Genre-hopping drama: A review of Ecko Burning

Ecko Burning is the sequel to Ecko Rising. I enjoyed Rising even though I had to wrestle with it. I wrestled less with Burning and enjoyed it more. Our anti-hero is a full tech cyberpunk creation called Ecko. A mission goes wrong, he falls off a roof and wakes up in a fantasy world. There […]


Bust is no bust

With a whole month still to run the comic book Bust has made target. From Dave Cook and Chris O’Toole’s Bust is the story of a card dealer struggling to survive in a diseased world. [Back this Campaign] The first 12 pages of Bust are already available to the public and you can check them […]


Is Pharrell Williams’ anime It Girl too young?

A big artist doing an anime music video? Geek Native will be interested. There’s a twist in this one though – the central character in this video seems especially young. Things to think about; is this just the style of the anime or is she younger than the others and just what is the relationship […]


Which 10 comic book adaptations top the movie disappointment list?

There’s been no shortage of comic book inspired movies in recent years. Some have been better than others. Which of these comic book adaptations have flopped the hardest? Viewing figures tell one story but this month cinema chain Vue asked fans for another point of view. Vue ran a survey to discover and rank the […]