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Sleeper - Gunfight

From the Inkwell: Sleeper – Background Design Principles

Sleeper: Orphans of the Cold War is a Kickstarter project from Death Spiral Games. Geek Native covered the launch, saying the campaign shows promise and since then the number of backers has increased threefold. There’s 15 days on the clock and just ¬£150 to go. This campaign will fund. [Back this Campaign] Geek Native reached […]


Shiny shiny Critical Hit dice!

[I need these!] These three dice flash in a shiny shiny way. Wait for it… they only light up when you roll a critical hit! There’s three dice in the set; a d10, d12 and d20. In terms of size we’re looking at 1.8″, 1.4″ and 1.7″ in diameter. Think Geek, who have an exclusive […]


Syrinscape’s open call for SoundSet Creator beta testers

The Sydney based sound system for tabletop games, Syrinscape, is on a roll. They already offer officially licensed Pathfinder RPG SoundPacks and now look to grow their audience further with the new Syrinscape SoundSet Creator. Syrinscape’s new app lets gamers have movie-style custom sounds, music and events for their RPGs. Today’s open call for beta-testers […]


Turbo Kid trailer looks… 90s incredible

Turbo Kid premi√®red at the Sundance Film Festival. This is a “post-apocalyptic, BMX-powered, blood-splattered love story”. A young scavenger obsessed with comic books must face down his fears when he meets a mysterious girl. The film is from the horror duo Ant Timpson and Jason Eisener.