A Strange End of Days: Review of Eschatology Code


With the still relatively recent release of The Strange, the new iteration of Monte Cook’s Cypher system first used in Numenera, Eschatology Code provides a quick and straight-forward adventure to get you started. Designed for running at conventions, and actually used by the Monte Cook Games team at Gen Con 2014 this summer, it offers […]

The Road Goes Ever On and On: Review of Into the Violet Vale


Into the Violet Vale is a straightforward adventure supplement for Numenera, written to play at a convention or as a basic introduction to the game. The adventure was run in official GenCon 2014 Numenera events and you can now purchase and download it in PDF format. Form Into the Violet Vale is a 25-page adventure […]

12 spooky transformations: Google helps Halloweenify D&D’s Monster Manual


Plenty of tabletop gamers use Google+. There’s the Roleplaying Games community and others as well as site pages like +Geek Native too. One of my favourite features of Google+ is Auto Awesome. Recent reviews of graphic novels or art books make use of Auto Awesome’s ability to turn photographs into videos. You can see an […]

The open playtest of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures


Pazio has kicked off a month long open playtest of Occult Adventures. The book is due out in July 2015 but this playtest will be live over this Halloween and that feels appropriate for the spooky supplement. Occult Adventures will have six new classes for Pathfinder and a new system to support psychic magic. Other […]

The Devil’s Advocate: A Review of Demon: The Descent


The World of Darkness got an excellent makeover in 2013 with The God Machine Chronicle. The sourcebook, which unites the entire world under the idea of a cold, uncalculating machine that makes and ruins lives for reasons no mortal could possibly understand, evolves the early gothic influences of the older World of Darkness to the […]

Good news citizen: Paranoia Kickstarter


I’ve fond memories of the original Paranoia roleplaying game. It’s fun, funny and has been an entrance game for the RPG-curious. Certainly when I was running the RPG club back at school (medieval era) it was Paranoia that greeted the yearly influx of new faces. Now James Wallis is rebooting the game via Kickstarter. [Back […]

Royalty free RPG map maker turns to Kickstarter with Other World Mapper


I suck at drawing maps but what’s an epic fantasy quest without the world map to put all that travel into context? Three Minds Software is having a crack at the computer cartography market with a project called the Other World Mapper. [Back this Campaign] It looks like this Kickstarter will slide to success. This […]

Sean K Reynolds’ Five Moons RPG passes Kickstarter goal

five moons 2

Veteran RPG designer Sean K Reynold’s latest project, Five Moon RPGs, has passed the $25,000 target on Kickstarter with a week still to go. [Back this Campaign] Backers at just the $7 mark get access to the PDF Player Bundle and those at the $14 mark get the Corebook PDF. The print edition of the […]