Watch 12 iconic horrors morph


Infographic design agency Neomam has created this 12 character animated gif to celebrate Halloween and showcase their talent. The company is named after the “neomammalian complex” which is the part of the brain found in mammals that is involved with perception, reasoning, conscious thought and language. This animated gif takes 12 characters from the history […]

A feast of art from Kari Christensen

Kari Christensen 1

Kari started out a games studio and working for the likes of Interactive Magic and Activision. He’s gone on to manage a department of over 20 creatives and now works freelance. Gamers will recognise his clients; Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf Publishing, Alderac Entertainment Group, Sabertooth Games, Fantasy Flight Games and others. […]

Making the perfect paper mache dragon


It’s been too long since I made paper mache. Now that I’ve found Ultimate Paper that may change. Check out Cindy’s dragon and the four-page step by step instructions on how she did it. Cindy says she started the project by chance and accident. Just like me, Cindy hadn’t sculpted anything since high school, […]

It’s bath time for baby Cthulhu


Dwaa. Baby Cthulhu looks so happy with his floaty bath toy. He could snuggle and huggle it all night long. This amazing madness is by American artist Psithyrus, also known as Blair Sampson, and is one of many reasons why you should check the sci-fi and fantasy fan’s Deviant Art gallery out. Via PipeDreamerGrey at […]