Competition: Win Jeff Penny’s Odds and Ends


Jeff Penny is an ASCAP composer and arranger who creates original music often inspired by computer games. You can find his official site at and follow his social media accounts, including a Facebook fan page, from there. His YouTube channel as the video game inspired tracks, along with anime covers and other titles. Geek […]

On the Spot: Video game music


Tune in for Halo, Skyrim, Final Fantasy 7, BioShock and Chrono Cross. This video is done to support Player Piano’s Indiegogo campaign (backer link) and follows on from their “on the spot” jammin’ to Nintendo themes. It works like this: Tom plays clips of music to talented composer and pianist Sonya Belousova. Sonya then tries […]

Christmas Lights Star Wars style

Star Wars christmas lights

This video is good for the outset. You know what you’re going to get; the new habit of decking your house outs in enough lights to land a plane and carefully timed effects to music. I think there’s a surprise at around 1:30m which makes it even better. Tom BetGeorge’s video has had over 1 […]

Short film: Envoi


It’s a bleak sci-fi future. There’s a tyrannical government. A famous musician has lost his band to the system and so returns from hiding for one final performance. What do you think? Different? Straight forward and elegant or underwhelming?