This is what a grim fairytale Halloween looks like in a MMORPG

Tera is a popular MMORPG from South Korea. It’s moving westwards and is due out in North America (En Masse Entertainment) and Europe (Frogster) in 2012. It’s an MMORPG that does not shy from the combat – in fact, players may even make use of an Xbox 360 Controller (it’s a PC game) in order to help their heroes through PVP or questing fights.

The world was crated when two titans; Arun and Shara entered the void, fell asleep and started to dream. Their dreams became the world. The gods were created first and then the lesser but more numerous races. After a divine war the gods had been subdued and some of the other races destroyed.

Now a race of metallic creatures called Argons are emerging from the underworld and seem intent on waking the Titans and destroying Tera.

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