Watch 12 iconic horrors morph


Infographic design agency Neomam has created this 12 character animated gif to celebrate Halloween and showcase their talent. The company is named after the “neomammalian complex” which is the part of the brain found in mammals that is involved with perception, reasoning, conscious thought and language. This animated gif takes 12 characters from the history […]

Short film: Bag Man

Bag Man

A short sci-fi from A TWIN (thing) – that’s Jonathan and Josh Baker. This is a sci-fi although the slow start may leave you wondering what’s going on. We follow a young American boy, discover he’s skipping school and carrying a bag somewhere. Stick with it.

A feast of art from Kari Christensen

Kari Christensen 1

Kari started out a games studio and working for the likes of Interactive Magic and Activision. He’s gone on to manage a department of over 20 creatives and now works freelance. Gamers will recognise his clients; Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf Publishing, Alderac Entertainment Group, Sabertooth Games, Fantasy Flight Games and others. […]

Book of Kells cosplay

Book of Kells 1

This is different. This is cosplaying as the Book of Kells; an illuminated Latin manuscript that contains the four Gospels of the New Testament. If you want to check out the original you can do so via the Trinity College Digital Collections site. This costume and temporary tattoo collection was created by Amanda King and […]