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The Empire Strike Back 1

This Empire Strikes Back gaming table will blow your mind

This collection of Star Wars models were part of the Battle of Hoth game played out at the UK gaming covention Salute 2015. Because they need to travel from Ireland to London with the board, they had to make it all modular. So, it’s basically a white mat with carved Styrofoam sections that sit on […]


Trapdoor Technologies back from the abyss with Pathfinder iOS app

You might well have written Trapdoor Technologies off. They’ve had plenty of bumps and scrapes – a cancelled contract with Wizards of the Coast and then a failed Kickstarter. They’re a brave bunch, though, and have been busy working on their promised product. iPhone users can download the Playbook (for RPD) for free from the […]


Pokemon coffee labels

The Shirts.com team figured that at least one generation of coffee drinkers have grown up with Pokemon and that the two go together. I think they might be right; with titles like Pikachu’s Morning Spark, Drowzee’s Sleep-Inducer (decaf, right) Gengar’s Jump Scare and Hoothoot’s Night Owl to pick from, who could say no? If you’re […]


Kickstarter fails to turn Apple Watch into a monster

WATCHme failed on Kickstarter, coming just €5,000 or so short. It was an attempt to have a charging stand for your Apple Watch that would be a little monster. In the comments we find backers asking for alternative ways to get their hands on the design anyway as well as comments about the clean style. […]