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What would a steampunk Game Boy look like?

Artist Elise Siegwald designed and converted this steampunk Game Boy before putting pictures up on Behance. The French artist used thread, acrylic paint and clock parts for the effective case-modding.


Find out how to make this gingerbread Tardis

Reddit user Fortunekitty shared instructions on how to make this gingerbread Tardis on Reddit. In addition to a how-to walkthrough Fortunekitty shared a set of photographs so you can compare progress.

Simon Weaner 1

The wonderful worlds of Simon Weaner

Simon Weaner says he got into digital art after accidentally stumbling into Deviant Art. You can see the Quebec based concept artist’s own Deviant Art page here, along with his blog and portfolio site. Weaner has the knack of bringing worlds to life. Each one of his illustrations could be a GM screen, wallpaper or […]


Superheroes from comic books to live-action 1930 to 2014 [infographic]

Do you think there’s been a lot of superhero movies and TV shows this year? Dave Columbus took a host of data and transported it all into one mighty infographic. Up to date as of July 2014, the visual shows how individual superheroes moved from comic books to live action. Which has been your favourite […]