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Competition: Win Pyscho-Pass on Blu-ray

Pyscho-Pass is an anime about a future in which computers can read your mind and determine whether you are likely to commit a crime or not. It’s illegal just to have a state of mind in which puts you “at risk” of being a criminal. Geek Native gave the Blu-ray set a glowing review. It’s […]

When Worlds Collide on RPGNow

Mashing Up The Strange: A Review of When Worlds Collide

The strange and incredible come in many guises and sometimes you need a helping hand making sense of it all. With the release, from Monte Cook Games, of The Strange, the Cypher System has expanded with more than 400 pages of content. Given that the game uses the same system as the acclaimed Numenera, can […]

Batgirl Rises

The teaser for Batgirl Rises

In April Geek Native shared Girl of Steel. That was a fan-made Supergirl video and a project led by Vincent Tran. Today,  Tran is back with Batgirl Rises and this is the teaser video. The full release is due out on November 3rd. Lindsay Heath stars as Barbara Gordon and Constance Brenneman steps up as Harleen Quinzel. […]


It took just 24 hours to fund Girls on Games

Would you Kickstart a group of essays? What if those essays came from women in the tabletop games industry and they wrote about struggles they’ve faced as well as tips and secrets for new game designers? [Back this Campaign] Elisa Teague has clearly been deeply involved in the tabletop games industry for around 15 years. […]