One Piece 11: The art gallery


One Piece continues to be a hugely popular anime. Here in the UK the 11th collection – that’s Episodes 253-275 are now out on DVD. There’s an incredible amount of history to this series and the die hard fans are just as loyal as ever before. To mark the release of One Piece Collection 11 […]

Competition: Bleach season 15, part 2


Gosh. We’re talking episodes 330 to 342 on this one! Bleach is a long running show but you’re not near the end with this set. We might say farewell to some favourite characters before the drama the the Reigai, those artificial bodies holding modified souls, if things keep going the way they are. It turns […]

Which Bankai would you get?


In Bleach the the Shinigami are masters of their weapons; the powerful Zanpakuto. Mighty Shinigami are able to unleash the inner power of their weapon. to use the Shikai the Shinigami must learn the true name of their blade. The Bankai, the final release, is available to only the elite of the Shinigami. To weild […]

Competition: Win RWBY volume 1 on DVD


RWBY (“Ruby”) is the creation of Mony Oum and the YouTube channel Rooster Teeth. These are the same people behind the Red vs Blue series. The first episode was put online back in 2013 and has now been seen by millions of people. You can watch it for free below. There’s a whole empire around […]

Competition: Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water


In Geek Native’s review of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water I suggested watching the series was like having nostalgia for something you didn’t watch the first time round. The animation style, from the 90s, reminds me very much of classic cartoons like The Mysterious Cities of Gold but this particular Jules Verne inspired series […]

Nostalgia you never knew you had: A Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water review


Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is being re-released by Animatsu in the UK later this month. I never saw any of the original run but watching the series for the first time summoned up plenty of nostalgia. The original run was back in 1990. The show ran for a year, notching up some 39 […]