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Stirling does Dragon Age

Geek favourite Lindsey Stirling is back with a special effects rich Dragon Age video. She’s worked hard to produce videos that are suitable for the YouTube audience and bring her violin music to a wider audience. Just how large is Stirling’s audience? This video has been out 3 days and has had over 2.5 million […]


8 square kilometers of game world: Skies

Skies is a Kickstarter pitch for a post-apocalyptic MMORPG. They’re after a whopping £350,000. I think the demo video does a better job of speaking for the game than the official pitch video so that’s what you’ll find below. For more details and the official video pop over to Kiikstarter. [Back this Campaign] Is this […]

Dragon Con 2014 3

The Really Long Dragon Con video

This is a beast of a cosplay video. We’re familiar with the cosplay montages that come out of conventions these days; a few minutes of music and some of the best cosplay. They’re wonderful ads and awareness pieces for the booming convention scene. This particular video from Beat Down Boogie is nearly 30 minutes long. […]

The Star Wars

Actual alternative: A review of The Star Wars

The Star Wars is already an award winning comic; picking up the Diamond Gem Award for Best Licensed Comic in 2013. This graphic novel came out this winter and feels like an ideal gift for any Star Wars fans. You can imagine that Star Wars (A New Hope) had a script that was worked on […]