arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight competiton

Batman fan? The Batman: Arkham Knight computer game certainly is. In the prequel novel The Riddler’s Gambit you get to explore Gotham City and see what happened after the dramatic ending of the game Batman: Arkham City. The Riddler has stepped into fill the power void in the shady underworld and successfully enlists many of […]

optimus prime cake

Optimus Prime cake is actually a Transformer

When Russell Munro’s son asked for a “Transformer cake” for this sixth birthday I’m not sure he expected this. The resulting project was a team effort from the parents and should earn them plenty of kudos and envy from friends and family for years to come.


Monster idea? Muzzle turns dog into werewolf

I’m not enough of an animal experts to make a call on muzzles – I imagine some are fine, some must be uncomfortable and unsuitable for dogs. This particular muzzle is the work of Alexey Kurulyov. You can buy it online and it’ll transform your dog into a zombie like werewolf. (Via GaS)


Mysteriously action-packed: A review of Wild Cards Lowball

Lowball is the latest in the Wild Cards series. I’ve not read any of the Wild Cards books before and it turns out I didn’t need to. I was quickly able to pick up on the world – like ours but after a virus has turned some of the population into super-powered mutants – and […]