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The 12 Masks of Halloween: #12 Instant Polygons

It’s the last day before Halloween and therefore the last day in our 12 Masks of Halloween countdown. If you still need a mask then you may have a shopping challenge. What if you could download a mask? These instant downloads from Etsy are the work of English designer Steve Wintercroft. There’s both art and […]


12 spooky transformations: Google helps Halloweenify D&D’s Monster Manual

Plenty of tabletop gamers use Google+. There’s the Roleplaying Games community and others as well as site pages like +Geek Native too. One of my favourite features of Google+ is Auto Awesome. Recent reviews of graphic novels or art books make use of Auto Awesome’s ability to turn photographs into videos. You can see an […]

odam dragon

ODAM: Of Dreams and Magic suffers no doubt

ODAM: Of Dreams and Magic is a Kickstarter for a new tabletop RPG that supports any setting. PCs are “Anima” – those with the ability to turn dreams into reality. [Back this Campaign] The mythic villian in the game is a force known as the Doubt. That feels appropriate for a Kickstarter campaign where the […]


The open playtest of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures

Pazio has kicked off a month long open playtest of Occult Adventures. The book is due out in July 2015 but this playtest will be live over this Halloween and that feels appropriate for the spooky supplement. Occult Adventures will have six new classes for Pathfinder and a new system to support psychic magic. Other […]