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Know the monsters of Earth [infographic]

Travel booking site Venere made a spirited attempt to display just some of the mythological monsters of the world on an infographic. My first impressions were all positive. Eagle-eyed readers might spot problems beyond the spelling of “Colombia”, though. There’s always a chance that your favourite monster is missing. Some people have asked about Yeti […]

Blue Viper

Would the Muppets ever do Game of Thrones?

Warning! Warning! The Mountain vs Blue Viper. Might be ick. Might be spoilers. This clever and somewhat left-field mashup is the work of Dan Luvisi who shared it (behind a gore filter) on Deviant Art. He’s hugely respected by the Deviant Art community; especially for finding the time to talk about tips, tutorials and art. […]


Dragon and Cthulhu bags for gamers and geeks

There’s a lot to love about Cthulhu. Who doesn’t like to cuddle a dragon? At least… I think that’s the case. Certainly with Capall Mara‘s excellent “handmade quirks” where you have felt bum bags that look like Cthulhu or soft dragon backpacks that’s the case! Like these? Check out what Capall Mara currently has for […]


Top 5 Worst Character Backstories for LARP

Kristin Brumley is the creator and executive producer of Basic Adventuring 101, a webseries about Live Action Role Play (LARP). The series highlights women in the hobby as well as in the Indiefilm world, and is currently looking for audience support on their Seed&Spark campaign. Whether you are in a LARP, playing a game of […]