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From the Inkwell: 12 Realms and Bedtime Stories

One of the success stories Geek Native has been able to chart has been Mage Company. The publisher pulls together clever board game ideas, well thought out Kickstarters and binds them together with savvy business models. In this guest post Geek Native shares the floor with Alexander Argyropoulos & Michael Andresakis the two Mage brains. […]


Decorate your gaming den with these dragon wall sconces

[I need this] Want something moody and unique to decorate the room you tend to game in? Want something that says Dungeons & Dragons, Skyrim or escapism? You might be tempted by Tascano’s Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electric Wall Sconce. The resin dragons are 15″ and hold a 6″ glass orb. There’s a switch on […]


A Beautiful Nightmare: A Review of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

Though the current trends in tabletop roleplaying are for loose, flexible designs…games like Numenera, Fate Core, even (arguably) the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons…there is still a very large part of the hobby devoted to the meticulously-detailed games of yore. With roots firmly tracing back to the hobby’s wargame origins, games like Pathfinder and Shadowrun continue to draw massive crowds and have […]


Competition: Win Gatchaman Crowds

You may well remember Battle of the Planets. I do. The original series came out when I was young but it enjoyed many repeats as a Saturday morning cartoon. Battle of the Planets is the American adaptation of an older anime called Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. We had five young “space ninja” employed by an […]