plague world

The end of the line: A review of Plague World

Plague World is the third and final in the Ashley Parker series. If you’re looking for an easy read zombie trilogy to get your teeth into this Halloween then Dana Fredsti’s Plague Town, Plague Nation and then Plague World set is certainly one to consider. The book’s titles rather give away the escalation of Walker’s […]


The 12 Masks of Halloween: #10 Sexy Carnival

Sexy Halloween costumes are very common these days and there’s always a valid debate around this. Over on Etsy Vadimusl don’t describe these costumes as Halloween or even sexy. The retailer uses the words “Carnival” and “Something”. These are hard manual work but can be finished in about 7 days. Tempted? Pop over to the […]


The Devil’s Advocate: A Review of Demon: The Descent

The World of Darkness got an excellent makeover in 2013 with The God Machine Chronicle. The sourcebook, which unites the entire world under the idea of a cold, uncalculating machine that makes and ruins lives for reasons no mortal could possibly understand, evolves the early gothic influences of the older World of Darkness to the […]

Briareos 12

Check out this Appleseed Alpha Briareos model

As noted in Geek Native’s review of Appleseed Alpha the big ears cyborg Briareos Hecatonchires is all kinds of cool. His abilities are cool. His attitude is cool. I think you’ll find plenty of geeks that say he looks cool. Hot Toys certainly think so. They’re going to release this Briareros model on a 1/6 […]