Ultimum RPG returns


Geek Native has been tracking Ultimum for a while. The art was so good we pushed for a sneak peak inside the book and then followed the first Kickstarter. That project was cancelled. This is the return of the ambitious game. You can read more about it on Kickstarter. [Back this Project] The campaign has […]

From the Inkwell: Tech vs Magic – The Balance of Power

Valhalla RPG

John W. Salvage runs Valhalla Productions, created the game Murder Made Marry, designed the Valhalla Adventure Game and writes fiction. In this From the Inkwell article John shares his thoughts on the tricky issue of getting the balance of power right between technology and magic. This is a struggle many game designers and GMs have […]

When the GM is too good with NPCs…


What happens when your GM is really good at bringing NPCs to life and building those relationships with your characters? That’s all good. Right? Or could the GM get too good at this? The Good Cop, Great Cop team explore this issue in this short little video. Surprisingly, well worth a watch. (Via Reddit)

Undead and Loving It: A Review of End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse


What is it with pop culture and zombies? In the introductory chapter of its new roleplaying game, End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse, Fantasy Flight Games breaks it down for you, plain and simple: Zombies are the perfect manifestation of the end of the world. Inexorable, unstoppable, contagious, and beyond understanding—whatever scares you, whatever you think could destroy the […]

D&D’s latest storyline: Elemental Evil

Princes of the Apocalypse

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast announced the next storyline for D&D. Elemental Evil will be a transdigital campaign with a new downloadable module for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragon’s MMORPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment. Neverwinter: Elemental Evil offers up a new playable class – the Paladin – and increases the level cap […]

32 finalists in Paizo’s RPG Superstar competition


Paizo announced the 32 geeks who’ve made it through to the next round of their annual, worldwide and open-call game design competition. The winner will get to publish an official Pathfinder RPG module. The first round of RPG Superstar was announced in December. Gamers had to design an original magic item from one of the […]

Humble kickstarter: Sleeper RPG shows promise

Sleeper - Corridor

Death Spiral Games are asking for only £2,000 in their Kickstarter for sci-fi action RPG Sleeper: Orphans of the Cold War. They’ve a full 27 days on the clock, at the time of writing, over £500 in bank already and more than 20 backers. It’s looking good. You can check the latest details on their […]