Stirling does Dragon Age


Geek favourite Lindsey Stirling is back with a special effects rich Dragon Age video. She’s worked hard to produce videos that are suitable for the YouTube audience and bring her violin music to a wider audience. Just how large is Stirling’s audience? This video has been out 3 days and has had over 2.5 million […]

Portal version: Dumb Ways to Die

Portal Ways to Die

If you’ve seen the original Dumb Ways to Die then you’ll recognise the song. You don’t need to have the award winning safety video that was ultimately trying to persuade people not to be stupid around trains to enjoy this remake. You just need to like Portal. At the time of writing nearly 2,500,000 people […]

Ocarina of Time: Kokiri Forest on violin

Ocarina of Time Kokiri Forest on violin

Taylor Davis’ wonderful work on the violin brings the Kokiri Forest theme to life. There’s some simple but hugely effect special effects that give this music video that a host of extra geek points. You can download the song from various sites, including iTunes, or buy physical albums too. Pop over to her YouTube channel […]