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Worth more? Old Charizard Pokemon cards or 50s Barbie? [Infographic]

Bingo site Two Little Fleas has been inspired by old Pokemon cards selling on eBay for ¬£1,200 (and there are many scary prices for cards on Ebay). They’ve also been driven by the need to get in touch with¬†gamers. The result? An infographic that worth of old toys if you were to sell them today. […]

mean teddies

Short film: Mean Teddies

There’s lots of love about Tyler Novo’s Mean Teddies In this short animation we deal with one fierce looking bear. I’m reminded of an adventurer; he’s kitted out for war but fighting to keep the monsters at bay. This bear takes no prisoners. Why? He’s a little boy to protect. He has someone to keep […]

Star Wars christmas lights

Christmas Lights Star Wars style

This video is good for the outset. You know what you’re going to get; the new habit of decking your house outs in enough lights to land a plane and carefully timed effects to music. I think there’s a surprise at around 1:30m which makes it even better. Tom BetGeorge’s video has had over 1 […]


Little Groot is super cute and affordable

Groot must be mine! I’m used to Sideshow Toys charging a lot for their models. This isn’t just profit taking; their models are expensive to make and collectible. It’s no surprise to see that Hot Toy’s version of Little Groot, due out January 2015, is wonderful. It is a surprise to see that Sideshow is […]