The Cthulhu touched Theomachy


One way to get your clever card game made if you’re an indie European studio is to impress Sandy Petersen. It also tends to attract Cthulhu. I think Theomachy is worth checking out over on Kickstarter. [Back this Campaign] At the time of writing, Theomachy had funded with nearly a month still to collect cash […]

Two for one as Darkraven Soundscapes crosses funding line


Darkraven Games‘s Cthulhu Fantasy and Horror music soundscape bundle asked for $12,000 in Kickstarter backing. They’ve crossed that line today and have over a week for any stretch goals. There’s loads of music samples on their Kickstarter page so it’s worth checking out if you’re tempted. [Back this Campaign] Pledge levels with rewards start as […]

One whole unholy Cthulhu mug


I want this What a great mug! Who knew that it wasn’t so much “Cthulhu stirs” as it was “You stir Cthulhu”. That’ll certainly be true if you used this unholy alien god for cup-a-soup anyway. Me? I see this Cthulhu Awakens mug as something to serve tea and coffee in when gamers come to […]

It’s bath time for baby Cthulhu


Dwaa. Baby Cthulhu looks so happy with his floaty bath toy. He could snuggle and huggle it all night long. This amazing madness is by American artist Psithyrus, also known as Blair Sampson, and is one of many reasons why you should check the sci-fi and fantasy fan’s Deviant Art gallery out. Via PipeDreamerGrey at […]

A first look at the unpainted Legends of Cthulhu


Warpo has released a first-look at the unpainted Legends of Cthulhu range. These retro action figures are the result of a successful Kickstarter in June. It’s already possible to pre-order the figures from a local comic book store with Diamond Comic Distributors or from Big Bad Toy Store Featured here are the Cultist, the Professor, […]