The Bender woodstove


This Bender is actually a wood burning stove. The man who made this has a blog with a single entry. Called Bender Bending Rodriguez the post details how one drunken idea turned into the stand up stove. If you want to build a Futurama inspired stove yourself; this post will tell you how. Blogged by […]

Brain freeze: Skull ice molds!


[I want these now.] A set of two molds (dishwasher, freezer, microwave and even oven safe) suitable for turning water to kick-ass frozen skulls. This is a Think Geek creation and therefore you’ll need to make a quick trip to Think Geek to buy these. Wonder how it works? Freeze the bottom half of the […]

5 tips to beat the odds! Designing and kickstarting a board game by yourself


Vladimir Teneslav is a designer based in Bucharest in Romania. His company is What We Make. Teneslav’s designed and is in the process of Kickstarting a board game called MIND: The Fall of Paradise all by himself. Tough gig, right? I think the pitch video for MIND speaks for itself. I wanted to talk to […]