The Delvers’ podcast launches


The DelversThe Delvers is a podcast series of actual roleplaying game. The game is Goblinoid’s Labyrinth Lord and the players are a mother and her two daughters.

This is a roleplaying adventure that lives the favourite discussion topic of forums around the web; how do you introduce kids to RPGs. The Delvers’ experience is that of old school gaming but with 21st century kids. However, this isn’t the podcast version of parents just posting cute pictures of their kids to Facebook. Father of the gaming family and DM, Jay explains;

“I wanted to create an actual play podcast that I would want to listen to,”

“Edited, focused on gameplay, something that really captures the highlights at the table. The Delvers’ Podcast is an actual play edited recording of our Labyrinth Lord sessions.”

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Feedback from the gaming community is strong for the Delvers. Greg Gillespie, creator of Barrowmaze megadungeon series, said;

“…very entertaining. What I hear is very “typical” (meaning good typical) of what goes on at the table,”

“I can see this being of interest because there are loads of gamers our age gaming old-school with their kids.”

And Liz of the podcast Nearly Enough Dice (a Geek Native favourite) said;

“…had me giggling at work”

“Hurry up and set it up so I can subscribe!! I also now want a dog named Dragon-chewer.”