Superhero Week: Wonder Woman’s trousers

This new command from the always amazing Wonder Woman is brought to you by Superhero Week and Imgur where it was left without comment. I think the illustration speaks for itself. I’m slightly concerned the Green Lantern isn’t wearing anything, the dress is just a creation of will and once his ring runs out of […]


Superhero Week: How to be a Supervillain

This post is not just part of Superhero Week. It’s also part of Geek Native’s Short Film series. This charming short project sprang from the mind of Alkanoids. 7 illustrators and 7 animators had just 2 days to get the job done. That’s why each of the segments had their own style. Despite how different […]


When the plans of GMs go wrong: RPG concept cards

At the time of writing there are a few days left on the clock to back this Kickstarter. It’s asked for £2,000 and is approaching £10,000 which is good nws for the Kicking it it’s part of. For more details about the campaign check out the pitch. [Back this Campaign] The pitch video doesn’t […]


Superhero Week: Wolverine Snow White

It’s Superhero Week here on Geek Native as June turns over to July. As Max Fradet’s Borderlands’ Boba Fett was a hit it with readers it’s possible his mashup of the classic Snow White with the equally classic Wolverine might also appeal! Check out more of Max’s work over at Deviant Art.