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The puck is one grumpy looking forest goblin

The Puck is based off British fairy legends and is the creation of Uncanny Critters. The model is about 10cm tall and painted by hand. Pucks are forest Goblins, who are viewed as the most dim witted of the tree spirits, often thought by other fairy folks as being no smarter then a young dog. […]

The Dark Below

The Dark Below prologue

Are you sticking with Destiny? I’ve not made time for Destiny in a while but I still feel faithful to the game. Like everyone else; I need more content. I’m not in the PvP camp. The Dark Below looks pretty interesting. You can tell the plan straight away when the prologue mentions Croata’s dad. No […]


Parasyte live-action trailers hit creepy level 2

Parasyte is an anime that’s being adapted into two live-action films. The anime is currently showing in Japan and streaming via Crunchyroll internationally. The anime is a horror. The alien creatures have a hunger for human flesh and need a human host to survive. High school student Shinichi Izumi knows their secret because his right hand […]


Surviving a reality twisting apocalypse: Legacy – Life Among the Ruins

[Back this Campaign] Legacy is a post-apocalyptic RPG with a twist. The twist is that players take on the role of one character and one family. The game has built-in support for multi-generational play. Once you short out the dramas and dangers of the age, Legacy provides rules to see what happens next, how Families […]