Sony backs high school guitar band

Does a Japanese all-girl high school band sound like the stuff of anime to you? K-On, perhaps? That’s 3 sets of drums and 5 guitars for the band. They’re called 五五七二三二〇, which I’m told is pronounced, “go go nana ni san ni rei”. I believe the band are actual high school girls. The song is […]

Cuba Lee 1

7 spaceship designs from Cuba Lee

Cuba Lee is a concept artist based in Los Angeles. He’s currently working for Section Studio and I think makes some fantastic space station and spaceship designs. Want to see more? Check out his ArtStation and blog.


Pay attention: Witch RPG

Witch is a dark and modern fantasy RPG from Angry Hamster Publishing. In the game you play someone who’s done the dark deal with a power… The Kickstater is doing well and is meeting the humble target of less than €5,000 in just a day. More details are available from here. [Back this Campaign] Geek […]

Darren Quach 1

Sci-fi concept art from Darren Quach

Darren Quach, based in Los Angeles, is a concept artist who worked on the Ratchet and Clank computer game series, Resistance and Fuse. You can check out more of his work over at DQ’s Online Sketchbook.