Surprising? Roleplayers are more accepting of running zombies than non-gamers

If you are asked the question; “Should zombies run?” the correct response is something along the cards of; “No, zombies should stay fully dead, immobile and in their graves”. The question Geek Native asked in a competition to win a bundle of Dana Fredsti zombie books was slightly different. The question was whether it was […]


Psychological cyberpunk: A review of Psycho-Pass

You can play the game of trying to guess which sci-fi author has created worlds most similar to Psycho-Pass and award yourself bonus points if the characters in the anime agree with your assessment when they have the very same conversation. It might be tempting to describe Psycho-Pass as a utopian future as this is […]

Erza Scarlet

Blades of stabby death armour Erza Scarlet cosplay

Erza Scarlet is a character from the anime Fairy Tail. She tends to be the immediate and dominant boss of our hero wizards. Scarlet’s main magic power is the ability to “equip” into different sets of magical costumes or armour suited to any given purpose. I call this the “blades of stabby death armour”. You’ll […]


Laser science and the Tron Dartboard design

This is a concept design for a laser dartboard. The unit can go up pretty much anywhere and is built from a central hub which projects the laser design of the dartboard out in a radius and darts with gel heads. I’m not sure how sticky the gel darts would be after hitting the floor […]