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Infected Zombie RPG book sample

Rebuild or loot? Infected Zombie RPG

Infected! is the first RPG from Immersion Studios and Holocaust Survivor Stories: Georgina author Oliver Shead. Zombies are infected humans – fast, deadly and cunning. Mankind is winning, though, and civilisation is beginning to recover which gives the PCs options… this twist on the post-apocalyptic story is Kickstarter that’s doing well, needing just a nudge […]


The amazing Chamba mashups

Pop over to Jeffrey Cruz’s patreon page to support Chamba. This is an artist who offers high speed videos of his illustration process and produces some amazing work. Check out a few of his mashups. Totoro Rocket (Via) Godzilla Lambchop (Via) Mr Incredible Hulk (Via)

Push Start: The Art of Video Games

Geek envy: Push Start – The Art of Video Games

Roll on the geek envy. This is the book you leave by your gaming table to distract friends while you just need 5 minutes more to find a save point. This is the book that sits, facing forward, on your bookcase between your walkthroughs and RPGs.