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At long last – Spider-Woman gets a new costume

Spider-Woman’s not changed her costume in a while and after the drama around the Milo Manara alternative cover which had the wall-crawling superhero in a rather awkward pose it feels like a change is long overdue. As it happens this is an issue discussed in today’s interview with David Reddick. Now USA Today as an […]

Dot Rar

Audio EXP: Dragons and the Secret Service in your ear

This is the first Audio EXP post in what will hopefully become a regular column (unlike Irregular Reconnaissance) for Geek Native. It’s a chance to sample and discover geeky audio goodies. What does that mean? For a start we’ll be sharing clips of forthcoming and new audio books. Thanks to Audible for their help in […]


50 Free Comic Book Day 2015 titles announced

Saturday the 2nd of May will be the 2015 Free Comic Book Day. Anyone popping into a participating comic book shop. Come April the FCBD store locator will update to show which shops are taking part this time around. This year, Free Comic Book Day gave away 4.7 million comic books and over 1,000,000 people […]


Sponsored Video: 5 Christmas traditions worth skipping

Christmas is a busy time of year and it can be quite stressful. That’s a shame. From its origins as a pagan festival, its co-opting by Christianity to the modern day combination of festive fun, shopping and a touch of religious respect where appropriate the day still has meaning to many people. That said; there […]