Doctor Who: The Impossible Girl mystery – Who was the woman in the shop?


This post relates to a multi-series plot mystery in Doctor Who. It started in the last series in the episode called The Bells of St John. This was the episode in which the Doctor met Clara, again. If you’ve not seen Deep Breath, the first episode of Doctor Who season 8, then this post might […]

Phew! Good news for British geeks as Channel 4 renews Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Wouldn’t it suck if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continued in the form that the last few episodes of season 1 got up to and if no network in the UK picked up the show. It would surely do wonders for Netflix, BlinkBox or Amazon’s Instant Video membership. Good news, though, as free to watch Channel 4 […]

Proof of concept: The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who

animated doctor who

When I first saw this unofficial animation I wondered how the BBC would react. Now we know. The Official Doctor Who has shared the animation. Created by Stephen Byrne the short animation images what a cartoon Doctor Who might be like. Rather nicely Byrne uses the 12th Doctor for his hero. This isn’t the Oncoming […]

Oni v Samurai: Legend of the Millennium Dragon review


The first thing I noticed about Legend of the Millennium Dragon was the alternative anime style. I’m used to anime characters having larger heads and eyes than their body size would suggest but this movie took it a little further. The drawing style was different too and most noticeable in the way characters’ faces looked. […]

Warm up for a “battle comedy” with the Trinity Seven trailer

Trinty Seven a

Trinity Seven is billed as both a romantic comedy and as a fantasy battle. It’s set after an event called the “Collapse Phenomenon” which changes the world as we know it. The phenomenon causes Arata Kasuga to loose his cousin to an alternative world. In order to rescue his cousin, Arata enrols at the Royal […]

Doctor Who: Deep Breath trailer

Deep Breath

The first trailer for Deep Breath, the first episode of the new Doctor Who, is out. It might just be one of those episodes in which the newly regenerated Doctor is out for the count. For a while, at least. I’m not sure what explains the burning dinosaur stomping through London. Have roleplayers been involved […]