The wonderful worlds of Simon Weaner

Simon Weaner 1

Simon Weaner says he got into digital art after accidentally stumbling into Deviant Art. You can see the Quebec based concept artist’s own Deviant Art page here, along with his blog and portfolio site. Weaner has the knack of bringing worlds to life. Each one of his illustrations could be a GM screen, wallpaper or […]

Icons and Superheroes launch with X-Men


Watching the Mad Max trailer last night reminded me of Maxime Crouzet’s minimalist Fury Road poster. As it happens Maxime has a new venture and it’s all about Icons and Superheroes. The project is to create a series of limited edition posters for 50 characters from various superhero universes. Maxime tells me she is starting […]

Castles and robots from Peter Popken

Peter Popken 7

Peter Popken is an artist who works in the film industry as a conceptual designer. You can see his professional portflio or his blog for more samples of his work. If you’ve seen Thor, Beauty & The Beast or George Clooney’s Monuments Men then you’ve already seen some. He’s worked with Disney, Marvel, Paramount, Universal, […]

Pac-man x-ray print


Buy this This piece is by the British ‘aerosol artist SHOK-1′ and is called “The Consumer”. I get the message. SHOK-1 has been painting the streets and mixing it up with gamer culture since the 80s. His prints tend to sell out when they go on sale as they’re limited in number.

Light and darkness in the art of Jan Ditlev Christensen


Jan Ditlev Christensen is an artist based in Denmark working for Io Interactive in Copenhagen. You can enjoy his official portfolio over on his website as well as the work he shares to his Deviant Art page. Christensen seems to have a broad range; going deep into fantasy or sci-fi as required. What strikes […]