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Valhalla RPG

From the Inkwell: Tech vs Magic – The Balance of Power

John W. Salvage runs Valhalla Productions, created the game Murder Made Marry, designed the Valhalla Adventure Game and writes fiction. In this From the Inkwell article John shares his thoughts on the tricky issue of getting the balance of power right between technology and magic. This is a struggle many game designers and GMs have […]


2K teases Sid Meier’s Starships

The trailer for Sid Meier’s Starships sets the scene. We’re a space level civilization which has just set off to, perhaps, rescue another. The game is officially described as a turn-based, adventure-driven strategy game. Developed by Firaxis Games, the PC and iOS versions are both due in Spring 2015. You can find out more over […]

cinematic montage ii

Cinematic montage explodes with greatness and over 300 clips

This is the second cinematic montage from GameOvais and it is incredible. It’s hard not to become a champion for cinema after watching a collection like this. It’s worth keeping your geek hat on too and watch how many of these great films are directly inspired or taken from geeky titles. There’s over 300 movies […]


When the GM is too good with NPCs…

What happens when your GM is really good at bringing NPCs to life and building those relationships with your characters? That’s all good. Right? Or could the GM get too good at this? The Good Cop, Great Cop team explore this issue in this short little video. Surprisingly, well worth a watch. (Via Reddit)