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Playtest and peak into Vow of Honor

Vow of Honor is a RPG from Ben Dutter that has a Kickstarter looming. Dutter, with experience of Kickstarter, is being very open about the forthcoming campaign. The the full playtest rules and document for Vow of Honor, as it stands now, freely available via Google Docs. There’s no download required. The link takes you […]


4 examples of fine art Zelda t-shirts

The current collection of t-shirts at Once Upon a Tee is chock full of gamer designs. There are the likes of Metroid and Bioshock available. Leading the charge, though, are some Legend of Zelda styles which stand out for me. A Terrible Fate [T-shirt page] The Legend Continues [T-shirt page] It’s Dangerous to Go Alone […]


Sponsored Post: 10 games for tablets you won’t get enough of

It seems that more and more people are investing in a tablet. What was once a luxury purchase is now proving to be an essential device for a number of people, offering the chance to work, play and keep up-to-date with the news on the go. However, it seems that one of the most popular […]


This is Your Brain on Slugs: a Review of Brain Slugs from Planet X

For the GM on a tight time-budget, the internet is overflowing with adventures for just about any RPG system, many of which are very affordably priced. Buyer beware, however, as many of these adventures are a “you get what you pay for” deal. “Brain Slugs from Planet X” is one such example. “Brain Slugs from […]