Ocarina of Time: Kokiri Forest on violin

Ocarina of Time Kokiri Forest on violin

Taylor Davis’ wonderful work on the violin brings the Kokiri Forest theme to life. There’s some simple but hugely effect special effects that give this music video that a host of extra geek points. You can download the song from various sites, including iTunes, or buy physical albums too. Pop over to her YouTube channel […]

Game of Thrones done North by Northwest style

60s Game of Thrones

Saul Bass was an American designer who worked for Alfred Hitchcock. He invented a new type of kinetic typography and put it to work on title sequences for moves like North by Northwest, Vertigo and Psycho. Skip ahead to more recent times and you’ll see sequences inspired by his style in the likes of Catch […]

Happy memories with “I am the Doctor” on violins

I am the Doctor

Here’s one for Doctor Who fans. “I am the Doctor” is Murray Gold’s theme for Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. If you’ve seen the TV series you’ll remember the music. I’m no fashion expert but that TARDIS Lara’s wearing looks like a Black Milk item so that and the katana blades on the bookcase behind her […]

Beyond 8-bit; an evolution of video game music as a surprising acapella


Okay, I’ll admit. I’ve seen plenty of Mario and Sonic acapellas now. It’ll take a little bit more than that to earn a blog post these days. Step forward Triforce Films. This isn’t just an acapella (with a touch of cosplay). This is a tour through the evolution of computer game music and that means […]