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Updating Half-Life 2 with modern graphics

There’s some chat that this impressive update of Half-Life 2 to a better level of graphics isn’t impressive enough. Some gamers suggest the Cinematic Mod for the game is better. There’s a debate though. Half-Life 2 isn’t just about visuals; it’s about the mood and atmosphere. I think this mod does a good job at […]

Terminator Genisys

UK trailer for Terminator Genisys

Paramount Pictures UK’s trailer for Terminator Genisys shows Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke in action. How many Arnies do you count? Then there’s the “Can you spot Matt Smith” game. Are you looking forward to this movie or is the franchise running a little low on power for you these days?


What is the best way to shuffle a pack of cards?

Show me the math – in details I can understand. In this video the Numberphile gets into the maths and shuffling tactics. You’ll know three types of shuffling of cards as shown here; one type takes 7 shuffles, the other 10,000 and the other needs 60 seconds of your attention before the deck is suitably […]