Levelling up the newsletter


Stopped getting the Geek Native newsletter? You may need to re-subscribe or check your spam folder. At the end of 2014 Geek Native started an newsletter digest. It’s a way to keep tab of the site without RSS feeds, fighting with Facebook’s filter or remembering to check the web every day. If you’re not an […]

Get 15% off the Geek Native store


At the start of 2015 Geek Native launched a store on Redbubble. Whenever the blog commissions art for a feature post, if it’s good enough, the piece becomes fashion, phonetech or cool geek stuff to buy. For example, “Dot Rar” the dragon from the new Audio EXP column can be yours on t-shirt, pillow, iPhone […]

How not to freak out when someone asks you who they should cosplay as

Cosplay Freakout

It is great. The cosplay hobby is growing in popularity. There are new cosplayers entering the pastime with each convention and meet up. Cosplayers have popular Facebook pages and there are thriving online communities. Sometimes someone dares ask; “Who should I cosplay as?” Does that sound terrible? It shouldn’t. The only catch is the question […]

Get ready for Virtuacon 14


Virtuacon offers the best 3 days in virtual gaming. It’s coordinated via RPG Geek but run via the Virtuacon Google+ community. Games take place in Google Hangouts while programs like DiceStream and Roll20. If you’re not sure how that works then this video is recorded from actual gameplay from last year. Jacob Wood running a […]

How to watch the George RR Martin and Robin Hobb world building live steam


On Tuesday the 19th of August, at 8pm in London George RR Martin and Robin Hobb will talk about building a world. The fantasy authors will talk about creating fictional universes, characters and balancing fantasy with reality. You can still buy ticket to the event in London. They come with a hardback copy of Robin […]

Geek Native 3 launches


If you have visited the site over the last couple of days you would have noticed that something was going on. This is Geek Native 3. The site you see at the minute is the third generation of the blog and the spiritual successor to GameWyrd. Readers rarely react well when websites change. How many […]

Geek & Sundry sold to Legendary Entertainment


Congratulations to Felicia Day and Sheri Bryant who have sold their YouTube based company Geek & Sundry to Legendary Pictures. It doesn’t feel that long as ago that Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop series, part of Geek & Sundry, raised over a million in a crowdfunding exercise. Hopefully fans will be cool with the purchase and that […]