Winter of the World RPG

Cakebread & Walton score Winter of the World RPG

British publishers Cakebread & Walton are known for games like Clockwork & Chivalry, Abney Park’s Airship Pirates, Pirates & Dragons and the OneDice series. They’ve just scored the license to take Michael Scott Rohan’s ebook series and create a two core gamebook RPG. Rohan’s 6-part fantasy series is published by Gollancz’s SF Gateway imprint and […]


Incredible LEGO construct is an 8 foot 9 Tower of Orthanc

Wizard hats off to LEGO master Brendan M (aka LegoRyu) for this 95,000 block tower. You can see the full gallery here on Flickr and you really should take a look. Brendan spent a year building the 8 foot 9 inch Orthanc; that’s some 75,000 in the Orthanc itself and about 20,000 in the landscaping […]


New Supergirl trailer sets out some of the plot

The first Supergirl trailer got people talking – some with heat, drama and tension in their voice. Why? This new superhero TV series didn’t look like it would double down on the dark and depressing. Melissa Benoist stars as Supergirl and in Global’s new trailer we get a much better idea of the plot. In […]


The Piano Guy’s chillax the Jurassic Park Theme

There’s nearly 4 million people subscribed to The Piano Guy’s YouTube channel and at the time of writing nearly 2 million have watched this video. Despite being a more relaxed version of John William’s now iconic tune this piece really takes me back. The video is set in Crawdad Canyon and you may get to […]