No room for nostalgia as gamers prefer modern consoles for music

console music

It may be fashionable to do retro console style covers of modern songs or A Capellas on YouTube but Geek Native’s research shows that gamers associate more modern consoles with the best music. 86 gamers answered the poll in the blog’s Jeff Penny competition. It should be noted that the blog makes no claim the […]

10 urban myths of gaming [infographic]


What computer game myths do you know? Are any of them believable? In fairness to the team at Liberty Games, who put this piece together, the Luigi’s Mansion myth is believable and it’s the sort of secret twist that’s in keeping with the company even if not the game franchise.

Beyond 8-bit; an evolution of video game music as a surprising acapella


Okay, I’ll admit. I’ve seen plenty of Mario and Sonic acapellas now. It’ll take a little bit more than that to earn a blog post these days. Step forward Triforce Films. This isn’t just an acapella (with a touch of cosplay). This is a tour through the evolution of computer game music and that means […]