Games Workshop and Chilled Mouse will release Warhammer Quest


On the 7th of January on Windows, Mac and Linux Chilled Mouse, Rodeo Games and Games Workshop will bring Warhammer Quest to Steam. The download is based on the classic Games Workshop board game and set in the Warhammer Fantasy world the turn based game has players explore dungeons in the Empire. The tactical game […]

Relive the best of 2014’s gaming in under 2 minutes


Malcolm Klock has put together this montage of some of the great games of 2014. He stresses that if your favourite game is missing it will probably due to editing rather than it not being worthy. I think the final montage is neat. It’s both dramatic and beautiful. It has, as Klock says, been an […]

Elite: Dangerous launch trailer


Geek gamers have been playing Elite: Dangerous for a while now… but the official launch is December 16th. I’ve gamma test access somewhere in my inbox and this trailer is good enough to persuade me to forget all about my Christmas shopping responsibilities and play Elite instead. What do you think? Looking good? Are you […]

The Dark Below prologue

The Dark Below

Are you sticking with Destiny? I’ve not made time for Destiny in a while but I still feel faithful to the game. Like everyone else; I need more content. I’m not in the PvP camp. The Dark Below looks pretty interesting. You can tell the plan straight away when the prologue mentions Croata’s dad. No […]

8 square kilometers of game world: Skies


Skies is a Kickstarter pitch for a post-apocalyptic MMORPG. They’re after a whopping £350,000. I think the demo video does a better job of speaking for the game than the official pitch video so that’s what you’ll find below. For more details and the official video pop over to Kiikstarter. [Back this Campaign] Is this […]

The Tales from the Borderlands trailer says hi


Tales from the Borderlands is an episodic adventure based on Borderlands. It’s due before the end of the year for Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The development has been a partnership between Gearbox Software, 2K and Telltale Games. If you’re familiar with the episodic format Telltale uses for […]

Create your own Adventuring Agency: Epic Manager tackles Kickstarter


I thought straight away of Football Manager – a hugely popular, addictive game, where you have to hire, fire, manage star players and coordinate the activities of a football club. That’s what Adam Smith from Rock Paper Shotgun had to say about Epic Manager which means: if I’m wrong, we’re both wrong. You can check […]

Jason Mews, aka Jay, joins Clerks computer game


Nexus Game Studios and Daedalic Entertainment are working on a point & click game inspired by Clerks called Randal’s Monday. They’re calling it a “point & geek” adventure game. It’s due out for both the PC and Mac. Actors from the original movie are now attached to the game to provide voices and guest appearances. […]