Competition: Speaker and headphone bundle

Touch Boom

Got plans to attend a convention or expo this summer? Perhaps you’re lucky enough to be going away on a summer holiday? This competition’s loot might have exactly what you need if you want to take some music with you. This bundle includes ThumbsUp Touch Boom Box Speaker and Veho headphones. The Boom Box speaker […]

Boeing gets patent on force fields


The multinational manufacturer of airplanes, rockets and satellites has picked up an American patent on military force fields. This computer-voice / animation combo explains how the technology works. It doesn’t feel quite like “force fields from Star Wars” to me but, yeah, I get the reference. It’s also worth noting that the technology does seem […]

D&D projection map


Redditor and Roll20 developer Silverlight has shared a pretty funky D&D project. Using Roll20, Apple TV and a projector Silverlight was able to project a map onto the gaming table. The project makes great use of Roll20’s “dynamic lighting” which only shows what the PCs can see with their line of sight. In this case […]

Codename: Morningstar doesn’t Kickstart, will battle on


Codename: Morningstar is not a project that’s been blessed with much luck. Originally they were Wizards of the Coast digital platform partner. The two companies parted way near the end of the project, suddenly and Trapdoor Technologies was left holding the bits. I think Trapdoor did the right thing. They took the project to Kickstarter. […]

Geek-perfect Sting sword replica glows when near wifi


Bilbo Baggins’ magic sword was called Sting and it glowed blue whenever orcs came too close. That’s pretty useful when you’re a Hobbit. Over at Krista Peryer has the story of a new generation of Sting, a geek perfect sword, a sword called WarSting. WarString glows whenever it detects unsecured wifi networks. By thrusting […]