Short film: The Rise and Fall of Globosome

Inspired by the times we live in, Sascha Geddert wrote and directed The Rise and Fall of Globosome. The Globosome are odd little lifeforms that live on a small rock lost in the darkness of space. What will the Globosome make of their chance to thrive?


Shotgun wielding Revenant: Doom trailer

Bethesda Softworks’ Doom trailer is just a heartbeat or two long. That’s still probably enough time to die in the hands of this shotgun wielding Revenant. The game has had some delays, is no longer known as Doom 4 but is expected out for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 some time in the […]


Christopher Lloyd is brilliant as Doc Brown in LEGO Dimensions ad

It’s enough to make you want another Back to the Future film. In this advert for LEGO Dimensions, Christopher Lloyd takes on the role of Doc Brown once again as he delivered a mysterious box. LEGO Dimensions is due out in September and has a Dark Knight, a Wizard and a LEGO Master Builder head […]


Who are the most deadly Marvel murderers?

Which character from the Marvel Universe has killed the most people? That might be hard to work out. Let’s restrict the body count to famous people; superheroes, super villains and notable neutrals. What what the top three lethal list look like? All villains? You’d be in for a surprise. The infographic comes from where […]