Overwatch cosplayers recreate gameplay

overwatch gameplay

While out and about at the Anime Expo 2105, Killers and Company shot a live action sequence of Overwatch “gameplay”. Shows how the cosplay culture continues to evolve. Who was involved? Widowmaker is Reilena Cosplay, Henchman Props for Reaper, Mercy was by Aphelion and Hanzo was Doom and Gloom Princess. The guest appearance by Deadpool […]

If you like sports then you’re more willing to strike deals with demons


Have you noticed how mainstream media is always very quick to point out if a criminal was a gamer – or whether a suspected criminal was a gamer. Statistically it’s likely that some of the worst criminals in today’s society are football fans but that’s not a parallel the media like to point out. In […]

16 clever dogs of the Marvel Universe

Dogs of the Marvel Universe 1

Josh Lynch is a creative director and freelance illustrator. He shared this collection of “DOTMU: Dogs of the Marvel Universe” to his public gallery at Behance and you should take a look. I think Punisher pug is my favourite. Which is yours?

Short film: Last Light


Does he have what it takes to survive? This is a zombie post apocalyptic short in which one hopeless man has to wrestle with his past in order to have any sort of future. Last Light was a submission for the My Rode Reel 2015, International Short Film Competition and was directed by Michael Lubin.

10 wonderfully moody fantasy and sci-fi illustrations from Sergey Musin


At times I’m inspired to imagine this as Giger meets traditional fantasy… or sci-fi. Check, I think there’s even Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell styling in there. Sergey Musin demonstrates a wide range just within these few sample pictures. I strongly recommend checking out the Russian’s Deviant Art page, especially as you can buy some […]