Walking Dead pancakes

Pancakes for the apocalypse. Pancakes for your zombie friends. Oh, okay, I suspect these are pancakes that will forever remain beyond my ability. Not only are these pancakes perfectly shaped but they use different measures of pancake batter in order to get colour and effect.


Dem feels: A review of Giovanni’s Island

I was able to watch Mizuho Nishikubo’s Giovanni’s Island in a cinema during an anime film festival. I could hear people in the row behind me sniffing and sobbing quietly towards the end. We call that effect ‘dem feels’ in anime fandom. There’s plenty of anime fans who’ll appreciate a good ‘dem feels’ story. The […]


Real enough for you? A review of Appleseed Alpha

I think the Appleseed series is underrated. It’s always been great fun and always pushed ahead to explore with what animation can do. Appleseed Alpha is no exception. At times, for the scenery, I actually wondered whether it was a photo still that had been animated over the top of. The animation quality in Appleseed […]

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Sexy gun witches: A review of Bayonetta – Bloody Fate

Bayonetta was a popular action computer game. It got great reviews, sold well over a million and had intense combat. It had a “witch time” system in which the frantic melee slowed down and your sexy witch could take down angels and fight back against the impressive bosses. The movie, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, follows a […]