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Oh my! It’s a latex tentacle Ursula gown

Ursula from the Little Mermaid never looked like this! This latex gown is the creation of Collective Chaos who offer it up for less than £500 at Etsy. Tempted? You can check it out in other details over at the product page.


In Their Own Worlds: Authors venture inside their books

This is a clever photography Kickstarter which is designed to take a group of authors and bring them into the worlds they created. The project has already funded twice money spare and you can read more about it at the campaign page. [Back this Campaign] The authors are from a number of different genres; including […]

project zero

Short film: Project Zero

Project: Zero contains zombie violence. The angry son of a weapons billionaire has a history of being thrown out of school, violence and attacks on the poor. In a last ditch attempt to curb his aggression, Daniel Virgil is sent to an exclusive club where members hunt zombie-like “degenerates”. Will it work?


Know the monsters of Earth [infographic]

Travel booking site Venere made a spirited attempt to display just some of the mythological monsters of the world on an infographic. My first impressions were all positive. Eagle-eyed readers might spot problems beyond the spelling of “Colombia”, though. There’s always a chance that your favourite monster is missing. Some people have asked about Yeti […]