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The Goon statue returns in colour

Eric Powell’s The Goon statue was made possible after a successful Kickstarter with Blur Studios and Dark Horse. The limited edition statue is sculpted by Sean McNally as a bonus for people backing the feature-film-length story real. Come July it’ll be possible order a full-colour version of the popular statue and you won’t have to […]


Stormtrooper inspired leggings

Tomorrow is Star Wars Day. I wonder if we’ll see anyone modelling Poprageous’ “robotic leggings” out and about. I think they look rather Stormtrooper in style. Nothing wrong with that, Star Wars fashion will be hot for years to come thanks to the new set of movies. What do you think? Geek chic or another […]


Incredible dragon time lapse for charity

The Dragon Master Foundation battles against cancer by helping to bring data to cancer researchers. They’re putting together a real-time, open-source generic database for researcher to use and have partnered with a number of hospitals. Sound cool? It gets better. Visit this time lapse page and you can win the dragon itself. Want more? You […]


From the Inkwell: 12 Realms and Bedtime Stories

One of the success stories Geek Native has been able to chart has been Mage Company. The publisher pulls together clever board game ideas, well thought out Kickstarters and binds them together with savvy business models. In this guest post Geek Native shares the floor with Alexander Argyropoulos & Michael Andresakis the two Mage brains. […]