Is it funny when they die? Roleplayers’ famous last words


“What a useless scroll. It just says HASTUR HASTUR HASTUR over and over again…” “Hey you! Bitch queen of the spiders!” These comic strips are from Geek Native’s 10 week long famous last words Friday. These quotes come from the famous last words archive from GameWyrd which dates back to 2003 and a user generated […]

Famous Last Words: Dude, your sister…


This is the tenth and the final offering for Famous Last Words Friday. Hope you’ve had a chuckle at all the things characters have said just before they suddenly reached hit points zero. Or, in this case, things players have said just before their character suddenly died. For some reason.  < Previous stripFamous Last WordsLast […]

Famous Last Words: Actually, chainsaws…


 < Previous stripFamous Last WordsNext strip >    “Actually chainsaws make fairly clumsy weapons.” Cast your eye over the other Famous Last Words Friday pieces but know that this one is special. This Famous Last Words goes live on the day some worry might be the end of the world thanks to the Mayan calendar […]

Famous Last Words Friday: Stormtroopers can’t hit…


 < Previous stripFamous Last WordsNext strip >    Stormtroopers can’t hit wampa at this dist… Our Famous Last Words Friday series isn’t all fantasy – we’ve got some of the most famous and funny last words ever uttered in sci-fi roleplaying games too.

Famous Last Words Friday: I Said Cast Fireball


It’s our third Famous Last Words Friday so there’s two other cartoons to check out. This one, though, is one of my personal favourites.  < Previous stripFamous Last WordsNext strip >    I can just hear a player I know insisting, angrily; I didn’t ask how big the room was, I said cast fireball!

Famous Last Words Friday: I Know An Illusion…


This Famous Last Words Friday! Last week we had death before dishonor and this week we have the art of illusion spotting. Don’t be fooled. It’s probably an illusion. Check out the old school famous last words section in the GameWyrd archives.  < Previous stripFamous Last WordsNext strip >