Shadows of Esteren conjure Occultism success on Kickstarter

shadows of esteren 1

I’m clearly not the only fan of Shadows of Esteren out there. It’s barely a day into their latest Kickstarter and they’ve smashed targets. They’ve raised $58,000+ from nearly 550 backers on a goal of just $20,000. At the time of writing there’s still 31 days on the clock and you can get more information […]

Coming to life: 12 Realms – Ghost Town kickstarts

12 realms ghost town

MAGE Company are doing well on Kickstarter. They’ve built board games with crowdfunding and now, with 12 Realms: Ghost Town they’re expanding. The company is successfully using Kickstarter, well-managed projects and good games to come to life. There’s more info on the campaign here. [Back this Campaign] At the time of writing there’s over $19,000 […]

Breaking: Cubicle 7 leaves Rebellion Group


Gamers may never notice the change but today’s management buy-out of Cubicle 7 is big news. The British RPG publisher has left 2000 AD owners Rebellion. Dominic McDowall, who led the successful management buy-out, said; I’m excited to be taking Cubicle 7 into its next phase of development,” “Rebellion’s investment and mentoring has given us […]

One Review to Rule Them All: A Review of The One Ring


“It is the year 2946 of the Third Age, and the lands east of the Misty Mountains are astir. From the cloud-shrouded peaks above the High Pass to the spider-infested gloom of the forest of Mirkwood, paths long-deserted are trodden once again. Busy merchants carry their wares to new markets, messengers bring tidings from foreign […]

Are tax changes about to axe Europe’s RPG digital stores?


Publishers in Europe selling their RPGs, accessories and other gaming material in digital form are about to see big changes. In the past companies had to pay tax on digital services like subscriptions, written products, art and music based on the laws of the country they operate in. In the UK this was good news […]

Will Paizo replace Wizards of the Coast as a Codename: Morningstar publisher?


I’m a backer on Trapdoor Technology’s Codename: Morningstar Kickstarter. This is a crowd-funding campaign to pick up a digital toolset that Wizards of the Coast pulled out of. The replacement software works with the Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) instead. Geek Native was lucky enough to land an interview with Trapdoor’s founding director Chris Matney. In […]

Desborough’s #GamerGate card game banned by DriveThruRPG and SJ Games


#GamerGate is a card game by James Desborough’s Postmortem Studios. It is named after the stormy and hotly contested row among computer gamers and games journalists. This is a row which has involved bomb hoaxes, death threats and doxxing. Postmortem Studios described the game as a joke, saying; Gamergate the Card Game commemorates THE defining […]

Steve Jackson Gammes announce Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown


On the 16th of December Steve Jackson Games will announce a new fast-playing dexterity game called Mars Attacks: Ten Minute-Takedown. Okay, it’s a dexterity game about Martian aggression and global destruction. Players flick the game’s custom die from their flying saucer at the human cities and claim points as they crumble. The demo of the […]