Superhero Week: Steampunk Rogue and Phoenix cosplay


This week contains the 1st of July and that means it’s the return of Superhero Week here on Geek Native! You’d expect some cosplay on day one and you’d be right! Here we’ve some great mashup cosplay; a steampunk twist to Rogue and Phoenix. One question though; would you have been able to tell which […]

Fancy a monster sound system?


Who would buy this? A geeky musical festival, a well funded LARP, or perhaps computer games company throwing a party? [I neeeeeeed] Etsy retailer “HandPaintedGarments” describe this as “big, green and unique”. I’d say they’re right. The handmade system is composed of fibre glass, leather, rope, metal, wood and even crystal. You can see the […]

Tabitha Lyons as Red Sonja


Previously, we’d seen Luzbel d’Auvergne as Red Sonja. Now we see how well Tabitha Lyons does. The short answer: Very well! Red Sonja is classic cosplay. It’s quite literally one of the first costumes to appear in American comic conventions, as She Makes Comics documents. Tabitha is keeping the geeky creator spirit going strong at […]

The Victorians that Weren’t

iron and blood

“The Victorians that Weren’t” is a guest post from Gail Z. Martin the co-author of Solaris Publishing’s forthcoming Iron and Blood steampunk adventure. How true do characters in alternative history–including Steampunk–need to remain to the beliefs, mores and biases of their time? It’s a thorny question, as our ancestors–hell, our parents–held beliefs about the world, […]

Cats love to be fed to Chain Chomps


Chain Chomps are common enemies from Mario. They first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 and, as it turns out, cats love to crawl inside their gaping mouths and snuggle down. Okay, this particular Chain Chomp isn’t your traditional Mario enemy. This Chain Chomp is a custom made bed by Catastrophic Creations. Oh yes, Catastrophic […]