What stirs in the Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana (Part 4)


This is the fourth part of Wil Wheaton’s Titangrave tabletop RPG adventure. You really should watch, or read our summaries, of the first chapters before watching this. If previous episodes had touch of “go to inn, find adventure and repeat” then the Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana crew demonstrate how quickly they’ve left that behind. The […]

Disqualifications strike the 2015 ENnies


The list of official 2015 ENnie nominations can be found below or at EN World. The list is a little different today as one nomination from the Best Electronic Book, Best Free Product and Product of the Year has been removed. The game in question is the unofficial Mass Effect RPG written by Don Mappin […]

Cakebread & Walton score Winter of the World RPG

Winter of the World RPG

British publishers Cakebread & Walton are known for games like Clockwork & Chivalry, Abney Park’s Airship Pirates, Pirates & Dragons and the OneDice series. They’ve just scored the license to take Michael Scott Rohan’s ebook series and create a two core gamebook RPG. Rohan’s 6-part fantasy series is published by Gollancz’s SF Gateway imprint and […]

Post-human furry RPG: A review of HC SVNT Dracones


HC SVNT Dracones sounds as exotic as it does a mouthful; take that as a sign of things to come. This is a post-human RPG. It’s the future, the humans are gone and only anthropomorphic animals, known as Vectors, remain. Creator Pierce Fraser opens by defining the theme of the game and it’s about humanity. […]

What stirs in the Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana (Part 3)


This is the third in the series of posts following Wil Wheaton’s Titansgrave RPG for the Tabletop Channel. You really should read and watch parts one and two for context. Geek Native’s Ashes of Valkana posts are currently sorted by the Titansgrave tag. In this episode the four characters Aankia (Hank Green), Kiliel (Alison Haislip), […]

What stirs in the Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana (Part 2)


You’ll benefit from reading Part 1 or just skimming Geek Native’s Titansgrave coverage before digging into this post. Why? We’re looking at Wil Wheaton GMing the second part of his Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana scenario in this post. There’s a scene in this episode in which Wil, as the GM, apparently breaks a golden rule […]