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Short film: Hibernation

An astronaut has gone where no man has ever gone before thanks to the hibernation program. There’s a catch – something’s not right between Joseph, the astronaut, and his instructor Claire. The countdown for lift-off is on. Is it all too late?

The Knight

Should you embrace Darkness? A review of The Knight

The Knight is written by the giant of French fantasy Pierre Pevel, translated by Tom Clegg and brought to the UK by Gollancz. I wouldn’t call The Knight a sequel. The book is described as “A tale from the High Kingdom” and there have been other High Kingdom books. I’ve not read any of them […]


Exclusive peek at “How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss”

Interesting title, huh? “How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss” raised more than $4,500 on Kickstarter which was more than twice Venger Satanis’ campaign target. Venger writes for Kort’thalis Publishing with his most recent work Reverly in Torth currently sitting at 4.5/5 stars at DriveThruRPG after multpile reviews. The Kickstarter tells us a little […]


Reef Social leak for Destiny

Matt Martin over at VG247 has a good write up and video of what the leaked screens for the next Destiny upgrade might mean. In summary it looks like the House of Wolves will bring a new social area to Destiny. As roleplayers, Geek Native knows what this means – we’ll have two “headquarters” for […]