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How will this end? USA challenges Japan to a giant robot duel

Megabots make giant piloted robots. They put them to fight in an arena for entertainment and science. The plan? To be the future of sports. The Megabots.com website asks for your email to stay up to date with the grand plans and in the mean time they’ve challenged Japan to a duel. Do you think […]


What stirs in the Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana (Part 4)

This is the fourth part of Wil Wheaton’s Titangrave tabletop RPG adventure. You really should watch, or read our summaries, of the first chapters before watching this. If previous episodes had touch of “go to inn, find adventure and repeat” then the Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana crew demonstrate how quickly they’ve left that behind. The […]


Superhero Week: HeroesCon 2015

Which superheroes turned up for the 2015 HeroesCon? Distractotron were there to find out. You can keep up with Distractotron and find some stills from this YouTube over at Facebook.com/Distractotron. If you’re interested in attending HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC, next year then the site to watch for details if Heroes Online.com.


Superhero Week: Artist reimagines superheroines with practical costumes

Geek Native once called this “drawing the impossible” back when we looked at Michael Lee Lunsford’s fully dressed superheroines. I like these additional designs from Lord Ingvard. He’s an illustrator who was experimenting with alternatives… but has found out that not everyone on the internet appreciates it. Amazingly, he’s been forced to offer apologies for […]