Explore distant worlds with Andree Wallin

Andree Wallin 2

Andree Wallin is a concept artist at Lucasfilm and finds the time to freelance via Blur Studio too. He’s worked on projects like Godzilla and Oblivion and the latter sci-fi is where I first encountered his work. In addition to sci-fi worlds Wallin illustrates some fantastic Japanese architecture and landscapes. You can check out his […]

Short film: Abiogenesis


This is a very pretty sci-fi short film. A strange spacecraft lands on a primordial landscape and a stunning but unlikely series of events unfold. This is stunning but also represents that intersection of super-science and “why would they do it like that?”. Just switch off your brain and enjoy the sci-fi-prwn.

Does the Ragnarok gas mask make you think “Steampunk Bane”?

steampunk bane

Etsy retailer Tom Banwell has this handmade mask up for sale. Created with leather, resin, metal fittings, cold cast aluminun and acrylic sheet the mask is titled “Ragnarok Gas Mask”. Perhaps it’s the model Banwell picked to sell the steampunk mask but I can’t help think of Gotham’s very own Bane. A steampunk Bane. What […]

Short film: Uprooted


There isn’t a word of dialogue in Johnny Likens’ Uprooted but it’ll certainly make you think. This three minute film uses public domain images and video from NASA to create a powerful story of space and home. Likens’ quotes H.G. Wells; “Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of […]