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The 12 Masks of Halloween: #6 Horsing around

Who says Halloween masks need to be spooky? Sometimes you’ll ge more chat if you’re just odd. Over on Etsy Sans Souci Studios are selling this horse mask for the regal sum of £300/$475. They suggest the horse is tossing its head and neighing. Perhaps it’s a challenge or maybe the horse is having a […]


Remind you of anyone? Gamer couples

Another cracking comic strip from Dorkly’s George Rottkamp. I’m just used to my other half being the better player. Not sure that’s the same as the one-sided rivalry; it’s more about being able to wheel in a powerful ally if a Destiny Strike is being too hard to manage alone.


Are you glad they changed the Chocobo?

This is an original Chocobo by creator Yoshitaka Amano. The concept art is up on the Final Fantasy Wikia. Although there are Chocobo-like statues in Final Fantasy I the first real appearance of the famous horse-bird was Final Fantasy II. These chocobo were found in the forest by Kashuan Keep. Amano is known for using […]

Halo Nightfall

Halo Nightfall trailer

There are a few Halo Nightfalls – there’s the Halo: Reach level and a Halo song. This Halo Nightfall is the live action crated by Paul Scheuring (Prison Break). It’s expected there will be five episodes that’ll come out with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The story in Nightfall will connect Halo 4 and Halo […]