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This is Your Brain on Slugs: a Review of Brain Slugs from Planet X

For the GM on a tight time-budget, the internet is overflowing with adventures for just about any RPG system, many of which are very affordably priced. Buyer beware, however, as many of these adventures are a “you get what you pay for” deal. “Brain Slugs from Planet X” is one such example. “Brain Slugs from […]


Short film: It’s Payback Time

This short film was created by the British TV station Channel 4. It’s gone viral with more than 2 million views and part of the attraction is the surprise twist. The grimy world in this animation is brought to life wonderfully in the animation. The poor people seem so terrorised and innocent. Here are some […]


What do the Windows 9 leaks mean for gamers?

There’s some leaks of reported Windows 9 videos. As usual; take with a pinch of salt. Windows 9 Start menu Windows 9 multi-desktop What do you think? These videos are a little hard to unpick. Sure; we get to see some of the features but it is not always clear what the demo is trying […]


The real Wookiee

How this for a pet? It must be like living in a mini Star Wars universe. Amazingly, this pint sized Wookiee only came in 3rd at the Petco Star Wars contest. I wonder which furry mashups came in first and second? (Via Imgur)