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Carnevalesque’s Destiny & Delirium cosplay

Husband and wife couple Nanna and Steamwyck made this Sandman cosplay set for last year’s Carnevalsque. Dressed as Destiny and Delirium the pair took part in the event in Malmö, Sweden. Carnevalesque describes itself as a decadent flirt with the burlesque, the extraordinary, the retro-extravagant and the ever-excessive. (Via Geek Girl Diva at Fashionably Geek)


Short film: Survive

Take Caity Lotz from Arrow and Harry Shum Jr from Glee and put them in a short zombie film together. Actually, the back story is even better than that as this John Chu project used Second Unit Directors who were stunt coordinators and the chance to write and direct a short film with action. The […]

Thulian Echoes on RPGNow

Forewarned Is Forearmed: A Review of Thulian Echoes

Does anyone give a second thought to the impact an adventuring party has on their environment? As they rampage through a monster’s lair or rampage through invaded territory, they make changes, slay doers and makers, and leave carnage in their wake – so, what happens next? Oddly, this is something I have considered before as […]


Competition: Win Pyscho-Pass on Blu-ray

Pyscho-Pass is an anime about a future in which computers can read your mind and determine whether you are likely to commit a crime or not. It’s illegal just to have a state of mind in which puts you “at risk” of being a criminal. Geek Native gave the Blu-ray set a glowing review. It’s […]