Sand versus Sea: A review of The Desert Princess and the Pirates – Adventures in Alabasta


What a long title! The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta is the 8th movie in the One Piece saga. Count ‘em! 8 … and there’s more to go. My version of the movie is the one supplied in the One Piece: Movie Collection 3. These One Piece collections are good value; a […]

Cinematic montage explodes with greatness and over 300 clips

cinematic montage ii

This is the second cinematic montage from GameOvais and it is incredible. It’s hard not to become a champion for cinema after watching a collection like this. It’s worth keeping your geek hat on too and watch how many of these great films are directly inspired or taken from geeky titles. There’s over 300 movies […]

Watch as Vue Cinemas prank customers with Kingsman upgrades


Geek Native’s review of Kingsman is already live. How did that happen given the film isn’t out yet? Are we pals with the movie company? Nope. This reviewer got access to a special screening at his local Vue cinema. The queue was long, very long, but perhaps it was better waiting in line for an […]

8 of the best: Marvel Civil War breaking out across the web

Civil War 8

The next Captain America film will be called Civil War. Now, comic book fans will know what happened in the Mark Millar series but that doesn’t mean the movie will go the same way. The internet has been having fun over the last few days with alternative suggestions as to why the row kicked off. […]

Competition: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Fancy having your own copy of Guardians of the Galaxy? On blu-ray? Good news! Geek Native has one region B/2 (that’s Europe, including UK, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand) blu-ray to give away. Entering the competition is easy. Log into the widget below with either Facebook or your email address (this is so […]

Super spy violence: A review of Kingsman


I liked Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons and Matthew Vaughn’s The Secret Service: Kingsman comic book. At the time I tried to imagine what the movie of the super spy story would be like. My sense was that it would be hard to do but the superstar team make it work – thanks, largely, to the […]

Viewer discretion advised: A review of Exorcism


Exorcism is an 18-rated horror from director Lance Patrick and the actors and contributors Alex Rendall and Aisling Knight. The horror is a mashup of two common stories that combine to offer us something new. In one strand we’ve an exorcism gone wrong. In another strand we’ve behind-the-scenes footage of a movie being made. In […]

Original chaos: Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle review


The Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle is the 7th One Piece movie and I watched it as part of the 2014 One Piece: Movie Collection 3. My view of One Piece is that the movies tend to be better than the episodes. It’s a high action anime in which every character is bigger than […]