David Reddick on Intelligent Life, Spider-Woman’s butt and Star Trek


I first encountered David Reddick’s Intelligent Life over at Comics Kingdom. There it’s one of my favourite strips, among many other good series, and I’ve actually configured the system to email me updates rather than rely on RSS as I normally do. I’ve gotten to know the characters; Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry pretty well […]

Cosplayer and Etsy artist: A chat with Karin Aela


I met Karin McClure at a comics convention in Scotland. Her detailed art immediately caught my eye. For example, this Middle Earth poster print looks like something you might get in a very expensive deluxe box set for a game. [I need this] You can see more of Karin’s work and buy prints and t-shirts […]

5 tips to beat the odds! Designing and kickstarting a board game by yourself


Vladimir Teneslav is a designer based in Bucharest in Romania. His company is What We Make. Teneslav’s designed and is in the process of Kickstarting a board game called MIND: The Fall of Paradise all by himself. Tough gig, right? I think the pitch video for MIND speaks for itself. I wanted to talk to […]

Vow of Honor offers a world full of dishonor

nayakan voh shield 4x3

Sigil Stone Publishing and Ben Dutter have a fresh Kickstarter campaign for the RPG Vow of Honor. Geek Native’s community have already had a peak into Vow of Honor but we’re curious gamers and wanted to know more. Ben kindly agreed to an interview. If you only had three sentences to describe Vow of Honor […]

Alien invasions with the Ultimum tabletop RPG


Ultimum is an ambitious Kickstarter for a tabletop RPG enhanced with lots of hi-tech options. The pitch video gives a clear idea of the project scope. Give it a watch and then read on for our interview with lead designer Christian Muckler. If you need more insight after that then pop over to our peek […]

James Swallow: From Jack Bauer as an Imperial Inquisitor to the evolution of Deux Ex


James Swallow is the author of Deadline, the official tie-in novel to the TV show 24: Live Another Day. If you’re quick you could win a copy on Geek Native. There are many great titles to Swallow’s portfolio; Warhammer 40K, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Stargate to name just a few. Geek Native was lucky […]

Sherlock and the fear of death: blog touring with Anna Caltabiano

Seventh Miss Hatfield

Gollancz will publish The Seventh Miss Hatfield on the 31st of July. Geek Native’s review is already up and called Pride, Prejudice and Time Lords. There’s one interesting fact that the review didn’t mention as it has no relation to the quality of the story but does offer an interesting twist. Anna Caltabiano, author of […]

Exclusive: Up close and personal with Vampire Boogie


Vampire Boogie is a new comic book series from Corey Brotherson (Clockwork Watch, Magic of Myths) and James Daniels. Brotherson provides story and script, Daniels the art and character ideas while Mike Stock provides lettering and logo. No prizes for guessing that Vampire Boogie is about vampires. It’s a vampire story with a twist, though, […]