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Short film: Armagedrones

Just how much damage could a pair of drones do? Imagine a nightmare scenario; a pair of kids, a pair of drones and toy shop. The amount of damage done would be a tour de force of pop culture chaos.


Wrap yourself up in R2-D2

Star Wars fan? Dislike having a cold neck? Do you favour the windy ways of chiffon pashminas? [I need this] How about this R2-D2 pashmina or chiffon scary from the Etsy retailer Rooby Lane. It ships from the UK to anywhere in the world and I think it’s pretty much perfect for the year Star […]

vote mudkip

Vote Mudkip!

Here at Geek Native this blogger has learnt that it is best to steer clear of politics. Oops. Ths poster, spotted in the tube, just had to be shared. It’s not vote UKIP. It’s vote Mudkip who’ll stop those non-water type Pokemon coming over to the UK and stealing your job.

Walking Dead minimates

Competition: The Walking Dead Minimates – The Governor and Bruce

Collecting Minimates? Watching The Walking Dead and fancy being able to keep an eye on The Governor at all times? In this competition you can win a pack of The Walking Dead Minimates with two key characters from series 4. To win your Walking Dead minimates you need to log in to the widget below. […]