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Until Dawn

Creepy as! Nearly naked Hayden Panettiere and a whole lot of trouble

This demo of PlayStation’s Until Dawn is best described thusly “Creepy as”. Sam, played by Hayden Panettiere, has a restful bath ruined by some Saw action. Sony says this may contain content inappropriate for children. I would say they’re right. In the play-through we can see the different paths open up and the split-second decisions […]

the lord of the rings mythology

A quick four minutes to learn about The Lord of the Rings mythology

CGP Grey’s video is an excellent way to go deep into the huge mythology of Lord of the Rings. Most importantly, this won’t take you days and days of readng. This takes between 4 and 5 minutes of animation and quick, but clear, voice over. This video explains the role Gandalf and the other wizards […]


Worth more? Old Charizard Pokemon cards or 50s Barbie? [Infographic]

Bingo site Two Little Fleas has been inspired by old Pokemon cards selling on eBay for ¬£1,200 (and there are many scary prices for cards on Ebay). They’ve also been driven by the need to get in touch with¬†gamers. The result? An infographic that worth of old toys if you were to sell them today. […]

mean teddies

Short film: Mean Teddies

There’s lots of love about Tyler Novo’s Mean Teddies In this short animation we deal with one fierce looking bear. I’m reminded of an adventurer; he’s kitted out for war but fighting to keep the monsters at bay. This bear takes no prisoners. Why? He’s a little boy to protect. He has someone to keep […]