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Transform your door with this TARDIS decal

Let me see it This is a large sticker. This decal is designed for a door, the seller says custom sizes are available, and will help you transform your abode into a Doctor Who themed adventure. The fact that this seller mentions neither “Doctor” nor “TARDIS” suggests this decal isn’t BBC approved. Would that give […]

Burnt Tongues

The children of Fight Club: A review of Burnt Tongues

Chuck Palahniuk is the transgressive author of Fight Club. Transgressive fiction looks to take an unique voice to the sort of story others might not consider safe to write about. Dennis Widmyer and Richard Thomas collected a host of stories written in Palahniuk‚Äôs style by students of the burnt tongue disciple. Together with Chuck they […]

12 realms ghost town

Coming to life: 12 Realms – Ghost Town kickstarts

MAGE Company are doing well on Kickstarter. They’ve built board games with crowdfunding and now, with 12 Realms: Ghost Town they’re expanding. The company is successfully using Kickstarter, well-managed projects and good games to come to life. There’s more info on the campaign here. [Back this Campaign] At the time of writing there’s over $19,000 […]