Alien invasions with the Ultimum tabletop RPG


Ultimum is an ambitious Kickstarter for a tabletop RPG enhanced with lots of hi-tech options. The pitch video gives a clear idea of the project scope. Give it a watch and then read on for our interview with lead designer Christian Muckler. If you need more insight after that then pop over to our peek […]

James Swallow: From Jack Bauer as an Imperial Inquisitor to the evolution of Deux Ex


James Swallow is the author of Deadline, the official tie-in novel to the TV show 24: Live Another Day. If you’re quick you could win a copy on Geek Native. There are many great titles to Swallow’s portfolio; Warhammer 40K, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Stargate to name just a few. Geek Native was lucky […]

Sherlock and the fear of death: blog touring with Anna Caltabiano

Seventh Miss Hatfield

Gollancz will publish The Seventh Miss Hatfield on the 31st of July. Geek Native’s review is already up and called Pride, Prejudice and Time Lords. There’s one interesting fact that the review didn’t mention as it has no relation to the quality of the story but does offer an interesting twist. Anna Caltabiano, author of […]

Exclusive: Up close and personal with Vampire Boogie


Vampire Boogie is a new comic book series from Corey Brotherson (Clockwork Watch, Magic of Myths) and James Daniels. Brotherson provides story and script, Daniels the art and character ideas while Mike Stock provides lettering and logo. No prizes for guessing that Vampire Boogie is about vampires. It’s a vampire story with a twist, though, […]

Superhero Week: The Mutants and Masterminds interview

Gadget Guides Cover

The annual Superhero Week superhero RPG battles (2012 & 2013) have shown Green Ronin does a great job. Gamers rate Mutants and Masterminds very highly. Although this year Green Ronin doesn’t have a new superhero in wrestling ring the publisher has been very busy. I caught up with Jon Leitheusser and Steve Kenson to talk […]

Superhero Week: Bored with traditional hero RPGs? Can you go Awesome?


Ross Howell of Sharkpunch Studios is the designer of The Awesome System. The game is available for ten bucks at DriveThru RPG and uses a lot of D6. The Awesome System wasn’t written specifically to handle superheroes but does offer that high-octane movie-romp style of game play. I wondered whether the system could be used […]

Rourke the Hexbuster goes digital


The horror-fantasy comic book series from Federico Memola have gone digital and are now available at ComiXology and at DriveThru Comics. Set in Ireland and filled with witches, demons, supernatural horrors and plenty of magic, Rourke is an anti-hero who has the ability to take curses from others provided he takes them on instead. Rourke […]

Freda Warrington’s Top Ten supernatural novels for vampire lovers… and weird house fanatics

The Dark Blood of Poppies

Freda Warrington is a British author of vampire, fantasy and supernatural novels. Born in Leicester, Warrington has created such favourites as the Blackbird series, the Blood Wine series, Dark Cathedral series, The Jewelfire Trilogy and Aetherial Tales series. The British Fantasy Society have nominated four of her stories for Best Novel awards and Elfland took […]

In Dark Service: Exploring Far-Called with Stephen Hunt

In Dark Service

Stephen Hunt is geek of note and respect. He step up, a hugely popular geek site (Geek Native has envy issues), he is an internet pioneer and his fiction has been so successful he writes full time now. The Times described his Jackelian Novels as “inventive, ambitious work, full of wonders and marvels”. Hunt’s […]