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Made real: The gun from Psycho-Pass stuns

I rather enjoyed Psycho Pass. At a first glance it is set in a wonderful future in which the police leave you entirely alone because they can tell who’s guilty. At a second glance things get dark quickly. It’s not just your intent to do something criminal but the possibility of you doing so that […]


Steve Jackson Games gives ThinkGeek a Munchkin Hipsters head start

ThinkGeek will get to say; We sold Munchkin Hipsters before it the booster pack became all mainstream! They’ll get to say that because Steve Jackson Games have given the popular site first dibs at selling the the 30-card booster. Brian Engard, Marketing Director at Steve Jackson Games, said; We love ThinkGeek and we’re really excited […]


Targets of Acquisition: A review for a Laundry RPG supplement

Some classic Cthulhu adventures kicked off with attendance at auctions with Unspeakable Objet D’art. These days you see this sort of thing all the time in episodes of Storage Hunters. While the setup might be familiar, the principle remains a handy one. Want your investigators to get involved? Well, what better way than a face […]


Are gamers pessimistic about the future?

Is gaming bad for you? Does it desensitize you to violence in a way that being a boxing, wrestling or action movie fan does not? The debate has raged and will rage on for years to come. Geek Native had a copy of Wastelands 2, stories from the apocalypse, featuring authors like George R.R. Martin […]