16 clever dogs of the Marvel Universe

Dogs of the Marvel Universe 1

Josh Lynch is a creative director and freelance illustrator. He shared this collection of “DOTMU: Dogs of the Marvel Universe” to his public gallery at Behance and you should take a look. I think Punisher pug is my favourite. Which is yours?

10 wonderfully moody fantasy and sci-fi illustrations from Sergey Musin


At times I’m inspired to imagine this as Giger meets traditional fantasy… or sci-fi. Check, I think there’s even Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell styling in there. Sergey Musin demonstrates a wide range just within these few sample pictures. I strongly recommend checking out the Russian’s Deviant Art page, especially as you can buy some […]

Superhero Week: Cool superhero and Star Wars vintage dictionary prints


Etsy retailer Loft817 printworks is going on my bookmark list. They take old dictionaries and print a range of geeky art on them. Since this is Superhero Week this post will focus on mainly on heroes and villains. The Star Wars prints are a bonus! Tempted? I am! Check out Loft817 printworks.

Superhero Week: Hijab superhero self portraits


Nour Saleh is a hijab wearing Canadian. Last year she took up a Tumblr challenge to draw herself as different fictional characters. I love how Nour responded to that challenge. Not only did she imagine herself as various superheroes, she kept the hijab in all of the illustrations. I think the results work well and […]

Superhero Week: Artist reimagines superheroines with practical costumes


Geek Native once called this “drawing the impossible” back when we looked at Michael Lee Lunsford’s fully dressed superheroines. I like these additional designs from Lord Ingvard. He’s an illustrator who was experimenting with alternatives… but has found out that not everyone on the internet appreciates it. Amazingly, he’s been forced to offer apologies for […]