Stompy Star Wars AT-AT casemod


Would you build a computer inside an Imperial Walker? This AT-AT casemod rather proves someone would. This casemod began life as a Hasbro AT-AT and gained a Zotax Z86 Mini ITX mobo with an INtel Core i7-2600K CPU, a Sapphire 6870 GPU and 8GB of RAM. Not bad for an AT-AT. Not bad for a […]

Impressive Borderlands casemod


The PC above has enjoyed some case modding tender loving care. What started off as an average case has been turned into something awesome. I’ve seen some case mods that look like robots and statues. They look like a lot of work. This Borderlands casemod may appear to be simple in comparison but it took […]

Zombie Gameboy Color

Zombie Gameboy Color 4

What would happen if your Gameboy Color returned from the dead? Would it be angry with you? Would it want to eat your brains? Your thumbs? This zombie Gameboy Color is the creation of Kody Koala, who takes commissions, and has talent. Some of the parts might surprise you; I used hands from a Cletus […]

The xenomorph mouse

CM Storm Xornet alien mod

The xenomopths from the Aliens series always take on characteristics of their host species. That’s not what happened to this computer mouse; it didn’t meet a face-hugger. That said, this alien mouse did meet modder Ramses07. Ramses07 skillfully broke down a CM Storm Xornet and rebuilt it to be the machine we see here. What […]