Tomorrow’s technology is here today with this incredible face projection


Imagine being able to change your face at will. This technology is real. I suppose you could call it projected makeup or something similar and the video does begin with comparatively straight forward examples. Just you wait and watch to see where the technology could take your face. This is the work of Nobumihi Asai […]

The world’s first family robot


This video for Jibo is impressive. Will it actually be this good? This could well be the first ever “family robot”. You have the chance to support it. You could say you have the chance to sow the seeds of the robot revolution. No downside to that, right? [Back this Campaign] There are 30 days […]

Superhero Week: Avengers 3D wall lights

Wall Light - Thor

These Avenger wall lights are proving to be quite popular. They’re battery operated so you don’t need to drill holes in the wall and I’m told are good for persuading kids to sleep and don’t get too warm either. There’s a few variants but here’s a small collection from Amazon. Thor’s Hammer at Amazon $39.06. […]

Stompy Star Wars AT-AT casemod


Would you build a computer inside an Imperial Walker? This AT-AT casemod rather proves someone would. This casemod began life as a Hasbro AT-AT and gained a Zotax Z86 Mini ITX mobo with an INtel Core i7-2600K CPU, a Sapphire 6870 GPU and 8GB of RAM. Not bad for an AT-AT. Not bad for a […]

PocketScan – help gamers or hurt publishers?


Geek Native features Kickstarters for new RPGs often. Sometimes the blog talks about computer games. Rarely there’s a hardware story. PocketScan was not created for gamers but, wow, check out the uses. Some concerns here. Just because scanning could be easy does not mean gamers should scan copyright books. Authors in this industry don’t get […]

Will the GameChanger change tabletop RPGs forever?


I’ve seen some bold attempts to bring game-changing tech to the tabletop roleplaying hobby via Kickstarter before. Some look great. Some, I think, look like dead projects walking. Then there’s the GameChanger from Richard Woodfield and Splendiferous Press. Frankly I’m not sure what to make of this one. So here’s the pitch video, with loud […]