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Mysteriously action-packed: A review of Wild Cards Lowball

Lowball is the latest in the Wild Cards series. I’ve not read any of the Wild Cards books before and it turns out I didn’t need to. I was quickly able to pick up on the world – like ours but after a virus has turned some of the population into super-powered mutants – and […]


Wonder Woman in battle armour cosplay

This clever cosplay is the work of kelldar. She’s been cosplaying for 15+ years and earns plenty more geekcred by having a thing for Star Wars, comic books and Doctor Who. The costume took several years to finish with the helmet being sculpted out of play. The wings are from home insulation foam and there’s […]


Short film: The Event

This short film from Rustam Vakilov is a proof of concept for a larger, full-length, feature. Do you think it would work? We follow Neil, a chap in his mid-20s, waking up to find himself having a very strange morning. Events take a turn for the bizarre as the world rushes to a cataclysmic end […]