William King signs five figure deal with Games Workshop and Black Library

Author William King has signed a five figure book deal with Black Library, the Games Workshop imprint, for a trilogy based on the elf high brothers Tyrion and Teclis.

The twins are powerful heroes; Prince Tyrion is exceptional with the blade and Teclis is a mage without equal. King’s trilogy will be set two hundred years before the current Warhammer timeline and tell the origin story of the high elf champions.

George Mann, Head of Black Library, told trade press;

“I’m overjoyed to be welcoming Bill King back to the Black Library, particularly with such an exciting and auspicious series. Bill has a real flair for a good story and his writing really brings the Warhammer world to life. I know people are going to adore these books.”

The Scottish author is one of the Black Library’s best-selling authors and has sold more than half a million books. King has been writing for Games Workshop since 1988 and his Space Wolf novels have become particularly popular.

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