Storytelling and war: The Princess and the Pilot review


The Princess and the Pilot is a feature length anime being distributed by Manga Entertainment in the UK. The story is simple but gracefully told. In an alternative world the Levamme Empire and the Amatsukami Impreium are at war. The technology levels are akin to World War II but this is a world with huge […]

Oni v Samurai: Legend of the Millennium Dragon review


The first thing I noticed about Legend of the Millennium Dragon was the alternative anime style. I’m used to anime characters having larger heads and eyes than their body size would suggest but this movie took it a little further. The drawing style was different too and most noticeable in the way characters’ faces looked. […]

Warm up for a “battle comedy” with the Trinity Seven trailer

Trinty Seven a

Trinity Seven is billed as both a romantic comedy and as a fantasy battle. It’s set after an event called the “Collapse Phenomenon” which changes the world as we know it. The phenomenon causes Arata Kasuga to loose his cousin to an alternative world. In order to rescue his cousin, Arata enrols at the Royal […]