someone who’s a pain to get Christmas presents for you? There’s no “add to cart” button. There […]

Life without Wizards as Trapdoor take Codename: Morningstar to Kickstarter


This pitch for Codename: Morningstar talks about stories. It’s worth knowing the back story to Trapdoor Technologies before watching the video, I think. It began with Wizards of the Coast appointing Trapdoor to build the D&D 5e digital toolset. We don’t know what happened. There was a change of heart and the two companies stopped […]

Flying drones? Why not race them Star Wars pod style?


Quadcopters are everywhere these days. What’s the next step in their evolutionary path? Races! This footage comes from a pre-event that happened in France. You don’t need to understand the language to see that they’re racing these drones through the woodland and driving them with video goggles. That’s right – the pilot sees what the […]