The people of Hackerville


The Romanian town of Ramnicu Valcea is known by security experts as “Hackerville” and is considered by some to be the most dangerous town on the internet. Norton, the anti-virus, firewall and security company, have teamed up with the award-winning indie director Sean Dunne to create a documentary. It’s a look at the hacker culture […]

Crazy home invention: 40W laser shotgun


This shotgun is many times more powerful than the lightsaber styropyro had already built. As Chris Mills over at Gizmodo points out a 40 watt laser is hugely more powerful than the 0.005 watt lasers you can buy from stores but still a far off the US Navy’s prototype cannon that blasts at 30,000 watts. […]

Iaijutsu sword master versus MOTOMAN-MH24 industrial robot


Should we teach industrial robots to use katana? Machii Isao holds five Guinness World Records including the marathon 1,000 iaido sword cuts whch took just over 36 minutes. In this challenge the advanced industrial robot, the MOTOMAN-MH24, was taught Machii’s style (and we can see him help the robot) and then put against him. The […]