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The Secret of Cats

I Can Haz Fate Core? A Review of The Secrets of Cats

Two of geek culture’s hottest trends today are the Fate Core roleplaying game, and cats doing just about anything. A merging of the two seems almost inevitable. Thankfully, The Secrets of Cats: A World of Adventure for Fate Core, by Richard Bellingham, does great justice to both subjects. The first thing that jumped out at […]


75% of Steve Jackson Games’ business is generated by Munchkin

Steve Jackson Games is impressively transparent with fans. They publish a report, even though Steve Jackson is the only stockholder, to reveal how well (or not) the company is doing. You can read the latest Report to the Stakeholders for 2013 on their website today. The company has been going since 1980 and now has […]

Space Cat Hob

Short film: Space Cat Hob

This animation took two years to make. The team had no money. The result is a rich sci-fi filled with action, drama and surprises. What do you think? Does it teach you to trust cute things but be cautious of ugly things? Or perhaps it suggests to you that cat warriors would be too easily […]


A Rube Goldberg machine powered entirely by light

Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist and inventor. Rube Goldberg machines, named after him, are known for being complex ways to achieve very little. This machine created by Japan’s AU is, in some ways, a typical Rube Goldberg device. What’s unusual about it is that rather than logs of cogs, rolling marbles, dominoes and the […]