War of the Worlds meets Achtung Cthulhu in this great video

Great Martian War

This is a must see video. It’s called the “Great Martian War” but this gamer took one look and immediately saw War of Worlds meets Achtung Cthulhu. The footage here comes from World War 1 footage… with, yeah, aliens added. It gets better. If you pop over to History.co.uk you’ll find more of the same. […]

The hypnotic visualisation of the screen time for 65 Game of Thrones characters


Which Game of Throne characters have had the most screen time? Has House Lannister had more of the limelight than House Stark? See the Pen Polar Area Chart (Game of Thrones) by Desmond (@DesmondW) on CodePen. This impressive and interactive visual is the work of designer and developer Desmond Weindorf. It uses data from the […]

A look inside: Adventure Time cartoon cards

AT title cards_complete-14

Adventure Time – The Original Cartoon Title Cards is a new volume of quirky, brilliant and bizarre title cards. Not sure what a title card is? Title cards typically come after the opening sequence but before the first bit of the show. It’s a chance for the TV program to reveal the episode’s title. In […]

Latest Arrow season 3 trailer


Arrow season 3 is nearly out in the States. Kinda. It’s due on the CW on October 8th. We can hope it escapes to other territories shortly after that. I don’t suppose there are any surprises in this trailer. We see a little more of Ray Palmer and the expected Thea Queen training scene. One […]

Netflix secures Gotham


Here I was worrying that Gotham would roll out on an American cable network and may never get any further than that. Warner Bros’s worldwide television department have announced a deal with Netflix that will take the series across the sea. From 2015, each season of the series will be made available to Netflix members […]

Doctor Who: The Impossible Girl mystery – Who was the woman in the shop?


This post relates to a multi-series plot mystery in Doctor Who. It started in the last series in the episode called The Bells of St John. This was the episode in which the Doctor met Clara, again. If you’ve not seen Deep Breath, the first episode of Doctor Who season 8, then this post might […]

Phew! Good news for British geeks as Channel 4 renews Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Wouldn’t it suck if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continued in the form that the last few episodes of season 1 got up to and if no network in the UK picked up the show. It would surely do wonders for Netflix, BlinkBox or Amazon’s Instant Video membership. Good news, though, as free to watch Channel 4 […]