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The Lord of the Rings tarot deck

The Lord of the Rings tarot deck by Scieth Ailm is rather good. The Russian artist is generous with her work, giving goodies like geeky calendars away for free on her Deviant Art page. This collection of Middle Earth art in the form of tarot cards is popular. The major arcana are drawn as characters […]


Rather strange xenomorph ring becomes a brass knuckle

If this xenomorph ring wasn’t already large enough to act like a bass knuckle in the event you decide to wallop someone – it actually can become a brass knuckle. Want one? You can pick them from Kilroy’s Attic. A strange ring seems to demand a strange perspective on the video but this is a […]


Cartography and drinking; who knew they went together?

Would Gandalf approve? This Middle Earth hip flask would be quite a handy reference if you ever had to leave The Shire. The handmade item is stainless steel and holds 6 ounces of your favourite tipple. One item that’s both your flask and your map? That’s twice the reasons not to loose it. You can […]


Phew! Good news for British geeks as Channel 4 renews Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Wouldn’t it suck if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continued in the form that the last few episodes of season 1 got up to and if no network in the UK picked up the show. It would surely do wonders for Netflix, BlinkBox or Amazon’s Instant Video membership. Good news, though, as free to watch Channel 4 […]