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Marian Call

The Elements, Expanded

Think you know your elements? You should listen to Marian Call’s “The Elements, Expanded” for a geeky catch up Fun Singles in Your Area by Marian Call I love what Call has done here, taking Tom Lehrer’s classic and adding loads of geek goodness. You can buy her full album for not very much money.


Superhero Week: Cool superhero and Star Wars vintage dictionary prints

Etsy retailer Loft817 printworks is going on my bookmark list. They take old dictionaries and print a range of geeky art on them. Since this is Superhero Week this post will focus on mainly on heroes and villains. The Star Wars prints are a bonus! Tempted? I am! Check out Loft817 printworks.

Veil Fall

Dark Souls inspired horror takes miniatures to Kickstarter

[Back this Campaign] Erebus Studios are working on Veil Fall, a miniatures board game from the dark future Veil Fall universe. The game, we’re told, is inspired by the computer games Dark Souls and Bloodborne. This means it’ll be hard. The Coalition has declined into civil war and some of those supporting the return of […]