The Elements, Expanded

Marian Call

Think you know your elements? You should listen to Marian Call’s “The Elements, Expanded” for a geeky catch up Fun Singles in Your Area by Marian Call I love what Call has done here, taking Tom Lehrer’s classic and adding loads of geek goodness. You can buy her full album for not very much money.

Audio EXP: Power-hungry necromancers and BrainWebs

kaiju temple

Geek Native’s sound focused Audio EXP makes a return this month. This month we’ve got the first book from Marc Turner’s The Chronicles of the Exile When the Heavens Fall, Douglas E. Richards’ sci-fi BrainWeb and James Cambias’ military sci-fi Corsair. As an added bonus and perhaps for a limited time only a link to […]

Sony backs high school guitar band


Does a Japanese all-girl high school band sound like the stuff of anime to you? K-On, perhaps? That’s 3 sets of drums and 5 guitars for the band. They’re called 五五七二三二〇, which I’m told is pronounced, “go go nana ni san ni rei”. I believe the band are actual high school girls. The song is […]