Who are the most deadly Marvel murderers?

Which character from the Marvel Universe has killed the most people? That might be hard to work out. Let’s restrict the body count to famous people; superheroes, super villains and notable neutrals. What what the top three lethal list look like? All villains? You’d be in for a surprise. The infographic comes from where […]


Competition: Arrow – Heroes and Villains

Are you a fan of the Arrow TV show? Set in Starling City it has Arrow, played by Stephen Amell, doing his best to keep the very rough baddies off the street. He’s helped by Arsenal, the Black Canary and even the Atom at times. Arrow – Heroes and Villains is a companion book to […]

star wars madame tussauds

Impressive reconstruction of Star Wars at Madame Tussauds

I’ve never yet been to a Madame Tussauds. There’s not one locally but I think the real challenge is getting over the idea of queuing for so long just to see some waxworks. It doesn’t seem worth it. That’s until a video like this comes along and shows me how very real the wax models […]


So yeah, Daredevil should be called Batman

The Dorkly gang have it right. Why isn’t Daredevil called Batman? Sure, it might not be entirely true that bats are blind but maybe the same could be said for Daredevil and his powers? It’s just a shame there isn’t another hero around that could make better use of the name.