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50 years of Batman in music with 3 awesome cars

This video has been out for less than a week. It’s racing towards 2,000,000 YouTube views and there’s a reason why. Watch it to find out. The Piano Guys always pull the stops out to make impressive YouTube videos. I wonder how much they’ve paid to get access to these three Batmobiles. Which is your […]


Short film: LIFE

A few seconds into this short animation from Pixelhunters and I’m thinking of Destiny. It’s the planet, the drop ship and then the well armoured Titan. Okay, that armour is pretty intense for Destiny so perhaps it’s more like Warhammer 40K. A minute or two later and I’m getting Sin City vibes from the narration. […]


Anime fans more willing to sacrifice liberty for peace

Imagine a future in which the police could read your mind. This is a peaceful future, everyone has jobs that suit their skills and there is hardly any crime. There‚Äôs hardly any crime because the police and authorities actively scan your thoughts. While they do what they can to encourage you to be happy and […]

Shadow of Mordor trailer

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor launch trailer

If I’m asked for famous Lord of the Rings games I’d say Cubicle 7’s The One Ring or MERP. These are tabletop RPGs. Can’t someone make a computer game that does as well? Rated 18, is Shadow of Mordor a candidate for this prestigous role – the best Middle Earth computer game of all time? […]