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Cuba Lee 1

7 spaceship designs from Cuba Lee

Cuba Lee is a concept artist based in Los Angeles. He’s currently working for Section Studio and I think makes some fantastic space station and spaceship designs. Want to see more? Check out his ArtStation and blog.


Pay attention: Witch RPG

Witch is a dark and modern fantasy RPG from Angry Hamster Publishing. In the game you play someone who’s done the dark deal with a power… The Kickstater is doing well and is meeting the humble target of less than €5,000 in just a day. More details are available from here. [Back this Campaign] Geek […]

Darren Quach 1

Sci-fi concept art from Darren Quach

Darren Quach, based in Los Angeles, is a concept artist who worked on the Ratchet and Clank computer game series, Resistance and Fuse. You can check out more of his work over at DQ’s Online Sketchbook.


Google’s Ingress ARG partners with Schuh

Google’s alternative reality game announced today a deal with shoe retailer, Schuh, that turns their stores into portals in the game. On Google+ the Niantic Project wrote; MI20, a secret British Intelligence Agency, uncovered a series of XM Powerspots across the UK. It is unknown if the Agency still exists, but it seems that part […]