Amazon to pilot The Man in the High Castle

The man in the high castle

Based on Philip K Dick’s alternative history, Hugo Award-winning, the pilot episode is an hour long and will be part of seven shows in a season airing via Amazon Instant Video in the US, UK and Germany. Amazon viewers have the chance to provide feedback and Amazon will use that to determine which make the […]

Judge Dredd: Superfiend trailer


This is a trailer for Adi Shankar’s Judge Dredd tribute. Adi explains the animation is a departure from the film and channels more of the humour found in the comic book series. There’s plenty of shocks and gore in here but this “Bootleg series” show is apparently aimed at children. I suppose that works. I’m […]

Halo Nightfall trailer

Halo Nightfall

There are a few Halo Nightfalls – there’s the Halo: Reach level and a Halo song. This Halo Nightfall is the live action crated by Paul Scheuring (Prison Break). It’s expected there will be five episodes that’ll come out with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The story in Nightfall will connect Halo 4 and Halo […]

Netflix secures Gotham


Here I was worrying that Gotham would roll out on an American cable network and may never get any further than that. Warner Bros’s worldwide television department have announced a deal with Netflix that will take the series across the sea. From 2015, each season of the series will be made available to Netflix members […]