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enter the shadowside

Are you brave enough to Enter the Shadowside: Destiny

It’s worth watching this Kickstarter pitch for Enter the Shadowside: Destiny just to hear the concept of Heirogamy discussed and what it means for gamers. Lean more on Kickstarter. [Back this Campaign] Enter the Shadowside: Destiny looks like a done deal. The team are looking for just $1,000 for their Kicsktarter and with 11 days […]


Fantasy Flight Games merges into Asmodee

In August I wrote about Asmodee, a French group, landing in America by buying Days of Wonder. We can now safely say that was just the beginning of the plan. Yesterday it was announced that Fantasy Flight Games would be merging into Asmodee. “Merging into” is a fan-friendly way of saying that Asmodee has bought […]

Mage Company

Who on Earth are MAGE Company and what is their magic?

If you’re following the funded but still live Kickstarter for Raid & Trade then this is an interview for you. We ask about plans for the games and stretch goals. Alternatively, if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about and haven’t even heard of MAGE Company then this Q&A will act as a good […]