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Short film: Self-Asssembly

Creepy. Weird. This short film is a creepy and weird horror. Not in the mood for weird and creepy? Don’t watch this horror. Oh, so you watched? Grieving mother succumbs to strange internet ad and gets the modern equivalent of a changeling? The short film is certainly clever. The mix of black and white filming […]


Disney ladies as Marvel superheroes

Another great piece from Cartoon Cookie and based off an Agents of Shield comic cover. If you’re at the Dallas Comic Con this February then you’ll have a chance to buy this print. Featured are; Snow White: Wasp Aurora: Captain Marvel Elsa: Emma Frost (White Queen) Merida: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) Megara: Black Widow Esmeralda: Scarlet […]

age of ultron cover2

Empire’s Age of Ultron covers

The online version of Empire is happily showing off the Age of Ultron covers the magazine will have. These two will appear in the March issue of Empire (on sale in January) and is a good-vs-evil set. Evil looks outnumbered. Google looks, well, a bit photoshopped. I wonder if Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch […]


Reaching for a knife in a LARPer’s kitchen….

Visiting geeky friends and helping out in the kitchen always has other bonuses. Whether you’re popping into to visit someone into their re-enactment, their LARP or just a gamer boosting the atmosphere of their home you can expect a pleasant surprise or two. For example, imagine reaching for a knife in this kitchen. (Via Imgur)