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2014 - bat glasses

The 12 Masks of Halloween: #3 Bat sunglasses

Fancy something posh and designer this Halloween? These Anglo American eyewear bat sunglasses from Vintage Eye Wear Lover might tempt you. Guess how much these sunglasses cost? £100, £200 or £300? All wrong. This will set you back some £570. That’s about $900 US. The case is not included.

alien isolation

Retro-tech and xenomorphs: The Art of Alien – Isolation

Set in 2137, that’s 15 years after Alien, the first-person survival horror Alien: Isolation is kind of a big deal. This is one of those games that begin to merge with the movie experience. The BBC featured it and the team’s approach to the creativity on the project. The interview included a chat with Sigourney […]


Earthdawn Fantasy Miniatures pass Kickstarter finish line

There may only be 9 days left on the clock at the time of writing but the campaign to create fantasy miniatures for FASA’s Earthdawn has now edged past their $2,400 goal. You can Back it here. [Back Campaign] Impact! Miniatures project aim to provide unpainted spincast resin minatures at 28mm scale. We’re told the […]

2014 intense groot

The 12 Masks of Halloween: #2 Intense Groot

Google’s data shows that Groot will be the 8th most popular costume this Halloween. If you’re going to do it; then do it intensely. Sold by Rubie’s Costume Co from Amazon for $25 this mask lets you act with your eyes. Yup. It’s a pull over the head, one size fits all, polyester face for […]