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Nekocon 2014 6

The cosplay highlights: NEKOCON 2014

Can you find yourself in this video? Beat Down Boogie maintain their busy video schedule. Nekocon has produced another crop of individual cosplay – and credit to the fans who push the bar up every year – but some great group cosplay ideas too. Santa meets Attack on Titan? You can peak at more pictures […]

Silent Legions 1

Create your own monster mythos with Silent Legions

Silent Legions is a sandbox RPG from Kevin Crawford that offers GMs with the toolkit they need to create their own Lovecraftian style alien gods. At the time of writing it is nearly 300% funded. You can check out more on Kickstarter. [Back this Campaign] Silent Legions will offer tools for creating black sorcery and […]


The ultimate history of card games [infographic]

This infographic suggests that card games can be traced back to China and between 618 AD to 907 AD. Baccarat appears around about the 1400s as an early gambling game and we don’t get Solitaire or Patience until about the 1700s in Europe. Rummy and Gin Rummy are American inventions as is the Joker card […]


Bayonetta cosplay all the way from Russia

Bayonetta is a good character to cosplay as she looks unique, is pretty famous and has a number of iconic elements that all help recreate the style of the character. On the other hand; the costume is unforgiving and all the visual cues challenging to make. Oniksiya Sofinkikum does an excellent job here! Check out […]