Short film: The Brain Hack

the brain hack

Danger: View with extreme caution. Don’t watch at all if you’ve epilepsy. If you’re a gamer then watch this blend of sci-fi with horror and see if you can beat the curve. A great film from Joe White, The Brain Hack follows two students and on an interesting experiment to create hallucinogenic visions of god. […]

The creator of Dark Star: An interview with Oliver Langmead

Dark Star tour

Dark Star is a blend of crime and sci-fi. The story is set in a dark world, in the aftermath of an incredible and dangerous crime. Unsung Stories, the British publisher, launched the book on the day of the solar eclipse in Europe and is masterminding a blog tour with the author Oliver Langmead. Geek […]

Take DC Bombshell Harley Quinn to bed


The March issue of the PREVIEWS Catalog contains an exclusive Harley Quinn satin robe as well as Harley and Wonder Woman tapestry blankets. The items are due to be released to comic book stores for late May. Ant Lucia’s classic pin-up sttle is on display. The satin robe comes from Underboss and the blankets from […]

Explore inside the Neon Sanctum

Neon City - Copy

Grenade Punch Games have just launched their Kickstarteer for the card-based cyberpunk RPG Neon Sanctum. You can read more about the campaign here, watch the pitch video below and scroll down for an interview that explores inside the game. [Back the Campaign] Can you give us a quick description to Neon Sanctum? Neon Sanctum is […]