Fated by Serpentfall: A Review of The Day After Ragnarok

The Day After Ragnarok on RPGNow

The Day After Ragnarok is a What-If scenario that probably didn’t come up in the early risk assessment sessions of the Second World War. When the Governments and Intelligence Services of the West knuckled down for some blue sky thinking on defeating the Nazi menace, they possibly discounted the possibility of mythical world-consuming serpents. For […]

Night’s Black Agents: Dracula Dossier


[Back this Campaign] In this history Dracula isn’ta novel. It’s a censored version of British Intelligence’s attempts to recruit a vampire. In Night’s Black Agents from Pelgrane Press players are secret agents going up against the forces of darkness. It won two silver ENnie awards (best Game and Best Writing) and picked up additional nominations […]

A Terrible, Indescribable Thing – A Review of Hideous Creatures: Shoggoth

Hideous Creatures: Shoggoth at RPGNow

Long before the gelatinous geometric monstrosities and semi-aware slimes, iridescent and menacing blobs of goo threatened the lives and sanities of those adventurous enough to probe the depths of civilisations past. While dungeon explorers might consider them an inconvenience at best, possessed of little more than a hunger-driven intuition, Lovecraft served up an insidious and […]

A Long Line of Body Snatchers: A Review of Hideous Creatures: Ghouls


At heart, Ghouls are haunters of the dead, spending their time around the bodies of the deceased, primarily as a source of sustenance, but also seeking out grave goods. In a lot of horror fiction beyond Lovecraft, they have become the pathetic, fawning groupies of greater monsters – failed vampires, would-be liches, and the almost […]

Who scares the best? Top 10 best Horror sellers at DriveThru Fiction


DriveThru Fiction is the sister site to DriveThru RPG. It doesn’t take a natural 20 on an Int Roll to work out that the online shop sells books and might be a good guide to what gamers are buying. With help from One Book Shelf, the site’s owners, we’ve had a look at the best […]

I Want to Believe: A Review of Moon Dust Men

Purported UFO sighting

Trail of Cthulhu has been effectively and efficiently stepping on Call of Cthulhu‘s coattails for a short while now, offering a take on Lovecraft’s unfathomable and otherworldly horror that offers a fresh approach. While Call of Cthulhu‘s percentile system had a tendency to make or break situations where you could kill a trail stone cold […]

First authors confirmed for Dragonmeet 2013

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Dragonmeet is the one day London based RPG convention run by British publisher Cubicle 7. Dragonmeet 2013 will be held at the Kensington Town Hall again, on Saturday the 7th of December with doors opening at 10am. Geek Native has confirmed that guest authors for the convention this year already include Kenneth Hite and Robin […]

New Year, New Game: Trail of Cthulhu


DriveThru RPG are running a big sale, up to 40% off core rules with the offer “New Year, New Game” promotion. Want to save more money? Use the coupon happynyng2013 to bag a further 15% off. The question is? Which RPG should you dabble in? What about something dark, something a little dangerous, something that […]

Robin D. Law’s Hillfolk and the DramaSystem


Robin D. Law’s is a well known games designer who brought us the GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system. He tends to work closely with Pelgrane Press, who have a number of GUMSHOE products, and is actually the Creative Director at Stone Skin Press which is Pelgrane’s fiction imprint. His latest project, foreshadowed by his book Hamlet’s […]

The Diana Jones 2011 shortlist announced


The Diana Jones Award committee has announced their shortlist for the 2011 award. The original list had 22 nominees and the shortlist contains just five. The winner will be announced at Wednesday the 3rd of August at an event that the Diana Jones Award group describe has the “unnoficial start” of Gen Con Indy. The […]