A giant wooden gameboy

Wooden Gameboy 2

Does your Gameboy get much action? Perhaps it feels a little big even beside your shiny new HTC One or Samsung S4? A least it’s not as big as this bad boy of a Gameboy. This wooden creation sizes up at 24″H x 14″W x 5″D. That’s impressive. Too impressive for your pocket. Via Obvious […]

Zombie Gameboy Color

Zombie Gameboy Color 4

What would happen if your Gameboy Color returned from the dead? Would it be angry with you? Would it want to eat your brains? Your thumbs? This zombie Gameboy Color is the creation of Kody Koala, who takes commissions, and has talent. Some of the parts might surprise you; I used hands from a Cletus […]

The Gameboy dress collection


Haven’t you always wanted to be the centre of attention in a tight dress that looks like a Nintendo Gameboy? Etsy seller Here and There Vintage has a pair of of dresses that might give you cause for pause. What do you think? Red hot, geek chic or is this a critical miss? While you’re […]