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Asmodee muscles into America with Days of Wonder deal

European game powerhouse Asmodee has bought game company Days of Wonder. In the States Asmodee is best known for its own games or where it is the English co-publisher of a game. It sells these games to wholesalers such as Alliance and ACD for the hobby market. In Europe it is much larger, acting not […]


Wizards rewrite the plan for Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast will bring in significant changes to the way Magic: The Gathering is run. These are not changes to the rules as such but a change to how cards are released. Starting in the autumn of 2015 the company will move away from releasing three blocks followed by a core release to […]

steampunk vampire castle in lego 1

Yes, that’s a steampunk vampire castle made from LEGO

This steampunk world has been a project of talented LEGO builder Castor Troy for a while. It earns the name “steampunk” not through the gothic architecture of the castle but through the vehicle designs you can see in the photos. (Via Brothers Brick)