Godzilla Minus Godzilla: The coolest Kaiju films that don’t feature The Giant “G”!


Joe Badon is a freelance artist who has worked for the likes of Red Moon Comics, Assailant Comics, Rampaging Monster Comics and even University of Mary Washington. His store on Etsy lets you prints geeky prints at gamer-safe prices. Most importantly, right now at least, Joe is running a Kickstarter called Terra Kaiju. [Back this […]

Mad Max trailer is a symphony of destruction


George Miller’s Mad Max looks like it is shaping up nicely. We’ve got Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) as Max along with Charlize Theron (Monster, Prometheus) as the Imperator, Furiosa. I’m looking forward to seeing Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: Days of Future Past) as well. What do you think? A strong trailer or are they […]

Jules Verne mashup: A review of Master of the World

master of the world

Master of the World aired first back in 1961. It’s even older than I am and features remarkably young Charles Bronson and a physically imposing Vincent Price. The film is based on the 1886 sci-fi novel “Robur the Conqueror” and the 1904 “Master of the World”. I’ve read neither; but as I watched Master of […]

TOHO returns to Godzilla with the first feature film in 12 years


TOHO is the Japanese company behind Godzilla. They last made a movie featuring the iconic monster on 2004. Godzilla Final Wars had mutant soldiers in the Earth Defense Organization who battled against the alien Xilien aliens. Godzilla was released from his South Pole prison to battle the Xilien’s own army of monsters. Following the success […]

Not a shipwreck: A review of the Island of Doctor Moreau

The island of dr moreau

This is a 1977 film based on a 1896 sci-fi book by H.G. Wells. In the film Andrew Braddock, played by a young Michael York, washes up on a strange island run by Doctor Moreau, played by Burt Lancaster. Braddock is welcomed and taken care of – but something is not right. The other people […]

The full length Terminator Genisys trailer is out


Yup. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Terminator, in the latest Terminator movie along with a T-1000 and Sarah Connor. You might need to rewatch but that’s Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor. Jason Clarke is John Connor. What do you think? Good enough to get the mechanical heart beating again? A bit of a […]

Official Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer hits YouTube


Seen everyone raving about Star Wars: The Force Awakens while many bemoan that it’s only on QuickTime? Not great news for Apple. The official trailer, not one of the clever fakes, is now on YouTube via the Star Wars account. What do you make of the teaser? Has it done enough? Are you an old […]