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What do the Windows 9 leaks mean for gamers?

There’s some leaks of reported Windows 9 videos. As usual; take with a pinch of salt. Windows 9 Start menu Windows 9 multi-desktop What do you think? These videos are a little hard to unpick. Sure; we get to see some of the features but it is not always clear what the demo is trying […]


The real Wookiee

How this for a pet? It must be like living in a mini Star Wars universe. Amazingly, this pint sized Wookiee only came in 3rd at the Petco Star Wars contest. I wonder which furry mashups came in first and second? (Via Imgur)

Ninth World Assassins

Cold Blooded Numenera: A Review of Ninth World Assassins

If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… a Ninth World Assassin. While Numenera sets a stage for adventure in the far flung future, after the rise and fall of nine great civilisations, certain things remain the same – like the shadowy […]

Secret Machines of the Star Spawn cover

The Secret Machines of the Star Spawn hunt Kickstarter cash

Mark Taormino’s second Kickstarter is going well. It’s rated “T” for Terrifying, 17+, with the promise/offer of violence, blood, gor, adult language and situations, extreme fun and for bad ass players only. There are 18 days still to collect funds and with $2,130 donated towards a mere $500 goal this Kickstarter will fund. [Back this […]