Poster: Alien


This remarkable poster is the work of Joshua Budich. It’s well worth checking out his site. Here’s an artist that’s born to illustrate. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram too. There’s plenty of art on the latter. A Xenomorph like this hanging on the wall of your gaming den is sure to be […]

The Legend of Chuyun

Zhichao Cai 4

The Legend of Chuyun is a project from Zhichao Cai. I’m a fan of the style and previously Geek Native has featured The Rebellion of Heaven and The Journey of Universe. In The Legend of Chuyun there are five kingdoms and each one is associated with one of the five elements; Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood […]

What if superheroes had part time jobs?


Artist Chow Hon Lam has a great series of illustrations exploring funny part time jobs for superheroes and geek culture figures. There’s a sample below and you can see the rest over at the official collection. I also recommend checking out the store at Flying Mouse 365 where you can pick up many of these […]

5 of the best Harlock Space Pirate fan illustrations


The collectors edition steelbook of the 3D/2D Harlock Space Pirate reboot was released this week. Harlock’s a hugely popular franchise, a hero who’s been with the geek community for a while now and I’m sure the steelbook will be popular. I’ve called the feature length animation a “reboot” because it does re-imagine the series. You […]

John Aslarona’s Daredevil tribute poster


Poster Posse have been showcasing a range of amazingly Daredevil posters as a tribute to the Marvel and Netflix release of Daredevil. There has been two tribute collections so far with Phase One showing work from the likes of Rich Davies, DOALY and Orlando Arocena and Phase Two doubling up with work from Simon Delart, […]