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Veil Fall

Dark Souls inspired horror takes miniatures to Kickstarter

[Back this Campaign] Erebus Studios are working on Veil Fall, a miniatures board game from the dark future Veil Fall universe. The game, we’re told, is inspired by the computer games Dark Souls and Bloodborne. This means it’ll be hard. The Coalition has declined into civil war and some of those supporting the return of […]

Black Cat cosplay

Superhero Week: Jessica LG’s superhero cosplay

A touch of cosplay is appropriate for Superhero Week. Let’s check out the work of Jessica LG’s superb collection. Jessica L Gonzalez doesn’t just cosplay heroes but she’s done plenty of them. Scarlet Witch Pixie World World II Wonder Woman Black Cat Hope Summers Mystique Kitty Pryde Spider-Woman Ms Marvel


Superhero Week: The Amazing SpiderDad

This Spider-man fan-film is lovely. It’s a tribute by Mike Wilson to his son Jayden who sadly died from a Grade 4, brain stem tumor. Mike Wilson is a parkour pro and money raised from ads on this video go to the charity Naomi House. If you want to donate extra money then pop over […]