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What will Dungeons & Dragons in 2015 look like?

This weekend at PAX the Wizards of the Coast team lifted the lid on a host of 2015 news. Dungeons and Dragons is stepping up it’s digital offering and will bring on a range of expert partners. Set in Forgotten Realms, Wizards has licensed games from Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World […]

Dead Light on RPGNow

On A Mud-Slick Road to Hell: Review of Dead Light

Survival horror in Cthulhu – the chances seem slim, right? I mean, without even saying the words ‘survival horror’, most people who play games based upon the entities of the Cthulhu Mythos probably don’t have anything like a 10 Year Plan or bother investing in a 5 Year Diary. Investigators into the Mythos probably wouldn’t […]

Halo stall lock

Locked and loaded Halo stall style

How’s this for a creative and geeky bit of graffiti? It must be strangely satisfying to slam the bolt shut on that stall lock and help the Spartan reload. That’s quite a canon he has there but I’m not entirely sure he’s made the right ammo selection. (Via Imgur)


Ready, steady… Rarity’s Boutique

On the 1st of September Rarity’s Boutique opens again on Etsy. The store will take 50 orders only and those are expected to ship in October. If you miss that chance you’ll be back to the waiting game. If you do miss out then a good place to watch is the Facebook page. What’s all […]