Disqualifications strike the 2015 ENnies

The list of official 2015 ENnie nominations can be found below or at EN World. The list is a little different today as one nomination from the Best Electronic Book, Best Free Product and Product of the Year has been removed. The game in question is the unofficial Mass Effect RPG written by Don Mappin […]


Competition: Bleach season 15, part 2

Gosh. We’re talking episodes 330 to 342 on this one! Bleach is a long running show but you’re not near the end with this set. We might say farewell to some favourite characters before the drama the the Reigai, those artificial bodies holding modified souls, if things keep going the way they are. It turns […]


Superhero Week: We’re not bored of superhero movies yet

Are you getting fed up of superhero movies? Geek Native asked the question to readers and competition players. 300 responses later and analysis shows that interest in superheroes remain strong; good news for the Ant-Man movie, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice a host of others due on the big screen over the next few […]


Superhero Week: Wonder Woman’s trousers

This new command from the always amazing Wonder Woman is brought to you by Superhero Week and Imgur where it was left without comment. I think the illustration speaks for itself. I’m slightly concerned the Green Lantern isn’t wearing anything, the dress is just a creation of will and once his ring runs out of […]