Impressive LEGO Strandbeest

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Are you familiar with strandbeests? They are a strange mix between art and engineering. The Strandbeest is the creation of Dutch artist Theo Jansen who has “evolved” the design over the years. He said;

“Over time, these skeletons have become increasingly better at surviving the elements such as storms and water, and eventually I want to put these animals out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives.”

One the largest strandbeests created was the “Rhinoceros”. Here’s the original in video.

Now the designer kvanb has created a much smaller but fully functional LEGO version of Theo Jansen’s Rhinoceros. Jansen has allowed a video of it to be posted online.

I think for a piece of LEGO this strandbeest shows impressive grace and ease of movement.

I wanted to share one of my favourite strandbeest videos – one that echoes Jansen’s desire to let the strandbeest construct/bread roam free. Here’s a strandbeest enjoying a windy day down on the shore.

Hat tip to Brothers Brick for the discovery.

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