Behold! Fantasy art from Antonio Javier Caparo – steampunky and surreal

Antonio Javier Caparo 3

These 9 illustrations are the work of freelance artist Antonio Caparo. Based in Montreal, Canada, this fantastic artist has had his work published in children’s books, magazines and novels. Clients include the like of Hyperion Books, Scholastic, Harper Collins, Tor, Random House and plenty more. Great news! You can buy his work over at Inprnt. […]

Anime wizards: An interview with Animatsu

Animatsu Promo Photo (13) (1)

At the start of the year Geek Native reported on the rise of Animatsu and a launch with 11 titles. Former Manga UK managers Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson have taken their expertise and created a company that’s not just an anime distributor but touches on production and IP. Sound interesting? Geek Native reached out […]

Enjoy the happy madness of Katsucon 2015 with this video recap

Katsucon 2015 8

Team Beat Down Boogie went to Katsucon and, as is their way, have produced a highlight video of some of the best and most interesting cosplay. This cut is about 10 minutes long and called “Pretty Strange”. I think there are some great costumes in here. Fancy a look at the pictures? There’s a collection […]

It’s a trap! Trap

Its a trap - animal

How’s this for a brand of mouse traps? Ackbar! It’s a trap! “Mon Calamari” is the name of the amphibian species Gial Ackbar belongs too. In truth the trap was probably made on the planet Dac. Well, that’s unless all that Star Wars mythology is also wiped away by the new Disney bosses.

Short film: 1900-2000


A short animation in French. A couple have to persuade a theatre owner to let them run their “time travel” show in which they preview what the world in the Year 2000 will be like. The wife is worried it’ll be a disaster. The husband is sure his steam-powered stakes and automatic farm machine will […]

9 war machines and wonders by Nick Carver

Nick Carver 8

Nick Carver is a character and concept artist. He now works as a senior artist at Blizzard Entertainment and is a graduate from the University of Sheffield in England. Carver specialises in the use of Zbrush for digital sculpting which looks like a great tool for character design, texturing and the challenges of concept art. […]