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Heal Thy Self: Review of the The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook

I saw a picture of Sylvester McCoy on the cover of the Doctor Who magazine yesterday. Age suits him, as do his sideburns. For some reason, by this morning, his image had reminded me of adventures past, probably because I’ve been reading Cubicle 7’s Eighth Doctor Sourcebook. While previous Sourcebooks have served up descriptions of […]


200,000 sticky notes, a train set and Sony’s Action Cam

In this promo video Sony’s team built a model train (you can see the process at the end of the clip), attached a Sony Action Cam and drove it through a colourful landscape brought to life with sticky notes. Lots and lots of sticky notes; 200,000 sticky notes. Early on you can see white drones […]


For chaos and love: A review of Elric Stormbringer

Elric Stormbrnger is the second hardcover graphic novel in the remastered and entirely masterful series from Michael Moorcock. I really enjoyed the first – Elric: The Ruby Throne – and Stormbringer picks up straight away. We’ve an Emperor of a powerful (but not as powerful as they once were) and chaos worshiping set of warriors […]


Short film: The Rise and Fall of Globosome

Inspired by the times we live in, Sascha Geddert wrote and directed The Rise and Fall of Globosome. The Globosome are odd little lifeforms that live on a small rock lost in the darkness of space. What will the Globosome make of their chance to thrive?