Trapdoor Technologies back from the abyss with Pathfinder iOS app


You might well have written Trapdoor Technologies off. They’ve had plenty of bumps and scrapes – a cancelled contract with Wizards of the Coast and then a failed Kickstarter. They’re a brave bunch, though, and have been busy working on their promised product. iPhone users can download the Playbook (for RPD) for free from the […]

Rebuild or loot? Infected Zombie RPG

Infected Zombie RPG book sample

Infected! is the first RPG from Immersion Studios and Holocaust Survivor Stories: Georgina author Oliver Shead. Zombies are infected humans – fast, deadly and cunning. Mankind is winning, though, and civilisation is beginning to recover which gives the PCs options… this twist on the post-apocalyptic story is Kickstarter that’s doing well, needing just a nudge […]

ViewScream merges virtual tabletop with LARP


Rafael Chandler is a game writer and designer who’s worked on computer games like MAG, Rainbow Six: Lockdown and SOCOM 4. On the tabletop RPG front he has Lusus Naturae and No Salvation for Witches in his credits. ViewScream is different; mixing the growing popularity of Google Hangouts powered virtual tabletops, with LARP and with […]

Bloodshadows returns as a full RPG


Originally published by West End Games as a worldbook for MasterBook and then updated as a D6 Adventure, the third edition of Bloodshadows will be a standalone RPG. Precis Intermedia have the rights for Bloodshadows, a game in which the supernatural lurks around the corner, and will relaunch the title using the genreDiversion 3E rules. […]

Lost & Found: A Review and Play report of Trail of Cthulhu


This past weekend, I got a group together to play Pelgrane Press’ Trail of Cthulhu. Though the game came out in 2008, I never got a chance to play it, until now. Designed by Kenneth Hite, Trail of Cthulhu is one of several games powered by the GUMSHOE System. The design philosophy behind the GUMSHOE system is that in an […]