Exclusive peek at “How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss”


Interesting title, huh? “How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss” raised more than $4,500 on Kickstarter which was more than twice Venger Satanis’ campaign target. Venger writes for Kort’thalis Publishing with his most recent work Reverly in Torth currently sitting at 4.5/5 stars at DriveThruRPG after multpile reviews. The Kickstarter tells us a little […]

In a RPG you can do anything…


A piece titled “In Dungeons & Dragons you can do anything” by Rumbleraven. I think it works as well for any given RPG. There’s more than one truth in this straightforward but effective comic strip. It’s true that lots of guys character up as warriors they would like to be. It’s also true that the […]

Know Your Role(play): A Review of World Wide Wrestling


In 2010, D. Vincent Baker made a game called Apocalypse World. Since then, the hobby’s never been the same. Emphasizing a conversational approach to gaming rather than hard-and-fast rulings and backed by simple, elegant mechanics, Apocalypse World took the world of roleplaying by storm, and has since spawned numerous spinoffs and conversions. The latest game to adorn the now-glorious words “Powered by […]

Pokemon meets D&D? Let’s talk MajiMonsters!

mm-CYOMM - Whalerus - Erica Hildebrand

At the start of the month Geek Native covered the launch of the MajiMonster RPG Kickstarter. I’m now a backer of Late Knight Games’ project as I think there’s a nice new take on a traditional RPG here. [Back this Campaign] Dan Coleman and Jonathan Barron of Late Knight coordinated with me over email. In this […]

8 finalists announced for Paizo’s RPG Superstar 2015


Pathfinder RPG publisher Paizo have announced the top 8 finalists for the 2015 RPG Superstar along with their winning monster designs. They are; Gabriel Almer — Gloomwasp Brian Fruzen — Geomaw Scott LaBarge — Coryphae Monica Marlowe — Narrick Ben Iglauer — Occularictus Kalervo Oikarinen — Dread Glutton R Pickard — Spiroskek Christopher Wasko — […]

Succumb to the Masks of Nyarathotep

Masks of Nyarathotep

Masks of Nyarathotep has long been considered a classic Call of Cthulhu supplement. I’ve not tried it but I’m told running the game is a challenge. There are many NPCs, plenty of locations, cultists and one angry Outer God. The Companion is Sixtystone Press‘s proposed solution. It seems they’re right as the Kickstarter asked for […]

Dungeon Worlds surge past funding goal

dungeon worlds

Acheson Creations have a tabletop model success on their hands as a Kickstarter for highly-detailed 28mm dungeon titles surges past funding goal with two weeks still to go. For more details check out the Kickstarter page. [Back this Campaign] The team are asking for $3,800. At the time of writing they’ve $10,069 and 15 days […]

Ireland’s Miniature13 launches on Kickstarter


How many gaming miniature companies from Ireland can you name? I have to wonder whether Miniature13 is the only one. There’s a short, 17 day, Kickstarter than launched Friday 13th. It’s more than x2 funded already. For more details check out the campaign page. [Back this Campaign] Miniature13 gave themselves only 17 days to raise […]