The Wimoweh (In The Jungle) Borderlands 2 trailer

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I really enjoyed Borderlands. It was the surprise game of the year – from a strong year of games for me. I’ve been both happy and worried about Borderlands 2. Will Borderlands 2 have the same feel as Borderlands. It was the playability and the feel that made Borderlands such a hit.

I’d describe Borderlands as having an interesting blend of cheeky violence with brutal survivalism humour. The Wimoweh trailer reassures me that 2K Games and Gearbox have everything in hand. You might well remember “Wimoweh” as the “In the Jungle” song… but would probably not expect to hear it in Borderlands!

If you’re a fan then it’s worth tackling the complex set of deluxe and collector editions Borderlands 2 are offering.

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