Gamers versus Models for life after the apocalypse


I’ll admit to have been guilty of pro-gamer apocalypse thoughts. I figured that in the event of surviving an apocalypse that gamers, traditional tabletop roleplayers, would be good to people to associate with. Why? Roleplayers tend to have a wide knowledge of tips, tricks and tactics when it comes to weird situations, survival and travel. A […]

Create your own monster mythos with Silent Legions

Silent Legions 1

Silent Legions is a sandbox RPG from Kevin Crawford that offers GMs with the toolkit they need to create their own Lovecraftian style alien gods. At the time of writing it is nearly 300% funded. You can check out more on Kickstarter. [Back this Campaign] Silent Legions will offer tools for creating black sorcery and […]

Surviving a reality twisting apocalypse: Legacy – Life Among the Ruins


[Back this Campaign] Legacy is a post-apocalyptic RPG with a twist. The twist is that players take on the role of one character and one family. The game has built-in support for multi-generational play. Once you short out the dramas and dangers of the age, Legacy provides rules to see what happens next, how Families […]

Are you brave enough to Enter the Shadowside: Destiny

enter the shadowside

It’s worth watching this Kickstarter pitch for Enter the Shadowside: Destiny just to hear the concept of Heirogamy discussed and what it means for gamers. Lean more on Kickstarter. [Back this Campaign] Enter the Shadowside: Destiny looks like a done deal. The team are looking for just $1,000 for their Kicsktarter and with 11 days […]

Evil GMs have all the best chairs


Geek Native has shared a small collection of chairs suitable for evil GMs over the years. Perhaps it’s a whole industry in of itself. We’ve seen the scorpion chair, the evil shadow chair and a comfy skull chair. So let’s mix some of those up; lets go for a black as shadow skull chair! This […]

Return Man to Dust: A Review of The Dark Spiral


Every game hopes to bring something new to the table, but as a reader you don’t necessarily grok the setting or the promise from the outset. Sometimes you’re left to your own devices. Other times, the publisher kindly serves up an introductory adventure or – even better – a whole campaign. By offering a set […]