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So yeah, Daredevil should be called Batman

The Dorkly gang have it right. Why isn’t Daredevil called Batman? Sure, it might not be entirely true that bats are blind but maybe the same could be said for Daredevil and his powers? It’s just a shame there isn’t another hero around that could make better use of the name.


Mad Max: Fury Road meets Mario Kart mashup is a work of art

A great idea that’s been brought to life with skill and imagination. This is Mario Kart: Fury Road – a parody trailer – and it brings the crazy driving of Mario Kart to life with the crazy driving of Mad Max. I shall call it Mad Mario. What’s your favourite part?


How to build a fully operational gas rifle out of pipes and propane

In this video the Backyard Scientist uses every day items to build a series of rifles. Are they powerful? By the time the video finishes we’re able to launch golf balls further than the video can track and we’re blasting holes in beer cans. Also; pretty blue flame. If you want to build one of […]


Google it: A review of the Book of the New Sun – Shadow and Claw

This offering from Gollancz’ Fantasy Masterwork series has the first two volumes of Gene Wolf’s (four volume) The Book of the New Sun with The Shadow of the Torturer and The Claw of the Concillator. It’s a book that belongs in the Masterwork series, winning a host of rewards and respect over the years. For […]