This is Your Brain on Slugs: a Review of Brain Slugs from Planet X


For the GM on a tight time-budget, the internet is overflowing with adventures for just about any RPG system, many of which are very affordably priced. Buyer beware, however, as many of these adventures are a “you get what you pay for” deal. “Brain Slugs from Planet X” is one such example. “Brain Slugs from […]

Cold Blooded Numenera: A Review of Ninth World Assassins

Ninth World Assassins

If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… a Ninth World Assassin. While Numenera sets a stage for adventure in the far flung future, after the rise and fall of nine great civilisations, certain things remain the same – like the shadowy […]

The Secret Machines of the Star Spawn hunt Kickstarter cash

Secret Machines of the Star Spawn cover

Mark Taormino’s second Kickstarter is going well. It’s rated “T” for Terrifying, 17+, with the promise/offer of violence, blood, gor, adult language and situations, extreme fun and for bad ass players only. There are 18 days still to collect funds and with $2,130 donated towards a mere $500 goal this Kickstarter will fund. [Back this […]

Try Another: A Review of The Accelerated Book of Approaches


The Fate Core system provides an incredibly flexible platform for running games of any genre. Indeed, this flexibility makes Fate more of a gaming tool-kit than a system, as you can shape it to meet your needs – narrowing for simplicity or expanding for crunchy complexity as you and your gaming group see fit. Fate […]

I Can Haz Fate Core? A Review of The Secrets of Cats

The Secret of Cats

Two of geek culture’s hottest trends today are the Fate Core roleplaying game, and cats doing just about anything. A merging of the two seems almost inevitable. Thankfully, The Secrets of Cats: A World of Adventure for Fate Core, by Richard Bellingham, does great justice to both subjects. The first thing that jumped out at […]

75% of Steve Jackson Games’ business is generated by Munchkin


Steve Jackson Games is impressively transparent with fans. They publish a report, even though Steve Jackson is the only stockholder, to reveal how well (or not) the company is doing. You can read the latest Report to the Stakeholders for 2013 on their website today. The company has been going since 1980 and now has […]

Must see cinematic trailer for the RPG Mutant: Year Zero

mutant year zero

Modiphius and Free League Publishing are publishing a 30th anniversary edition of Mutant: Year Zero. The tabletop RPG will be a 256 page full colour hardcover (with PDF edition too). In Mutant: Year Zero you play one of the people of the Ark. You’re a mutant, powerful but fragile. None of the people are over […]

When a whole Spanish town becomes Zombie Survival LARP

Survival Zombie

Some two-thousand players turned the streets of Collado Villaba, a Spanish town near Madrid, into a zombie LARP. Players had to carry passports, an identifying handkerchief and fake cash to bribe other players. Meanwhile some 150 staff helped run the event and use make-up and professional actors to kick off the zombie infection. All you […]

Phoenix Outlaw find success with Smoke & Glass

Smoke and Glass

This Kickstarter pitch has made its pledge target with still 24 days to go. At the time of writing over 160 gamers have backed this steampunk setting for Fate Core. [Back this Campaign] There’s an interesting option early on in the pledge levels. For just $3 you can get a retail shoutout on Phoenix Outlaw’s […]