Say what? A 3D-printed talking d20


Tabletop gaming is a hugely accessible hobby as the most important ability is your imagination. That said, those with visual difficulties aren’t always fond of dice heavy systems with hard to read dice. Wouldn’t it be cool if your d20 spoke, out aloud, the number it had just rolled? The details of the project are […]

Scott Fuller’s geeky movie posters


There’s word cloud art, there’s movie poster art and then there’s Scott Fuller mashup of the two. It’s worth checking out his Deviant Art page as well as Behance for a good look at his word. Inspired by video cames and retro cartoons. Fuller’s worked as a freelance animator, illustrator and as a lead VFX […]

Short film: The Event


This short film from Rustam Vakilov is a proof of concept for a larger, full-length, feature. Do you think it would work? We follow Neil, a chap in his mid-20s, waking up to find himself having a very strange morning. Events take a turn for the bizarre as the world rushes to a cataclysmic end […]

Pokemon coffee labels


The team figured that at least one generation of coffee drinkers have grown up with Pokemon and that the two go together. I think they might be right; with titles like Pikachu’s Morning Spark, Drowzee’s Sleep-Inducer (decaf, right) Gengar’s Jump Scare and Hoothoot’s Night Owl to pick from, who could say no? If you’re […]