Oni v Samurai: Legend of the Millennium Dragon review


The first thing I noticed about Legend of the Millennium Dragon was the alternative anime style. I’m used to anime characters having larger heads and eyes than their body size would suggest but this movie took it a little further. The drawing style was different too and most noticeable in the way characters’ faces looked. […]

Warm up for a “battle comedy” with the Trinity Seven trailer

Trinty Seven a

Trinity Seven is billed as both a romantic comedy and as a fantasy battle. It’s set after an event called the “Collapse Phenomenon” which changes the world as we know it. The phenomenon causes Arata Kasuga to loose his cousin to an alternative world. In order to rescue his cousin, Arata enrols at the Royal […]

Is this the next Gundam? Cross Ange trailer


Cross Ange is a new mecha anime from Sunrise. That’s the team responsible for mecha hits like Gundam, Code Geass and Vlavrave. Mitsui Fukuda, Gundam SEED director, is the creative director on the project. If you happened to notice the pilot’s armour was odd; a mix of protective shell and knickers then you’d be right. […]

The price of eternal life: A review of Fairy Tail the Movie – Phoenix Priestess

Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess

Some anime moves make for an excellent catch up and introduction for fans. Only recently, for example, I suggested that Strong World was a great way to introduce people to One Piece. Sure; you didn’t know the background to all the characters but you still got a flavour for the series. Fairy Tail the Movie: […]

Irregular Reconnaissance: Anime #11


Irregular Reconnaissance is a chance to catch up and chat about the geeky aspects of entertainment. In Irregular Reconnaissance: Anime we chat about anime. You guessed that already, huh? What anime have you been watching lately? Share your thoughts and finds in the comments below? Which titles are a must watch? Which are a miss? […]