Disney ladies as Marvel superheroes


Another great piece from Cartoon Cookie and based off an Agents of Shield comic cover. If you’re at the Dallas Comic Con this February then you’ll have a chance to buy this print. Featured are; Snow White: Wasp Aurora: Captain Marvel Elsa: Emma Frost (White Queen) Merida: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) Megara: Black Widow Esmeralda: Scarlet […]

Fantastic concept character art from Witch Quest

witch quest 1

Yongjae Choi, also known as Indus, is a freelance concept art in Korea. Indus has experience in the gaming industry working both as the lead concept artist but also game developer. These pictures where shared to Behance as a personal project. Very impressive! I have to wonder what the background to Witch Quest might have […]

Born again: the monsters from Doom


I rather like this set of illustrations from the talented Eric Ridgeway. We have reimagined monsters from classic Doom and Doom II. They’re far more scary and freaky at this level of detail. I recommend checking out Ridgeway’s Deviant Art print store for a range of fantasy and horror themed stunners. Cacodemon Cyberdemon Doom Imp […]

9 superb illustrations from Jeremy Chong

Jeremy Chong 1

Jeremy Chong is a concept artist at the games and animation studio Lemon Sky. Based in Malaysia, the company and Chong have worked with the likes of Bandai Namco, Campcom, 2K Games, Ubisoft, EA, Sony and Microsoft. I really like Chong’s style. He manages to blend concepts together in graceful and surprising ways. What looks […]

What would Disney meets DOTA look like?

Igor Artyomenko 1

This is a clever series of illustrations from Igor Artyomenko. It’s well worth checking out the Kazakhstani’s Deviant Art page, especially the print store where you can buy his stuff. There’s something remarkable about Defense of the Ancients that lures artistic talent to it. In this case we see a mashup of Disney’s Frozen.

Fantastically sinister art from David Palumbo

David Palumbo 1

David Palumbo is a talented freelance illustrator who has worked for Marvel, Nightshade Books, Pyr Books, Heavy Metal Magazine and Wizards of the Coast. I really like the Philadelphia-based artist’s style. Palumbo manages to blend real with the unreal in quite a sinister way. You can view more of his art on Deviant Art, his […]