Twisted Princess: Merida


Geek Native has featured plenty of Jeffrey Thomas’ art before. Why? It’s awesome! The two galleries shown so far are both Twisted Princesses. One Geek Native presented as Disney princesses as RPG encounters and the other Disney Princesses as RPG monsters. This time round we’ve Merida the Bear Queen. There’s a backstory here. Thomas explains […]

Poster: Robot Bones


Joon Ahn is a senior concept artist at Riot Games. Last month he updated his ArtStation with a new piece of work and just the casual mention of “Poster work”. I think “Poster work” is an understatement. Look at the colour and drama in this piece! Robot Bones is right!

Explore distant worlds with Andree Wallin

Andree Wallin 2

Andree Wallin is a concept artist at Lucasfilm and finds the time to freelance via Blur Studio too. He’s worked on projects like Godzilla and Oblivion and the latter sci-fi is where I first encountered his work. In addition to sci-fi worlds Wallin illustrates some fantastic Japanese architecture and landscapes. You can check out his […]

Drake Tsui’s bold art channels anime and western influences

Drake Tsui 1

Drake Tsui is a freelance Canadian artist. You can view his work up on Deviant Art, his Tumblr and a web comic called SIN. I think Drake’s style draws heavily on anime while still having plenty of western fantasy illustration in there. Colour? Always used boldly and will great skill. Fan of his work? You […]