Jason Mews, aka Jay, joins Clerks computer game


Nexus Game Studios and Daedalic Entertainment are working on a point & click game inspired by Clerks called Randal’s Monday. They’re calling it a “point & geek” adventure game. It’s due out for both the PC and Mac. Actors from the original movie are now attached to the game to provide voices and guest appearances. […]

Dicetiny soars to life


A while back Geek Native shared a peak at Dicetiny’s game cards. Now the project has launched on Kickstarter, is looking even better and has the “Staff Pick!” sticker. [Back this Campaign] Fakedice’s game is a four-player digital board game that mixes in RPG and CCG elements. I get riffs of Talisman from it. It’s […]

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor launch trailer

Shadow of Mordor trailer

If I’m asked for famous Lord of the Rings games I’d say Cubicle 7’s The One Ring or MERP. These are tabletop RPGs. Can’t someone make a computer game that does as well? Rated 18, is Shadow of Mordor a candidate for this prestigous role – the best Middle Earth computer game of all time? […]

Short film: Shadow of Mordor

shadow of mordor

YouTuber’s Corridor Digital have put together this short film set in Middle-earth to support the launch of the computer RPG “Shadow of Mordor”. No surprise then that the film is also Shadow of Mordor and features Lord of the Rings orcs and goblins trying to chase down a pesky human. The question – will hard […]

Future fantasy: A first look at Tides of Numenera


The unofficial sequel to Planescape: Torment and official computer RPG for Monte Cooke’s Numenera is Torment: Tides of Numenera. You can watch 3 minutes of “pre-alpha footage” here. That’s awfully early in the cycle but it still looks good. What you get in your 3 preview are clips for choice-based focus of the game and […]

Battle wizards with the Grimoire Kickstarter


It’s a MOBA without guns. Grimoire puts a spin on the classic online battle by bringing in the wizards. The result? It looks very different…. but maybe it’s just the pointy hats. [Back this Campaign] These sorts of Kickstarters are always a challenge. There’s the need for money in a competitive but not rich marketplace. […]

Destiny’s live action trailer is superb


I took part in the Destiny Beta and managed to go on one 3-person fireteam raid. It’s a good format. This is why we’ve three Guardians doing the tour in this very impressive trailer for launch day. I’m impressed with the group balance here. The female character isn’t a token effort; actually, she’s the best […]

What will Dungeons & Dragons in 2015 look like?


This weekend at PAX the Wizards of the Coast team lifted the lid on a host of 2015 news. Dungeons and Dragons is stepping up it’s digital offering and will bring on a range of expert partners. Set in Forgotten Realms, Wizards has licensed games from Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World […]

Creepy enough to be good: Lords of the Fallen – World trailer


Lords of the Fallen is a hack and slash RPG due out 31/10/2014 in Europe. It’s from the German developer Deck13 Interactive, who brought on CI Games as wingman and which is being published by Bandai Namco. Players are Harkyn, a convicted criminal with a chance for redemption, who has to hack his way through […]

A sneak peak at Dicetiny’s game cards


Dicetiny is a forthcoming computer game from FakeDice. It’s a mix of fantasy adventure with board game. Consider it Monopoly meets a dungeon crawl with card collecting thrown in too. There are four classes to pick from and you can game alongside three other players. FakeDice aim to get Dicetiny into Steam Early Acccess this […]