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Competition: Win Finn Fancy Necromancy

Geek Native’s review of Finn Fancy Necromancy described the book as a mix of comedy and darkness. It’s a comedy, yes, but it’s also a book about a necromancer wrongly (probably) sent to an especially hellish jail for a crime he did not commit. Randy Henderson’s interesting novel is now out in paperback and you […]


Invoking for Effect: A Review and Commentary on Fate Core

Recently, I was criticized for comparing every game out today to Fate Core. It’s not fair, I was told. After some thought, I realized it was finally time to give Fate Core a review and explain why, exactly, I think this game is today’s standard-bearer for tabletop roleplaying, and why every game that’s come out since can and should be compared […]

The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook on RPGNow

Heal Thy Self: Review of the The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook

I saw a picture of Sylvester McCoy on the cover of the Doctor Who magazine yesterday. Age suits him, as do his sideburns. For some reason, by this morning, his image had reminded me of adventures past, probably because I’ve been reading Cubicle 7’s Eighth Doctor Sourcebook. While previous Sourcebooks have served up descriptions of […]


200,000 sticky notes, a train set and Sony’s Action Cam

In this promo video Sony’s team built a model train (you can see the process at the end of the clip), attached a Sony Action Cam and drove it through a colourful landscape brought to life with sticky notes. Lots and lots of sticky notes; 200,000 sticky notes. Early on you can see white drones […]