The Victorians that Weren’t

iron and blood

“The Victorians that Weren’t” is a guest post from Gail Z. Martin the co-author of Solaris Publishing’s forthcoming Iron and Blood steampunk adventure. How true do characters in alternative history–including Steampunk–need to remain to the beliefs, mores and biases of their time? It’s a thorny question, as our ancestors–hell, our parents–held beliefs about the world, […]

Something dangerous brews: The Onyx Path Publishing team lift the lid on Beast


Onyx Path Publishing have had a run of very successful Kickstarters, built up a loyal fan base and developed a reputation for both looking after popular RPGs and innovation. The latest project is a Kickstarter for Beast: The Primordial which is going strong. This is a brand new title, that’s had some controversy and plenty […]

Hellish weaponry: Shane Hensley chats about the weird west and The Sixth Gun


Oni Press and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are running a Kickstarter for The Sixth Gun. It’s a weird west RPG based on the comic book The Six Gun. You can check out the pitch video below, the campaign page here and our Q&A with PEG’s Shane Hensley, Scott Woodard, and Cullen Bunn by scrolling down. [Back […]

God, Satan and Neil Gaiman: Justin Lee Anderson talks Carpet Diem

Carpet Diem

Justin Lee Anderson was born in Edinburgh, spent much of his childhood in the US thanks to his father’s career in professional football (soccer), before coming back home, via France, to settle into happy family chaos. He’s been writing for 15 years and misses Firefly. Justin’s book, Carpet Diem is just out and so Geek […]

The creator of Dark Star: An interview with Oliver Langmead

Dark Star tour

Dark Star is a blend of crime and sci-fi. The story is set in a dark world, in the aftermath of an incredible and dangerous crime. Unsung Stories, the British publisher, launched the book on the day of the solar eclipse in Europe and is masterminding a blog tour with the author Oliver Langmead. Geek […]

Explore inside the Neon Sanctum

Neon City - Copy

Grenade Punch Games have just launched their Kickstarteer for the card-based cyberpunk RPG Neon Sanctum. You can read more about the campaign here, watch the pitch video below and scroll down for an interview that explores inside the game. [Back the Campaign] Can you give us a quick description to Neon Sanctum? Neon Sanctum is […]

Anime wizards: An interview with Animatsu

Animatsu Promo Photo (13) (1)

At the start of the year Geek Native reported on the rise of Animatsu and a launch with 11 titles. Former Manga UK managers Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson have taken their expertise and created a company that’s not just an anime distributor but touches on production and IP. Sound interesting? Geek Native reached out […]

Pokemon meets D&D? Let’s talk MajiMonsters!

mm-CYOMM - Whalerus - Erica Hildebrand

At the start of the month Geek Native covered the launch of the MajiMonster RPG Kickstarter. I’m now a backer of Late Knight Games’ project as I think there’s a nice new take on a traditional RPG here. [Back this Campaign] Dan Coleman and Jonathan Barron of Late Knight coordinated with me over email. In this […]

What’s it all about? Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction


Mystical Throne Entertainment has just released the Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction supplement for the core Entropic Gaming System rules. The book adds elements items like toolkits to create custom player character species, benefits heroes with sci-fi backgrounds (xeno species), high-tech equipment and technology-driven talents. GMs will find guidance on creating science fiction campaigns, across many […]

David Reddick on Intelligent Life, Spider-Woman’s butt and Star Trek


I first encountered David Reddick’s Intelligent Life over at Comics Kingdom. There it’s one of my favourite strips, among many other good series, and I’ve actually configured the system to email me updates rather than rely on RSS as I normally do. I’ve gotten to know the characters; Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry pretty well […]