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Are tax changes about to axe Europe’s RPG digital stores?

Publishers in Europe selling their RPGs, accessories and other gaming material in digital form are about to see big changes. In the past companies had to pay tax on digital services like subscriptions, written products, art and music based on the laws of the country they operate in. In the UK this was good news […]


Interactive Map of The Battle of Five Armies

Duh! Alert! If you don’t know how The Hobbit ends then this interactive map contains spoilers. From a hole in the ground and Bilbo all the way through to the Battle of Five armies – there’s a lot that happens in the relatively small The Hobbit. Enough for three movies! Well. Perhaps. The Shirts.com team […]


Sponsored video: Level up your flirty ambience

EA and The Sims Studio’s latest version of the hugely popular series has been on sale since September. It’s the sort of game that’ll get a lot of use over the Christmas holidays as players find time to sink into their creations. You’ll know the basic approach to Sims. As a player you create a […]


Superman shows this Christmas tree who the boss is

This inventive Christmas tree was designed and shared by Dizzytrist to Imgur with the note; How I forfeited my deposit Totally worth it. The Superman is just the perfect finishing touch… even if he doesn’t explain how the Christmas gifts are on the ceiling and why the stockings are upside down.