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Silent Hill – The cosplay fan film

Made by cosplayers for cosplayers. Silent Hill is the spooky came that’s created several cosplay favourite characters and plenty of nightmares. Seems perfect for a Halloween release. A female Pyramid Head, who would have expected that?


A Strange End of Days: Review of Eschatology Code

With the still relatively recent release of The Strange, the new iteration of Monte Cook’s Cypher system first used in Numenera, Eschatology Code provides a quick and straight-forward adventure to get you started. Designed for running at conventions, and actually used by the Monte Cook Games team at Gen Con 2014 this summer, it offers […]


The Road Goes Ever On and On: Review of Into the Violet Vale

Into the Violet Vale is a straightforward adventure supplement for Numenera, written to play at a convention or as a basic introduction to the game. The adventure was run in official GenCon 2014 Numenera events and you can now purchase and download it in PDF format. Form Into the Violet Vale is a 25-page adventure […]


The 12 Masks of Halloween: #12 Instant Polygons

It’s the last day before Halloween and therefore the last day in our 12 Masks of Halloween countdown. If you still need a mask then you may have a shopping challenge. What if you could download a mask? These instant downloads from Etsy are the work of English designer Steve Wintercroft. There’s both art and […]