8 dangerous items included in the Dark Souls 2 Collector’s Edition

The Japanese Collectors Edition of Dark Souls 2 is surprising. It is a set of sword and shield replicas. The bundle costs ¥15,800 (£94). In comparison, the UK the Dark Souls 2 CE costs about £79.99 and comes with a 450g Warrior Knight.

These are replica weapons, it’s worth noting. The largest shield only weighs 170g or so while the axe is the heaviest weapon at 86g. I doubt anything in the box is LARP safe. It will, however, make all your friends jealous.

Whether anyone is tempted to arrange special import duty on the Japanese Edition, especially as their console might not play the game (due out 14th of March for Xbox 360 and PS3), is a matter of debate. I suspect some gamers would if they could.

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