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Reaching for a knife in a LARPer’s kitchen….

Visiting geeky friends and helping out in the kitchen always has other bonuses. Whether you’re popping into to visit someone into their re-enactment, their LARP or just a gamer boosting the atmosphere of their home you can expect a pleasant surprise or two. For example, imagine reaching for a knife in this kitchen. (Via Imgur)

witch quest 1

Fantastic concept character art from Witch Quest

Yongjae Choi, also known as Indus, is a freelance concept art in Korea. Indus has experience in the gaming industry working both as the lead concept artist but also game developer. These pictures where shared to Behance as a personal project. Very impressive! I have to wonder what the background to Witch Quest might have […]


The bonsai skull castle

This rather odd but strangely beautiful piece was created by the talented Japanese artist Ocoze. Raised in the Hiroshima-prefec, he’s had plenty of success as part of the Takanori Aiba duo and “bon-kei” houses before going it alone.

GM speaks 2

GM speaks and their player excitement levels

If you’ve sat in the GM seat and peered out over the screen as you narrated the adventure, refereed the game and talked to the players you might have wondered what they were thinking. A GM who can see inside the minds of their players is at a great advantage; they can spring all sorts […]