Expendable: A Review of Feng Shui 2


I read the first edition of Feng Shui back in 1999. I was so excited by its presence, and I loved its many innovations…mooks who go down in a single hit? Not caring about ammo? Combat revolving around pulling off crazy stunts and not worrying about realism? This was awesome! I thought. Finally, a role-playing game that catered to the action […]

Back from the Dead: A Review of Chill, 3rd Edition


Every long-time fan of tabletop role-playing has a game they consider amazing that slipped through the cracks, an unfortunate casualty in a hobby where only a few big names dominate the hobby’s attention. For many, that game was Chill, a horror RPG first released in the mid-80s. Overshadowed in the 80s by Call of Cthulhu, a second edition was released […]

22 reasons why your fantasy RPG world has so many monsters infested dungeons


There are many different ways to involve exploring underground complexes filled with monsters in a roleplaying game. You and your group might prefer the straightforward challenge of dungeon crawls without much story to wrap the encounters together. Alternatively, you might enjoy games with complex layers of plots and a GM who tries to avoid anything […]

Break Out or Fall Out: review of Behind the Walls for Fate Core


Evil Hat Production has leveraged the power of Patreon and burgeoning support for Fate Core material to crank out some top notch supplements and adventures for their game. Unlike crowd-funding, which drives people to contribute toward a lump sum, the Patreon-model supports ongoing and regular content. Evil Hat has used this regularly ‘income’ to draft […]

Periorbis mines success from Kickstarter


Periorbis is an economic strategy game set in space around the business of mining asteroids has cleared it’s Kickstarter funding goal with days left on the clock. It’s worth a look at the campaign page. [Back this Campaign] The early bird pledge slots are all gone so the first tier that might interest you comes […]

From the Inkwell: 12 Realms and Bedtime Stories


One of the success stories Geek Native has been able to chart has been Mage Company. The publisher pulls together clever board game ideas, well thought out Kickstarters and binds them together with savvy business models. In this guest post Geek Native shares the floor with Alexander Argyropoulos & Michael Andresakis the two Mage brains. […]