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Short film: 1900-2000

A short animation in French. A couple have to persuade a theatre owner to let them run their “time travel” show in which they preview what the world in the Year 2000 will be like. The wife is worried it’ll be a disaster. The husband is sure his steam-powered stakes and automatic farm machine will […]


In a RPG you can do anything…

A piece titled “In Dungeons & Dragons you can do anything” by Rumbleraven. I think it works as well for any given RPG. There’s more than one truth in this straightforward but effective comic strip. It’s true that lots of guys character up as warriors they would like to be. It’s also true that the […]


Burn! Burn in the Witch-King of Angmar

Toasty! This may not be the intended use of the great wraith but I still think it works pretty well. In this case the Witch-King of Angmar is made from an old gas bottle and scrap steel. You can have a go at making a burning Witch-King of Angmar yourself as the creator Doddieszoomer has […]


Look what booksellers Waterstones are hiding

UK based bookshop Waterstones has launched a new website. I think it looks pretty good; clean and straight forward to use. I ran some sample searches to look up Titan Books, Gollancz and Solaris Books. I found matches on paperback and in ebook. The Waterstones developers have been especially geeky. I approve. If you look […]